5 Breakfast Tips To Boost Weight Loss

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Breakfast is the first meal of the day, providing fuel for the day's activities. It is important that `weight-watchers' eat a rich breakfast to aid their weight loss regimen. A protein packed, fiber rich breakfast is ideal. Importantly, eat to boost metabolism to trigger weight loss.Track portion sizes and make eating breakfast a habit for a healthier, fitter you.

Breakfast is the first meal taken after a long night’s sleep and is considered as the much needed `fuel’ for going about the day’s chores. For all those who are keen to kick start your day with a healthy, wholesome breakfast, here are some amazing tips for you:

  • Never skip breakfast, however busy your schedule is! A healthy breakfast not only keeps you from binging or indulging in larger portion sizes at meals later on, but also provides that much needed boost to your metabolism.
  • Pack In Protein For Breakfast: A protein rich breakfast keeps you satiated for longer periods and reduced risk of binging on unhealthy snacks later on during the day. Lean protein like egg whites, ground beef, skimmed milk are recommended
  • Include Fiber Rich Food: Fiber too works the same way as protein- keeping you fuller for a longer time, reducing cravings. Apples are considered the best option, and studies have revealed whole apples to be more beneficial than apple juice, apple sauce etc.
  • Track Portion Sizes: While it is important to have a rich, whole meal, do not lose count of calories and end up exceeding your target and limits. A variety of nutrients in sensible portions is what counts.
  • Eat To Boost Metabolism: Almonds, blueberries, whey protein and oatmeal help boost your metabolic rates, thus promoting weight loss.

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