These 10 Simple Habits Are Damaging Your Skin Daily

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Do you spend a lot of money in salons and on beauty treatments but still find it difficult to see visible results? The fault might not be on them alone, but probably because of these unhealthy habits which are ruining your skin.1

1. Sleeping On Cotton Pillowcases

Ouch! Your cute, cotton pillowcases may have to go. Placing your face on a cotton pillow easily destroys the collagen that makes your skin look young. They can also give you some permanent skin creases and add more lines to your pretty face.

2. Pouting All The Time

I know, ladies, it’s not going to be easy. Those selfies might be costing you by giving you fine lines and wrinkles. Too much squinting and frowning can also make your facial muscles move a lot and lead to loose skin. A pout moderation is definitely in order.

3. Long Phone Calls

Please, let’s look into it now, before your next call. Long calls on the phone cause excess oil production, which can lead to acne. Certain bacteria from your touchscreen also gets transferred to your skin and causes pimples or other forms of skin infections. Time to get those earphones out instead.

4. Shaving

No, it’s not untrue that women also have tiny strands of facial hair which needs to removed. But it may be better to keep the razor away from your face to save you from it’s negative effects. This beats having recurring facial hair, any day.

5. Steaming Your Face Too Often

Often recommended but, do not try this at home. In salons, appropriate products are used with monitored temperature control to give you glowing skin. Steaming at home, especially if done incorrectly, could dehydrate your skin. This leaves it dry and itchy.

6. Excessive Consumption Of Tea And Coffee

Tea, coffee, and cold drinks contain too much sugar and chemicals which are not good for your skin and teeth. You might have to stick to water and fruit juices.

7. Testing Too Many Products

Changing your brand of face cream could make you susceptible to a whole new set of chemicals. What if you happen to use the wrong product and ruin your skin? Use only a few brands and products which suit your skin type and remain committed to them for the sake of your skin.

8. Bathing In Extremely Hot Water

Taking a long hot, bath may make you feel rejuvenated, but it also opens the pores of your face and skin enough to let bacteria in. Moreover, it also removes the epidermis layer of your skin which makes it more prone to acne.

9. Wearing Dirty Sunglasses

No matter how expensive they are, all sunglasses get dirty and pave a way for germs to enter your skin through any open pores. Clean your sunglasses before and after wearing them, always!

10. Waxing Off Facial Hair

Waxing hurts you and those delicate hair follicles way more than you realize. It can cause serious inflammatory reactions and even scar your skin. May be better to opt for permanent hair removal instead.

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Disclaimer: The content is purely informative and educational in nature and should not be construed as medical advice. Please use the content only in consultation with an appropriate certified medical or healthcare professional.

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