6 Iron-Rich Food Combos For Vegans

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If you stay away from meat, then you have to depend on pills to get iron in your body. Surprisingly, you have been eating these iron rich veggies all this time without realizing, or should start eating these combos soon1

1. Spinach And Red Bell Peppers


Toss these two in a salad, and your iron dose for the day is ready. Sautéed spinach in bell peppers with garlic, salt, and olive oil is a delicious way to relish your supplement.

2. Broccoli And Tomatoes


Pasta anyone? Even grilled veggies with olive oil for dinner is a super filling and healthy way to get iron from them. Get your iron boost in the morning by adding them into your omelette.

3. Black Beans And Cabbage


Rejoice if you like Mexican food. Who knew tacos and burritos were this nutritious.

4. Kale And Oranges


A green smoothie post your workouts will be apt for this combo. Also, you can enjoy some kale chips with orange slices over tea.

5. Lentils And Brussel Sprouts


A green and chewy salad, or delectable lettuce cups; you choose the form and time to eat them. They make an amazing dish for a late brunch.

6. Dark Chocolates With Strawberries


Oomph! Those strawberries dipped in molten chocolate are a nutritious and sinful dessert.

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