14 Things Only Breastfeeding Mums Know

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1. When your baby won’t settle anywhere but at your breast.

2. When you work out how to breastfeed lying down.

3. Mastitis is your worst fear.

4. When your baby falls asleep whilst feeding, and you realise the remote control is out of reach.


5. Rearranging your clothing eight times per day.


6. When your baby learns to pull up your top.


7. The excited look on your child’s face when they realise they are going to get a feed.

8. The ‘milk drunk’ look.

9. When your baby pauses to smile at you.


10. Feeling like you are the only two people in the world during the night feeds.


11. Feeding an acrobat baby.


12. Realising that it’s not the best idea to tickle your baby whilst feeding.


13. When you have another baby and you realise that breastfeeding is different with every child.

14. And knowing that although breastfeeding is not always easy, you are privileged to experience this relationship with your child.



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