10 Health Mistakes To Stop Before Turning 40

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Age may be just a number, but aging abused body cells speak a different story. Here’s some healthy stuff younguns need to do before they hit the big 4-0.1

1. Health U-Turns


Not to sound like a nagging mom, but truth is often a cliché. It’s time to eat those processed foods in moderation, do not skip meals and reduce sodium and sugar-rich foods and drinks. Take a ride on the organic side, stay hydrated and no denial when you’re on those scales. Keep it real.

2. Gadget Junkies


The 21st century has made it nearly impossible to look at anything without a screen in front of us, be it laptops, TV, phones and the like. So, here, here to all tech-addicts. Do take a break from your gadgets and give your eyes and neck muscles a little break.

3. Slumber Bummer


Our nap times are when our body’s little mechanics get to work to fix and clean up after us, boost our immune system and keep our brains healthy. So, night-owls or morning-buzzers, make sleep a priority with an ample 7-8 hours of it.

4. Pearly-Whites And Skeletons


Aging especially in women, weakens bones and sometimes your teeth as well. So, besides brushing and maintaining oral hygiene, do floss at least every few days or after chewing on that corn cob. Also, top-up your calcium intake with more dairy products or at least some calcium supplements.

5. Ignoring And Lies Is No Bliss


It can be easy to take youth for granted, but with time that needs some additional support. So, get to know your body, figure out its ‘tells’ like a poker game. And if you see or feel anything that worries you, do visit a doctor and be candid about it. No lies and no neglect.

6. Ready To Rumble


Often overlooked, but sex health is very important. Besides going for those awkward check-ups, it is important to have sex. Sex releases feel-good hormones, which reduces mood-swings, depression and helps your mind and body relax.

7. Sunbathing


It’s OK to get some vitamin D from sunshine, but too much sun and excessive UV rays absorption can compromises your skin cells and cause melanoma i.e. skin cancer (one of the highest diagnosed cancers in the US). So use adequate sunscreen and cut-down time on those sun-beds.

8. Booze And Smokes


Yes, it feels good to blow off some smoke for stress or drown your worries one beer or gin-tonic at a time. But, that toxin build up in your body could hit you at a later age with breathing difficulties, lung deterioration, liver diseases and lower-immunity. Let’s keep it in moderation.

9. Socialize Not Social Media


Having a human connection takes precedence over a connection on social media. Long-distance relationships aside, your digital closet of friend profiles, does not substitute meeting people in person, be it conversation over coffee, movies or clubbing together.

10. Genetics Manifest


Your family health and ailment history could include you as one of its own. Before picking up the genetic baton for diabetes, do update yourself on your family medical history. Go for regular check-ups and take preventive measures including getting any essential vaccinations.

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Disclaimer: The content is purely informative and educational in nature and should not be construed as medical advice. Please use the content only in consultation with an appropriate certified medical or healthcare professional.

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