Fast Weight Loss Diet Plan

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Keep in mind the following and you will automatically slip into a weight loss diet. Eat limited and avoid water in between or 45 mins after meals. Reduce solids and include more liquids like dal, sambar and buttermilk. Avoid tea, coffee, alcohol and having a meal after 8pm. Try these out and see the difference.

Background to ‘Fatness’

One of the biggest challenges these days is to manage your weight. Even young active people are now putting on weight much faster than before. Kids are definitely overweight and becoming fat. We now even have cases of children being born clinically obese. More than one third of the world’s population on an average is overweight. There are some regions in India and abroad where the percentage of fat people is close to 40%. Very soon, half the world will be fat.

Problems With Being Overweight

There are problems associated with being overweight. Some of them impact us as individuals, some as members of society and some have environmental concerns as well. Let us look at some of these challenges:

  • Being overweight greatly increases the probability of getting diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes, cardiac problems, ulcers, digestive disorders, gout, thyroid, breathing problems and many more.
  • There is a greater proportion of stress: physical, physiological as well as mental.
  • You consume more food than you need. One third or more of the world is consuming at least 50% more food than they need. This proportion of overeating and over nutrition will soon cross 50% of the world’s population. The drain on agriculture and the environment is massive just because we eat a little more than we need. If we eat what we genuinely need, the world’s food and water problems could be solved without any effort.
  • The heat production and metabolism of overweight persons is modified. This leads to personal health problems and lowered immunity.

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Why Do We Become Overweight?

There are many reasons for putting on weight. In most cases, it is a combination of reasons why we become fat. We also do not realize and become aware that we are becoming fat. Soon, it is too late and we give up any efforts to stay fit. Some of the reasons are:

  • Wrong lifestyles; working erratic timings, sleeping late, not sleeping well and so on.
  • No physical activity. We are all getting physically inactive. There is no requirement these days to do any kind of physical work. Even the washing and cleaning is done by machines. Hard work is done sitting on a chair for many hours. Entertainment means being in front of a computer or television. Traveling is taking a cab or driving or taking an air-conditioned metro.
  • Erratic eating patterns. We eat when we feel like without any routine or discipline.
  • Wrong eating. We eat junk food most of the time. Even all the things we think are healthy may or may not be healthy. Even healthy foods can put on a lot of weight. We tend to eat much more than required most of the time. Portions are getting even at home.
  • Eating packaged, processed, stored and pre-made food.
  • A large focus on flour, breads, bakes, pastries, sweets and fried foods.

Are We Overweight?

This brings us to an important question; how do we know we are over weight or fat? There are a large number of people who are fat and ignore it and say they are fine. There is also another set of people who are actually fine but keep agonizing. So what is the correct way to find out if we are fat or putting on weight? There are a few things to check:

  • Have we visibly put on more weight over the weeks, months or years? If yes, then we are getting fat and need to take care. If we are at the same level, then we are fine.
  • There are indicators like fat percentage and waist to hip ratio to tell you if you are fat. These are ranges and we should not be beyond these ranges. Also we should not have an adverse trend. Example, if the normal fat percentage range for ladies is a maximum of 25%, we should be fine with 2-3% more. Also, there should not be an increasing trend. If you were at 22% before and now at 25% then you need to start paying attention. Waist to hip ratio is another indicator. Do not look at BMI or lean body mass. It will just confuse you. Fat percentage and waist to hip ratios are the key.
  • Do we fit in to our clothes? This is one of the simplest ways to find out if we have become fat (unless we already were fat).
  • Do people look at us and tell us we have put on weight? If more than one person says so, especially a well wisher or family member, then we should consider it.
  • Are we eating more than before and do we get cravings? If so, it is a sign of ‘fatness’.

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Fast Weight Loss Diet Plan

Once you have determined that you are overweight or fat or maybe on your way to becoming fat, then you quickly need to get onto a balanced diet plan. You can construct your own plan or take one  of our balanced online diet plans to achieve balanced and gradual weight loss. There are some guidelines you can follow on your own to start eating for fast weight loss:

  • Always eat a little less than you ‘feel’ like eating. Eat only enough so that you automatically feel hungry in three hours or so.
  • Stop drinking water during and forty five minutes after meals.
  • Reduce solids in your meals and have more of liquids like soup, dal, sambar, rasam, buttermilk, lassi, milk. However, do not have a meal which is only liquids. Twenty five percent to fifty percent of your meals have to be the mentioned liquids.
  • Avoid tea, coffee, soft drinks, fruit juices and alcohol.
  • Strictly do not have a meal after 8 p.m. If you are hungry then have warm milk or a seasonal fruit.
  • If you feel hungry between your four meals, have lime juice, smoothies, seasonal fruits or some salad. Avoid snacking and eating more than four times a day.
  • Start and end your day sipping a glass of warm water.
  • Completely avoid junk food (including health food pizzas), fried food, stale, pre-packaged food, processed and canned foods, sweets, pastries and foods which are high on salt and preservatives and those which contain chemicals of any sort.
  • Focus more on lightly cooked vegetarian food.
  • Walk four times a day for fifteen minutes, preferably before your four meals; breakfast, lunch, snack and supper.


