11 Ways Not To Breastfeed Your Baby

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Breastfeeding is not a hard feat, but for the novices out there, it can be quite an irksome task. Some might still be holding their babies with a tell-tale expression of we have never held a baby in life while looking up to the nurses and midwives or lactation consultants come as a savior each time one wants to nurse ones baby. Sounds like someone like you? Then this post might be just right for you. You will identify yourself with what came as an embarrassing moment when your mother chided you for your inability to nurse your own child, then your defensive husband who jumped into the scene saying it could be because you have had no experience of nursing before. And honestly, this one turns out true.
If you are a C-section mommy, then there are fewer times when you can nurse your child without any hassles. Until you have overcome the pain from the incisions to a certain extent, adjusting your position to be able to nurse your baby could be an issue. Here’s when you can have all the excuse to defend yourself.

However, here are the breastfeeding positions that you never want to assume:

  1. Hunching over your baby and trying to stuff your breast into its mouth is not a great idea. Always remember to bring your baby close to you than you trying to thrust yourself on to the baby.
  1. Don’t allow your baby’s body and head to sideways or in different directions. You don’t want your baby to face your breast while its body is in a different direction. Guess what, with this approach you are only getting your baby to have physical exertion and not really enjoy its nursing time comfortably. Why not try drinking your favorite beverage with your head facing the glass while your body turns around in a lateral direction. Do you think it’s fun?
  1. Don’t allow your baby to be too far away from your breast as it will make the baby pull your nipple. It’s not going to be painless, mind you.
  1. If your baby has already grown a few teeth here and there, then you don’t want to keep feeding your baby until it sleeps off during nursing. The latch of a sleeping baby is going to be as strong as the grip of a croc. Guess what, it will be so painful, you may have times when you would want to believe you won’t be able to let yourself loose.
  1. Even if it weren’t for the sake of that determined grip, you don’t want to nurse your baby till it falls asleep because you don’t want the milk to accidentally make its way into the lungs!
  1. It’s natural for babies to fall asleep while feeding because of the comfort they feel in the mother’s arms. You don’t want to continue letting it sleep, rather you want to pat your baby a little or just touch the cheeks so it is awake again until it has a full tummy.
  1. Don’t let your baby not get it burps. You don’t want to let it assume a sleeping position after its feed. Make it sit slantingly so it can burp out to avoid the reflux or get colicy.
  1. Don’t give up if you are a C-section mom. The milk will flow eventually.
  1. Don’t have negative thoughts as you feed your child.
  1. Don’t watch negative stuff on TV as you feed your child. Avoid negative conversations with those around too.
  1. Most of all, don’t have inhibitions about feeding your baby either in public or within closed doors. Don’t worry about what others might think about you with your initial struggles.There is nothing that a mother wouldn’t instinctively know about how to have her baby fed with gentle touch. It might take just a couple off sitting to really get there.


Disclaimer: The content is purely informative and educational in nature and should not be construed as medical advice. Please use the content only in consultation with an appropriate certified medical or healthcare professional.

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