10 Reasons To Masturbate Regularly

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1. Increases Dopamine, Endorphins and Oxytoxin. 2. Reduces emotionally triggered food cravings. 3. Increases sperm quality. 4. Psychological pleasure and well being. 5. Brings positive energy in women. 6. Erotic daydreams can raise libido. 7. Orgasms increases overall blood flow. 8. Reduces anxiety and stress. 9. Keeps your libido alive. 10. It feels awesome.

Reasons To Masturbate Regularly

1. Increases Dopamine, Endorphins and Oxytoxin which in return reduces Cortisol; a stress hormone.
2. Oxytoxin reduces food cravings caused by emotional turmoil, helping you keep a tab on your diet.
3. Frequent masturbation in men increases sperm quality.
4. It’s psychological pleasure, which is necessary for the complete well being of the body.
5. Women who masturbate often feel positive about themselves and their bodies.
6. Studies reveal that erotic daydreams in women can raise libido and naturally keep hormones active.
7. Orgasms increase blood flow to both brain and reproductive organs which eventually reduces pain.
8. Sexual pleasure reduces anxiety and releases stress. Will help you stay in the moment and stress free.
9. Keeps your libido alive. Self-stimulation keeps reproductive tissues strong and healthy.
10. Last but not the least, it feels awesome. Who doesn’t want pleasure in their lives.


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