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10 Must-Take Pictures On Baby’s First Day

Your baby’s first day is a moment to be remembered and captured on film. One picture simply won’t do, you must have an entire bunch. And, having a birth photographer to capture these magic moments is something you will not regret. The treasure trove of a baby’s first pictures is always nice to dig into later and be amazed at the journey so far. Here are a few wonderful photographs of the new born that highlights the journey of birth:

1. The tiny feet have a lot to say


You can’t stop being amused at how tiny baby feet are.

2. Sibling’s first visit


The older one is so mesmerized by the little one already!

3. Doctor showing the baby


The little one has got few months to go before it can hold its head steady

4. Snoozing


Can’t miss that expression! Something to hang on to for until this little thing and its siblings can look back and smile at their funny faces when they are all grown up.

5. Babies bring couples closer


Family Bonding moment.

6. An impression for a lifetime


Something indelible!

7. A baby on its first day with its father


We usually have moms and babies images, but daddy simply rocks this one.

8. Little ones are so helpless


And that is what make you go, ‘Awww’…

9. Holding hands


You won’t hold hands with the ID tag later

10. That look of innocence


You simply fall in love with that dreamy gaze.


Credits: MomJunction

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