13 Tips That Can Help In Pushing Your Baby Out.

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Labor is not a time when you remember any tips or remedies. Therefore, learn a few easy-push tips even before you go into labor.


  1. Push as if you are having a bowel movement: Relax your thighs and body as if you are going to have the biggest bowel movement. Put all your focus and concentration on pushing, not worrying about whether you are passing urine or emptying your bowels.
  1. Tuck your chin to chest: If you are holding up to your back, ensure you keep your chin towards your chest for pushing. It helps you to focus on pushing whenever it is needed. It will also help you see beyond the navel region so you can understand where your pushes originate.
  1. Change the positions: If the push is not helping your baby move down for birth, changing different positions can help.
  1. Stay focused: Do not panic while pushing and try to control yourself. Do not strain your upper body or push with it. It can leave your eyes black or bloodshot and your face with bruises.
  1. Give all you have got: The more efficiently you push the more energy you will get to push, and the quicker you will have your baby pass through the birth canal.
  1. Rest after each contraction: You should conserve energy and therefore rest for the next contraction.
  1. Push and stop when you feel like: Your practitioner may ask you to stop the push for a few contractions to conserve energy or to keep the baby’s head from coming low too quickly. Instead of listening to them blindly, follow your senses.
  1. Check in a mirror: Watching your baby crowning can inspire you to push. You can see that in a mirror. Remember that the baby’s head may appear and disappear as pushing is a two-step process.
  1. Focus on pushing downward: If your eyes are bloodshot, face red, and neck muscles tight then it means your pushing force is not going down but up. You should focus on your abdominal muscles for pushing downwards. It is just like how you do when you are passing urine.
  1. Make noise: Pushing requires hard work, and there is no need to do it quietly. You can moan, grunt, or make sounds. High-pitched screams and noises will not help. They just move your energy upwards. You should instead make deep and low sounds helping to push downwards.
  1. Touch baby’s head: Once you see your baby’s head emerging out, you can touch it to direct your push. You will know that your baby is coming out.
  1. Empty your bladder: If you have not passed urine, your doctor may ask you to use the toilet before pushing.
  1. Breathing: Do not take long breaths, instead short breaths, and little push will ease your labor.