10 Herbs, Vegetables & Plants You Can Grow In Water

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What’s the most hateful part of gardening in your list, getting your hands dirty in soil? Why not grow herbs and vegetables in water. They are as flavorsome as those you grow in soil. Here are 10 herbs, vegetables, and plants that only need regular watering or changing seasons.



The most popular mint used in kitchen for cooking and medicinal purposes has high amounts of volatile substance, menthol. You need to put some fresh cutting in water, and they will revive.



They add flavor to almost every vegetable. Take cuttings of fresh growth, and pot them in water. Pinch the growing tips as soon the plant starts to grow well.



Basil needs a little warmth and sunlight, and it will grow happily in a water-filled container. Take the cuttings before it starts flowering.



Take some soft cuttings in the spring, and root them in container with water. A plant or two is enough for your little kitchen garden. Also, keep them in a well-aerated place exposed to proper sunlight.



Stiff, old, and brown growth may not sprout roots that easily, so get new growth which is green. Take the cuttings before it starts flowering. Thin stems of thyme may dry out fast, so put them in water as soon as you cut them. Remember to spray water on the portion above.



Rosemary takes longer to root, so use the spring cuttings which may shoot faster. Rosemary makes an excellent indoor plant. Remember to expose them to adequate sunlight everyday.



Start the seeds of lettuce in netted cups. They easily grow in water. Insert them into the beds containing growing medium when they are bigger.



Bush type cucumbers are considered to be the best ones for hydroponics. The climbing type of cucumber plant need extra support.



Grow pepper plants in your house by putting seeds in cups containing growing medium.



Their cultural requirements are as same as pepper. They grow easily in growing medium. Keep exposing them to adequate sunlight.