3 Simple Liver-Detoxing Drinks That Flush Toxins From Your Liver and Eliminate Belly Fat

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The liver is most commonly known as the main detox organ. Without a well-functioning liver, your body will be unable to cleanse itself and absorb nutrients. This will result in excess body fat. But, do not worry. We bring to you 3 simple liver-detoxing drinks that flush toxins from your liver and eliminates belly fat!

1. The Colourful Detox Drink

This detox drink contains large amounts of vitamin C, vitamin A, and minerals vital for a healthy skin. The apple and lemon contain powerful fat and toxin-flushing antioxidants.


2. The Golden Liver Flushing Drink

This juice not only flushes toxins from your liver, but it also prevents gallstones and cleans your bowels. It settles down your stomach after a big meal. Turmeric is a very effective liver-detoxifying agent and is used as a hangover remedy in some countries.


3. The Green-Tea Citrus Drink

It is a little tricky to prepare this drink, as it requires juicing, blending AND tea brewing! But it’s worth it! The EGCG in green tea acts together with the lemon juice to rapidly detoxify your body.