5 Fun Yoga Exercises For Your Kids To Peace Out On A Trip

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Travelling with children could be vexing for you and for them. Children normally don’t get used to a new place like we do. If they hate it, they’ll make sure they will hate everything about it, and you will end up hating the whole trip yourself.

Standing in queue, struggling in crowd, the safety measures, flop in plans, and bad food can add to their tantrums, and your problems. Your children are going through a similar kind of shift that you’re experiencing. Here are five simple yoga asanas to help your children relax a bit, and are absolutely simple:

1. Belly Breathing


Image Courtesy:Susan Verde

“Imagine your tummy has a monster inside, and it goes up and down as you inhale and exhale!”

Here’s a little start to help you initiate the whole exercise. Ask them to lie on a plane surface and breath in through nose. Ask them to hold it for two seconds and exhale it slowly through their mouth. This will help your child calm down. Why don’t you try it with them. It’ll be fun for sure.

2. Standing Pose


Image Courtesy:Susan Verde

“What if you could be a tree right now?”
Queues are hateful. We hate them, and there is no way your children are going to love them. Ask them to stand on one feet, balancing their body, stretch their arm upwards, and join their hands together. They’ll wobble, giggle, and relax.

Who knows, seeing your child enjoy it so much, other parents might prompt their children to do it too.

3. Stretching


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Sitting in a cramped place can take a toll on their body, and make them very irritated.
“Let’s see who can stretch their legs and hand better and for longer.”

And honestly, which kid doesn’t want to beat the adult in a game.
Ask them to stretch their both legs, arms, and upper body to relax them.

Scared that they might sprain their muscles? Then stop directing them verbally and show them how to do it right.

4. Connect To The Earth


Image Courtesy:Susan Verde

“Can you bend down to touch your feet?”
They will love it if you do it with them. Ask them to stand straight, arms straight up in the air, and bend down to touch their feet. While they raise their arms in the air, ask them to take a deep breath, and exhale it through their mouth as they bend down. Make it three counts and it will work.

5. Laying Flat


Image Courtesy:Susan Verde

“Let’s lie down for a bit and imagine that we were staring at a star-studded night sky.”
Savasan is the easiest way to help them calm down. Ask them to take deep breaths and think of something beautiful and peaceful. A minute of this exercise would cheer them up. If not, try and tickle them.

A small tip, let your child win in all the exercises. A feeling of competing with an adult in simplest things encourages them to indulge in every activity with a full heart and attention.

Disclaimer: The content is purely informative and educational in nature and should not be construed as medical advice. Please use the content only in consultation with an appropriate certified medical or healthcare professional.

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