What To Expect Before Going For Induced Labor

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As a mother-to-be, we take for granted that our babies would come into this world, when they are ready. This is why when the doctor announces that its time for your baby to be born via induction, most pregnant women are thrown for a loop. However, mothers-to-be should know these few things about being induced. Heather Maddan shares her experience after being induced twice.1


Be Positive:

Focus only on the positives rather than why this is happening. The only things that should matter is your health and your baby’s health.


Be Accommodating To Life’s Plan:

Whatever was your birth plan, sometimes, it doesn’t work that way. The body and your baby has a mind of its own, therefore, take everything in your stride, and accommodate your needs.


Everything Is Calmer and Peaceful – No Mad Dash

While you are in labor, there wouldn’t be any crazy car rides or frantic calling to the doctor. In all probability, you would be carrying your own bag.


Be Prepared For The Hospital Might Send You Back Home

Scheduled births often take a back seat to spontaneous ones especially if the labor rooms are full. Be prepared, even if it was the hospital who had asked you to come in.


No Walking In The Hospital

Remember that induced women are bed bound as the doctors and nurses need to keep a check on fetal heartbeat and the uterine contractions.


Pill Placed Inside Your Vagina

To start off the induction process, a pill might be placed.


Nurse Cranks Up The Pitocin Drip

Be prepared for pain, especially when the Pitocin drip is cranked up by the nurse.


The Unbearable Pain

The pain is more than you can imagine mainly because the uterine contractions are synthetically induced. For comport, Heather says, you can always consider an epidural.


Doctor’s Might Use Small Hook To Burst Your Bag

It’s completely painless. If your amniotic sac is still intact, the doctors usually use a small hook to break it.


And, when all this over, you would not even care how your baby came, just that he/she did.

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Disclaimer: The content is purely informative and educational in nature and should not be construed as medical advice. Please use the content only in consultation with an appropriate certified medical or healthcare professional.

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