10 Everyday Detox Teas for Daily Cleansing

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It’s a common belief that detoxing is a one-time event, lasting anywhere from 24 hours to several weeks or more. But there is absolutely no reason why you can’t take steps to detoxify your body on a continual basis. Wondering how you can do that? Drink tea. Drinking a daily tea is not just for the British, you can incorporate this into your routine and enjoy the detoxifying effects that come with it. Here are 10 everyday detox teas for daily cleansing.

#1.Cayenne Pepper Tea


When brewed as a tea it has a cleansing effect on the body and gives you some energy to help you through the day. Most find that drinking it with a slice of lemon helps the palate and cuts down on some of the spicy taste.

#2.Chicory Tea


Chicory tea helps detox the body and rev up your metabolism. It also helps get your digestive juice going before a meal to be able to digest foods easily.

#3.Cilantro Tea


Adding cilantro to a dish gives it a strong and identifiable flavor, but did you know that you can make a detox tea out of it? Cilantro tea helps the body process foods, break them down and use their nutrients and effectively eliminate them.

#4.Dandelion Tea


Dandelions are said to be very purifying for the body. This herb raises levels of an enzyme in the body known for its detoxifying functions. Dandelion tea tastes pleasant, so the chore is not so bad.

#5.Fenugreek Tea


A lot of people use fenugreek tea as a weekly refreshing beverage. Fenugreek tea helps with digestive issues such sluggishness, bloating or indigestion.

#6.Garlic Tea


The benefits of garlic are widely known. Garlic tea helps cleanse the body due to the specific vitamins it contains.

#7.Ginger Tea


Ginger is a very cleansing root, and when you brew it up as a tea it can actually be a satisfying beverage. Even though it has a sharp taste, it is gentle on the body.

#8.Green Tea


We know you’re tired of reading about the benefits of green tea, but the truth is IT IS AWESOME! A cup of green tea should be consumed daily for optimal health. There are simply too many antioxidants in it that help the body combat free radicals and other toxins to pass this up. There’s another bonus! The body naturally rids itself of excess weight.

#9.Triphala Tea


Triphala tea helps stimulate bowel movement to avoid and help treat constipation.

#10.Turmeric Tea


Turmeric tea helps kick start your liver and gallbladder into creating more bile, which helps to break down toxins and flush them from the liver and out of the body.