5 Reasons To Make Planks A Regular Exercise

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1. Planks define your core, which is a part that is hard to engage and exercise. 2. Keeps you injury free as it increases overall endurance of the body. 3. Doesn't require any equipment, only the floor. 4. It strengthens the back and helps improve posture. 5. Improves overall balance in the body. Practice this safe exercise everyday to feel the difference.

Defines Core: Planks help shape the transverse abdominis, rectus abdominis, obliques and glutes. This can help increase overall strength and also give you a flat stomach.
Injury Free: A well defined core can help prevent injuries as it prepares your body to train under harsh circumstances. It also leaves you with strong hips and spine.
Equipment Free: You don’t need any equipment, much time or even a lot of space to do this. Just get down and do it.
Better Posture: A strong core doesn’t alone strengthen you but also give you a good posture. This is because the muscles around the core support the back and the back supports posture.
Better Balance: A strong core increase stability and balance on the whole. Every major part of the body indirectly relies on the core for base support.

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