17 Healthy Snacks For Weight Loss

Good Snack Foods for Weight Loss

Good Snack Foods for Weight Loss

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Kale Chips: Remove the ribs of kale leaves, brush some olive oil and bake until crispy. Top it with some paprika and salt. Spiced Nuts: Choose your favorite nuts, roast them in butter until it turns a shade darker, spice with curry powder and enjoy. Potato Chips: Thinly slice sweet potatoes, lay them on a baking tray, sprinkle canola oil and bake till edges curl.

Healthy Snack To Lose Weight

While trying to cut down on weight, skipping meals or sticking to dull recipes might seem like workable solution but in fact it is not. Skipping meals is counterproductive as it denies the body the most required nutrients. It’s important to incorporate healthy snacks in between meals, not only by keeping the body metabolism going, but also ensuring that the blood sugar is at the required level.
WHO factsheets reveal that there are more than 1.9 billion adults are overweight in the total population world. There are 2.8 million deaths worldwide, associated with being overweight or obese. However, obesity is preventable and treatable by taking the following 17 snacks that power up weight loss.
The key is to identify a number of wrong foods linked to weight gain. Consuming just one additional serving of French Fries daily can lead to a sharp 3.35 pound weight gain over a four year period, while adding an additional serving of yogurt to your diet was found to lead to a 0.82 pound weight loss within the same time frame.

How to Pick Healthy Snacks For Weight Loss?

Snacks that power up weight loss are supposed to fill you up quickly and pass through the digestive system slowly thus enabling you to hold till the next meal time. The snacks that power up weight loss have very low saturated fats but have lots of beneficial nutrients in the form of carbohydrates, vitamin, minerals and probiotics.
To make your life easier, we have select some snacks fulfilling the criteria. Please find below the 17 snacks that power up weight loss and help you maintain a healthy weight:

1. Kale Chips

Baked Kale chips are a perfect alternative for potato chips or crackers. Not only are they delicious but are readily available and easy to fix. Remove ribs from the kales then cover them with olive oil and bake till ready. Spice it up with salt and paprika. Beside Health Benefits of Kale for weight loss, it makes very good cancer fighting food, which also relives arthritis pain.

2. Fruit and Spice Steel Cut Oatmeal

Oatmeal is specially served as a breakfast meal but using apple dates, honey, pumpkins pie and spices you can prepare a fibre rich snack. Oatmeal lowers cholesterol level and the glycemic index raises the blood sugar.

3. Healthy Deviled Eggs

Eggs are favorite to many not only as a source of protein but because they are easy to prepare. Presence of egg yolks and mayonnaise ingredients which are fattening should not discourage anyone from partaking deviled eggs. Using a combination of Greek yogurt, hummus and xanthenes gum instead, helps to make it a health snack.

4. Berry, Honey and Yogurt Popsicle

To cool yourself during those summer afternoons you may be tempted to grab an ice-cream and popsicles. This may be ok but if you want to engage in something yummy without the fear of adding calories, this is it. Roast mixed berries with honey and brown sugar. When done, add and mix them in a bowl with honey yogurt and lemon juice. Pour the mixture in a popsicles mold and freeze for four hours.

5. Spice Roasted Nuts

Although nuts contain fats, their nutrition value in weight loss regime can’t be overlooked. Pick your favorite nuts, spice and roast them with butter and you have the snacks ready. You can combine cashew nuts and curry powder or cinnamon and pecans.

6. Frozen Yogurt Covered Blueberries

Using a toothpick dip the berries in yogurt of your favorite flavor. Then freeze for an hour or so. The snack has low calories, rich in protein and fibre filled. This is a good snack to munch on during summer.

7. Peanut Butter Apples with Grapes

This is a perfect post workout snack. It carries enough calories and act to sooth sugar cravings. To prepare, put yogurt, peanut butter and cinnamon powder in a bowl and mix well. Slice the apple and spread the mixture and grapes on top.

8. Sweet Potatoes Chips

Many of you are used to fatty potato chips which are quite detrimental in weight loss. Thinly slice the sweet potatoes. Lay them on a baking tray underneath a baking sheet. Spray the potatoes with canola and bake till the edges curl up.

9. Fig With Smoked Salmon

A snack that it’s favorite for those who love savory yet sweet things. Cut cross-wise each fig to about three quarters. In between the created spaces, add cream cheese and a slice of smoked salmon. Finish up with a drizzle of honey.

10. Watermelon With Feta

Watermelon on its own contains 86 calories and less than 1 gram of fat making it an excellent fruit to those working on losing some weight. Cut the fruit into cubes and place it in a bowl with crumbled feta cheese which is naturally low fat. To add some flavor sprinkle some chopped dill and enjoy.

11. Cucumber with Chicken Spread

This is a snack that it’s mostly an appetizer. Cut thick slices of cucumber, into a bowl, add 1 small cup of boiled, minced chicken and 2 heaping tablespoon of Greek yogurt. Mix the ingredients together and spread it on the sliced cucumber. Cucumber Sandwich is also a very good snack which cut down on the intake of carbohydrates. Cut slices of cucumbers, place pieces of roast beef and cheese then another slice of cucumber on top.

12. Beets Salad

Beets can be pickled, roasted, cooked, boiled and diced into salad, boiled and topped with no-calorie butter spray. Beets can make excellent snacks that power up weight loss, help you making some serious progress on your weight-loss plan and keeping those unwanted pounds off.
The health benefits of beets are not limited to weight loss, but beets or beetroot juice is also very good for controlling high blood pressure and diabetes.

13. Spicy Roasted Chickpeas

The snack has low calories per serving. Mix a can of drained chickpeas, olive oil, chili powder, salt and pepper in a bowl. Spray the baking tray with cooking spray. Pour the coated chickpeas, preheat the oven and bake for 20 minutes.

14. Peanut Butter and Date Ball

You have hunger pangs and no time to fix a meal? Try this, put deseeded dates, peanut butter, rolled oats, protein powder, vanilla extract and almond in a bowl and mix well. Using the dough make balls and then freeze them.

15. Tuna Stuffed Tomatoes

Make pasta using canned tuna, balsamic vinegar, and yogurt and lemon juice, pour the mixture in a bowl and fold in cooked peas and chopped basils .Cut tomatoes in halves and scoop off the inside to make tomato cups. Add the paste in the tomato cups and the snack is ready.

16. Apple Oat Bar

Put rolled oats, honey, almond milk, vanilla extract in a bowl and mix well. Pour the mixture in a baking tray and place sliced apples on top and bake for 20 minutes. When ready cut them into bar shape.

17. Tofu Bites

Add few drops of vegetable oil and sesame seed oil and put them to boil. Add tofu cubes to fly. When ready place them in a bowl and coat them with soy sauce and rice vinegar. Chill the coated tofu for an hour at room temperature before enjoying.

Disclaimer: The content is purely informative and educational in nature and should not be construed as medical advice. Please use the content only in consultation with an appropriate certified medical or healthcare professional.

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