13 Signs & Symptoms of Kapha Imbalance

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In Ayurveda, Kapha Dosha represents the physical elements of the body that give the body its mass, structure and substance. Usually, in each person, out of the three primary Doshas(VataPitta and Kapha), one predominates.

The people of the Kapha Dosha Type (Kaphas) are earthy beings who are also grounded, softand smooth as honey. Their gifts include patience, diplomacy and a kind, generous spirit that is comforting to the ones they love.

Steady and sweet, Kaphas are great listeners and can offer a soft-place to land when the going gets tough. If the earth within them moves out of balance, however, they can experience feeling “stuck”, melancholic, hold grudges and be immovably stubborn.

So how can you tell if you have a Pitta imbalance?

Here are 13 common signs to look for:


1-Lethargy Read Also:Understanding The Kapha Dosha Type [Infographic]

#2.Feeling of heaviness

2-Feeling-of-heaviness Read Also:Ayurveda Guide For Vata Pitta And Kapha Skin Types

#3.Less or no appetite, nausea

3-Less-or-no--appetite,-nausea Read Also:Ayurveda: The Philosophy, Importance of Doshas (Vata, Pitta and Kapha) and Dosha Cycles

#4.Water retention


#5.Congestion, mucous formation


#6.Secretions in the mouth


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