10 Free CureJoy Expert Programs for Weight Loss, Fat Burn and Detox

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If you’ve reached a state of little or no change in your weight loss plan, try these simple, expert programs that boost metabolism and burn fat! No crazy diets or weird workouts required.

1. 7 Steps To Weight Loss With Yoga

Finding it difficult to lose weight? Do you know there is a very simple program which will help you lose weight in just 90 days?



2. 7 Day Fitness Program

Ever wondered why your skinny friends can eat whatever they want and never gain a pound? Are you sick of the sight of the cottage cheese around your butt and thigh area? Read more and get rid of those dimples quickly!



3. 6-Day Fat-Burning Yoga Program

The ‘Yoga For Weight Loss’ program is designed to strengthen, trim and tone from the inside out. Each sequence has detailed instructions and quick tips to either simplify or have an advanced workout session. This practice will help you achieve the toned, slim body you want. It will also help you reconnect with your prana, the essence of life.



4. 5 Day Yoga Program For Core Stability

A Marshfield Clinic physical therapist will take you through 5 videos that will help you strengthen the core. Strengthening your core can help you achieve balance and stability, can make it easier for you to perform physical activities and also help you remain toned, all in the comfort of your home!



5. 5-Day Yoga Program For Toned Body

This 5 Day Yoga Program by Anita Goa is exclusively designed to help you tone your body. Build flexibility, balance, tone your body and connect with your spirit and mind. Apart from being a great fitness workout, it also helps you connect with yourself. Whether you’re new to yoga or a pro at it, this program will guide you through the session with ease.



6. 5 Day Home Yoga Workout For Beginners

Join World-Renowned International Yoga Instructor, Author, Producer, and founder of Miami Life Center, Kino MacGregor, as she guides you through 5 workouts. These workouts will re-shape the body, restore balance, and help you embark on a journey to inner peace and happiness. Integrate these moves into your daily practice to shape the arms, abs, back, chest, shoulders, legs, hips thighs, butt, and obliques.



7. 6 Day Total Body Yoga Workout Routine

This 6 Day Yoga Program with Tim Sensei is designed to help you work your body completely with specific yoga poses and their modifications. Practice these yoga asanas as Tim guides you step-by-step. You will see the transformation, both in mind and spirit!



8. 7-Day Yoga: Complete Fitness Program

This easy-to-follow yoga series is designed for anyone who wants more flexibility, strength, focus, control, balance, and endurance. Your Complete 7 Day Yoga Flow Class features seven unique yoga routines that can be performed as a stand-alone series or as a complete, comprehensive yoga class routine.



9. 5 Day Fat Burning Challenge For Busy People

Are you determined to reach your weight loss goals, but time is getting in way? With the growing fast paced lifestyle and responsibilities, it can be really difficult to make time for yourself! That’s where your workouts are failing! So, here’s where fitness blender comes in. This 5-day fat burning challenge series is exclusively for all of you, who are always on the grind. We have customized effective fat burning workouts in a 30 minute or less time to make it easier for you to transform yourself into a confident and fitter You!



10. 10-Day Ayurveda Fitness Regimen Program

Did you know the time you wake up and go to bed, eat and even indulge in recreational activities is directly related to your well-being? These series of videos take you through your entire regimen from waking up, exercise, cleansing, meditation and more to improve your health and lifestyle.



Disclaimer: The content is purely informative and educational in nature and should not be construed as medical advice. Please use the content only in consultation with an appropriate certified medical or healthcare professional.

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