White Mulberry: Superfood For Diabetes

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After Acai berries, Goji berries, Noni berries, Blueberries and Blackberries, the next berry stealing the spotlight is the White Mulberry. These tiny berries, also known as Morus alba, help reduce the risk of diabetes, lower cholesterol, battle against heart disease and also help you shed weight.
Dr. Oz featured white mulberries on his show and recommends them because they are composed of antioxidants, minerals and health promoting vitamins. If you are lucky, you can eat them fresh just like a raw foodist would prefer or try sun-dried mulberries, which are slightly sweet, refreshingly tart and chewy in texture.


Unlike the nursery rhyme, mulberries are grown on trees and not bushes. The trees grow rapidly and produce large amounts of berries. If you can’t finish eating all the raw berries you harvest, they can either be sun-dried or frozen, as they can only be stored in a fresh state for about 2-3 days before spoiling. There is a wide variety of species available, ranging from deep red to luscious white. The white variety is being touted as the Superfood and available in stores in dried form. Besides the fruit, the mulberry leaves are also packed with nutrition and used in Chinese medicine and as food for silk worms.


An ancient fruit of Far East, the mulberry was touted in Chinese medicinal folklore as a herb to flush toxins from the body. The benefits of the mulberry are now being supported by the recent studies that justify it as a Superfood.

1. Helps Control Blood Sugar: The dried mulberries contain half the sugar found in raisins and most other dried fruits. Clinical studies demonstrate that the mulberry leaf contains certain chemicals that can help stabilize blood sugar and work like traditional medicines used for type 2 diabetes.
They slow the breakdown of sugars in the intestine so that the sugar and carbohydrates are absorbed slowly into the bloodstream. This helps the body to lower the blood sugar spikes after meals, and helps stabilize those levels.
2. Packed With Antioxidants: Our bodies need antioxidants to fight the free radicals and defend itself from disease. White mulberries are a great source of antioxidants and Resveratrol. A study conducted by the University of Texas Health Science Center, suggests that resveratrol possesses properties to fight against several cancers and heart diseases. Resveratrol also reduces inflammation and has a positive effect on aging as well as lipid levels.
3. Reduce Cholesterol: A study conducted in Japan suggests that the mulberry leaf can help suppress the plaque in our arteries by its antioxidant effect on the LDL –cholesterol of the plaque. So next time try the mulberry leaf extract tea for your heart health.
4. Good Health:  White mulberries are high in fiber, containing 20% of your daily fiber needs in just 1/3 cup. It is also a great source of protein, containing just four grams in 1/3 cup. The impressive amount of fiber found in mulberries can help lower your cholesterol and regulate your digestion.
5. Weight Reduction:  A study conducted in Italy suggests that white mulberry has positive weight loss effects on a group administered with daily doses of mulberry extract while also improving blood sugar levels in the process. Mulberries have no saturated fat, making them a tasty option for individuals who are watching their weight.
6. Improves Immunity: Mulberry is high in Vitamin C and flavonoids which naturally boost your immunity and prevent flu, cough and cold and other ailments.
7. Skin Problems: The mulberry leaves can be your answer to various skin problems like clearing blemishes and acne marks, rejuvenating skin to make it bright and new, and treating dry and sensitive skin. It can detoxify your skin and make it soft and glowing.

Safety and Precaution

While mulberry is considered safe, pregnant and lactating women are advised to avoid it, due to a lack of known effects. People with low blood sugar also need to be careful while consuming mulberries because they might further lower the blood sugar, causing harmful effects.

Jenny Travens

Jenny Travens is a chief editor and a wellness coach and fitness blogger for http://www.superfoodliving.com. She loves to share her knowledge about the different ways of staying fit and healthy and helps people to conquer over health related issues and maintain their fitness regime.

Jenny Travens

Jenny Travens is a chief editor and a wellness coach and fitness blogger for http://www.superfoodliving.com. She loves to share her knowledge about the different ways of staying fit and healthy and helps people to conquer over health related issues and maintain their fitness regime.

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FitBodyBuzz 5pts

I haven't heard about this fruits for many years. My grandma had a tree in the countryside, and we loved picking the berries from the tree. It has an interesting taste.

Robert Shaw
Robert Shaw 5pts

Would love to find them at a good price. If something is tagged as being healthy then the price goes up. People on fox incomes can't afford them.

