6 Things You Thought You’d Never Do During Pregnancy

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Until you have experienced pregnancy, foreseeing how you would react and adjust to a human growing inside of you is not really possibly. In fact, you’re probably nothing like you imagined when you pictured pregnant-you. Here are 6 things many pregnant women swear they wont do in pregnancy… but do anyway.

1. Before you got your very own baby bump, you looked at your friends in disbelief and horror as they wept about the nights they spent with no sleep just worrying about their baby’s development. And here you are, up every night till 3am, on constant alert for disaster, searching internet forums for reassurance that your baby will be A-okay. This obsessive worrying will not harm you or your baby.

2. As legend goes, pregnant women cry at work, weep during arguments and sob during commercials. Not you though, until you became pregnant yourself. How can you contain your emotions when the baby on TV is in the cutest little sweater? HOW?

3. Before pregnancy happened to you, you assumed that pregnant women were simply pretending to have pregnancy brain to pass off as absent minded. Now you are pregnant, however, you may have noticed your own brilliant mind starting to fade some what.

4. Sure, there are some high fashion stores that have gorgeous maternity clothing and there are plenty of maternity designers creating stylish and flattering outfits. But it just seems like nothing can come close to your comfy yoga pants. You might have spent a small fortune on your favorite floral chiffon wrap-around maternity dress yet, every day your hand reaches out for those stretchy grey yoga pants.

5. The sight of pregnant women practicing those intense breathing exercises with the humming, loud exhales and the warrior-like facial expressions looked a little odd to you. Now that you’re pregnant yourself, you’ve come to realize that if the breathing is supposed to help, then you will practice those breathing exercises during every available second, even if it means you look strange.

6. Being able to just touch your baby bump in a train with every seat that’s occupied and suddenly you have a vacant seat, is just one of the many perks of being preggo. You can also get out of heavy lifting this way. And you’re allowed to take naps whenever you like, and are guaranteed the comfiest seat wherever you go. You may have promised yourself to never exploit your belly that way but you probably do it more often than you know.