5 Everyday Drinks That Can Aid Weight Loss

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Ice Cold Water can cause your body to burn an additional 100 calories. Diet Drinks can help curb sugar cravings without causing much damage. Although avoid completely if possible. Green Tea contains anti-oxidants that can flush out toxins and speed up metabolism. Whey protein keeps you fuller and can help burn fat and gain muscle.

Weight loss depends on several factors and does require a level of commitment. Here are 5 everyday drinks that can aid weight loss and help achieve your goals.
Ice Cold Water: It has been proven that cold water causes your body to burn an additional 100 calories. It can also help you curb cravings by filling you up. Be sure to consume at least 2 lts a day.
Diet Drinks: If you can’t help but stay away from cola or sugary drinks replace them with diet drinks. This just curbs your sugar cravings without adding too many calories to your system. Although if you can avoid these drinks completely, then nothing like it.
Green Tea: Contains anti-oxidants that can flush out toxins and speed up the body’s metabolism. Sip on it instead of regular tea.
Whey Protein: It helps burn calories and also keeps you feeling fuller than usual. If you’re working out then do consume whey protein, it prevents muscle burning and promotes fat burning instead.
Coffee: It can suppress hunger and increase your metabolism. But make sure to consume in moderation, too much can back fire.

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