Fros Ina
Fros Ina 5pts

нашите поубави беа :))))

Ayurveda 5pts

You can check with local stores/farmers Sara Rapuzzi :)

Edda Cavedoni
Edda Cavedoni 5pts

Queste more mi ricordano l'infanzia,ne sono golosa. Ho visto la pianta che le produceva è stata potata molto ma è ancora viva.

Sara Rapuzzi
Sara Rapuzzi 5pts

And where can you buy these or any mulberry? In North Florida....

Susan Cristaldi Butterfield
Susan Cristaldi Butterfield 5pts

I hope you can locate them, they are delicious. They also are a pale pink. Someone on FB mentioned black mulberries but I've never seen them. Good luck. I have lived in FL for 45 yrs and unable to locate them.

Susan Cristaldi Butterfield
Susan Cristaldi Butterfield 5pts

They are delicious. I have have the very pale pink and somewhat white from my Great-Grandfather's Mulberry tree approx 55 yrs ago. I would climb that tree every season and eat away. He would sit in his chair beneath the large branches playing his harmonica and taking a break say "you are going to get a belly ache", never did. We relocated from CT to FL 45 yrs ago and I often wonder if that tree is still alive. I hope so.

Ayurveda 5pts

You can try from local stores or farmers! :) Madhavi Madhu Dammu

Ayurveda 5pts

Ann Marie Evans Thank you! :)

Ayurveda 5pts

You can try from local stores or farmers! :)

Tara Gita
Tara Gita 5pts

Thanks. This is geared toward type 2 diabetes but may still be good for type 1.

Maria Manna
Maria Manna 5pts

Going to try them. At this point I'll try anything, it's getting harder and harder to control my glucose and a1c.

Wendy Sears
Wendy Sears 5pts

Mulberry is also a natural remedy for the flu. This is white mulberry. :-) Thought it might help naturally.

Alen Carry
Alen Carry 5pts

There are red too. Very tasty and sweet !

Ayurveda 5pts

White mulberry is often tried in order to help treat diabetes. Zulfiqar Ahmad :)

Sabrina Bock
Sabrina Bock 5pts

Maulbeeren sind klasse egal ob frisch oder getrocknet. Man bekommt sie mittlerweile wieder auf Ebay und in Bio Läden und Reform Häusern. Sie sind sehr süß und aromatisch. Man kann sie pur essen aber auch schön mit garnieren, süßen, backen und sogar kochen. Ich liebe sie und sie sind sogar ab und an ein Leckerli für Nager.

Sudeep Awasthi
Sudeep Awasthi 5pts

Plz send d address or cell no. Form where we can get white mulberries.

Sakhile Khumalo
Sakhile Khumalo 5pts

1rst time I seen them do they taste the same as black ones?

Mj Sinogo
Mj Sinogo 5pts

hi, tell ur sister to try forever living products, all natural and effective, this might help for her tumor

Ihsra Devaj
Ihsra Devaj 5pts

Where can we find it.i mean I live on dhaka bangladesh. I don't think it's available here. My sister has tumours clinging to her ovary....... Just lately I saw a piece of information in your page that it's a great healing power diffuses all kinds of tumours too. ..m how far is this true....pls help

Ayurveda 5pts

Ana Lattisaw Give it a try! :)

Mirna Estrada
Mirna Estrada 5pts

Lol. . We were just kids we didn't really care if they were safe or not we were just enjoying them for the sweetness they were delicious!

ILeyla C Millikan
ILeyla C Millikan 5pts

Yeah..lol. I looked forward to eating them! I never even knew if they were safe to eat. They were just really good. Sweet.

ILeyla C Millikan
ILeyla C Millikan 5pts

Mirna, aren't these the ones we would steal from your neighbors yard? They were delicious!!

Olga Ortiz
Olga Ortiz 5pts

Where do you buy that fruit? Is it tropical fruit?

Rekha Aggarwal
Rekha Aggarwal 5pts

Mulburry r colours in white also ....I ddnt knw dis?

Harriett Hoppe
Harriett Hoppe 5pts

Bought these in food store in Frankfurt....yummy

Soonja Bin
Soonja Bin 5pts

Oh goodness, I first thought they were cocoons!

Astrid Tupence
Astrid Tupence 5pts

i have these , they are lovely and sweet . last year was my biggest crop and with the tree full and a big carpet on the ground , first year the birds didnt get all lol