10 Surprising Migraine Triggers To Be Blamed For Your Bad Days

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Head-splitting pain, nausea, and sensitivity to light, these are the common signs of migraine which can be totally debilitating. Here are some migraine-triggers which make your head, and your whole body, suffer from such painful, hard to breath, and unendurable days.1

1. Working Through All Of Your Lunch Break!


Skipping a meal is a risky compromise that you’re making with your body. Experts aren’t exactly sure how this happens, but strong evidences show how skipping meals is a bad thing to do, especially when you’re constantly down with headaches.

2. When Was Your Last Vacation?


Stress can be, and is, the easiest way to trigger those hateful migraine pain in you. Stress at work, or with chores at home, stress with assignments and submissions in college, stress in a relationship, are some of the stress-related migraine triggers. Take a vacation soon to de-stress and reduce your migraine attacks.

3. Do You Exercise Often?


A large study found that exercise triggers migraine in around 22% patients. The problem arises when you’re indulging in a sudden bout of physical work, and are low in electrolytes afterwards. If you continue to exercise on regularly, it can actually help you reduce the frequent recurrence of your pain.

4. Love Hot Dogs And Cold Cuts?


Many say that food triggers works differently in every person. But processed meats are true triggers. Hot dogs, bacon, salami, and other deli meats are loaded in nitrates or nitrites. These preservatives cause blood vessels to dilate and leave you with a head-pounding day.

5. Heading For A Happy Hour?


Around 38% of migraine-prone people are sensitive to alcohol. Bad news is, red wine is number one in the list of culprits.

6. Are You Drinking Enough Water?


Without saying, this one is a cause for almost every health issue. Not drinking enough water can not only make your body suffer in many ways, but would also bring you down with headaches.

7. Are You A Little Heavy On The Weight Scale?


Obesity raises your risk of migraine by around 81%. Obesity can add to your pain, however it has not been supported by strong evidences yet.

8. How’s The Weather Today?


The fluctuations in the barometer can be a reason why you’re writhing in pain today. Environmental changes have also been linked with migraines, and increase the risks by 7.5%. There is not much that you can do here, except for keeping an eye on the weather report and preparing yourself for the worst.

9. Stressful Periods?


You’re already struggling with cramps, and thanks to migraine, you’re having the worst day of your life. Every month your estrogen level drops during your periods, which causes other biochemical changes in your body. This will leave you with a pain which arrives a day or two before your periods.

10. Is It Too Bright Today?


Bright light can make your migraine worse, that’s given. Tight pony-tails, constant glaring at the laptops, and too much coffee could also be some of the reasons. Try and keep yourself in a dark environment, or remember to close your eyes a little more often.

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Disclaimer: The content is purely informative and educational in nature and should not be construed as medical advice. Please use the content only in consultation with an appropriate certified medical or healthcare professional.

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