5 Protein-Rich Breakfasts For People Who Hate Eggs

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The secret weapon that gives you staying power throughout the day, breakfast, is the meal you should never miss. Love quick and healthy breakfast meals, but your diet doesn’t allow you to break one? Vegans, scroll down.1

1. Quinoa


Quinoa is the new meal that should be in your breakfast bowl. One cup of quinoa is loaded with 5 gms of belly-slimming fiber.

2. Chia


With 11 gms of protein and 19 gms of fiber, chia is the new fuel for your body.

3. Yogurt Parfait


Combine protein-rich yogurt with fruits and nuts of your likes for a satisfying breakfast.

4. Smoothies


Your morning milkshake can be a lot of fun. Use hemp, yogurt, and other seeds to for a delicious blend.

5. Leftovers


Why can’t your breakfast be a fish? Leftover from dinner can be a great breakfast meal too. Just wrap it in a foil and eat on the go.

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