The 10 Worst Foods To Feed Your Children

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When it comes to food for your little one, you are extra cautious about what goes into their mouth. A slice of banana or some occasional fries might sound like a good idea, but there are many food items you think are good for them, but are not. This list will tell you about those foods which look healthy but are not:1 2

1. Kid’s Breakfast Cereal


Those boxes breakfast cereal claiming to be loaded with vitamins and minerals important for their growth might look promising to you, but these foods are loaded with sugar and processed ingredients per serving.

2. Granola Bars


Granola bars are loaded with ingredients like chocolate chips, marshmallows, candy, and artificial dyes which makes it less beneficial to your children. One granola bar is as good as two cookies.

3. Luncheon Meats


A staple for kids’ lunchbox, they can be very toxic. These meats are packed with nitrates, a preservative known to elevate risks of heart diseases and cancer.

4. Snack Cakes


Your child looks forward to these sweet treats everyday. Most processed snack cakes are loaded with trans fats, the worst kind of fat ever known.

5. French Fries


You cannot deny that with each bag of fries, your kids are gaining weight, high amount of salt, fat, and oil. However, since it’s a darling snack of the whole world, try to keep it to moderate with your children.

6. Pizza


A stressful day, or one of those days when your children got an A in their test, a pizza is the food for all those high and low moments. This delicious food comes prepared, boxed, and delivered in factors that leads to weight gain, heart diseases, and other health issues both in kids and adults.

7. Juice Boxes


A fruit punch keeps them quiet when you have to take them along to collect your laundry or grocery from the store. Various nutritionists mutually agree that juice boxes really don’t pack any kind of nutritional value, but they are loaded with sugar.

8. Crackers


If you love giving your children a pack of crackers every time they have a meltdown, you need to stop right now. You are feeding your child processed white flour, preservatives, unhealthy oils, etc. Switch to whole grain immediately.

9. Soda Pop


Soda pop contains the amount of sugar that is enough to corrode your children’s teeth and affect their waistlines. They are also found to be loaded with carcinogenic ingredients.

10. Fruit Snacks


Fruit rolls don’t have any real fruit in it anyway. They are merely candies masked in a health label. Give your children real fruits to relish.

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