Gaurang Chandarana
Star Expert

Gaurang is the Founder of wellzee.com and is a certified Yoga teacher, dietitian, Counselor, Soft Skills trainer and Six Sigma Black Belt. He has had a long association with The Yoga Institute, Santacruz as a teacher & Kaivalyadham as a practitioner. He has taught, trained or counseled a few thousand individuals in the areas of disease management, health, lifestyle, stress and rehabilitation. In a previous avatar he had a long career in the Banking & Finance Sectors post his MBA.

Gaurang Chandarana
Star Expert

Gaurang is the Founder of wellzee.com and is a certified Yoga teacher, dietitian, Counselor, Soft Skills trainer and Six Sigma Black Belt. He has had a long association with The Yoga Institute, Santacruz as a teacher & Kaivalyadham as a practitioner. He has taught, trained or counseled a few thousand individuals in the areas of disease management, health, lifestyle, stress and rehabilitation. In a previous avatar he had a long career in the Banking & Finance Sectors post his MBA.

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Kidney Diet Recipes and Tips 5pts

Awesome post and very informative. I would like to welcome you to enjoy my posting on my page too. I share a lot of interesting articles and videos there. You'll surely love it guys! :)

Yulia Zaturenskaya
Yulia Zaturenskaya 5pts

Speechless!!! I guess who was putting it out there got bit malfunction I would say a Lot!!!

Karen Gilmour
Karen Gilmour 5pts

Yah, right. You'll lose weight when you die from this and your body desicates. Talk about a way to totally screw up your gut. This is by far the Dumbest thing I've ever seen. Please....

Kamal Randhawa
Kamal Randhawa 5pts

This is the stupidest post by you thus far. To suggest some of these ideas is careless and unhealthy especially in a world where girls are suffering from eating disorders already.

Dan Gent
Dan Gent 5pts

Bueno, no me parece que esta dieta tenga mucha base cientifica... Quizas fue el yoga lo que le le hizo banar

Prasanta Baidhya
Prasanta Baidhya 5pts

i absolutely agree with the diet plan i loose 10 kg within 2 months

Cynthia Parada
Cynthia Parada 5pts

Umm is laxatives really on there as weight loss?

Leah Howson
Leah Howson 5pts

Thank you Feli Cia. I was horrified. Yes the article states it differently.

Leah Howson
Leah Howson 5pts

Wrong. Why would you even post this? Laxatives, enemas? Thank you for the stupidity. I needed a good eye roll.

Maddie David
Maddie David 5pts

Laxatives and enema?... That's gonna be a long night. \U0001f64a lol

Veronica Marin
Veronica Marin 5pts

No! Supposed to eat whole grains, dairy, fish, chicken, fruit and vegetables. You can eat almost everything but in moderation. That's how i lost 30lbs. Cut out salt, sugar, and cut back carbs and no fried foods.

Agui Isa Matty
Agui Isa Matty 5pts

Conocí a alguien que vive con esta dieta y hace yoga todos los días. Bajo 12 kilos y se mantiene así.

Feli Cia
Feli Cia 5pts

The picture is a mock of today's diet trends, if you read the article you will see it does not recommend anything of those fad diets.

Ani Tachian
Ani Tachian 5pts

Please, admin if you are not a medical doctor do not post misguided information. Thank you!

Sarah Grace
Sarah Grace 5pts

This wasn't informative and lacked any sort of reasoning or logic. It was basically an opinion piece. Very disappointing. There were no references, no "advice" was explained.

Janam Anand
Janam Anand 5pts

Rajdeep Jadeja Joi lyo dwnld kari lyo

Heather Renee
Heather Renee 5pts

You're suggesting laxatives as a weight loss diet plan? That sure seems healthy...

Rama Kanaka
Rama Kanaka 5pts

The table?? ,Before meals, or after meals !!!

Robert Shroads
Robert Shroads 5pts

Just silly. Drastically reduce your food intake and you will lose weight. The rest is irrelevant.

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Nalini Rao 5pts

Crazy .eat less nd normal.all this is jus a hype

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Don't forget the butt cream. You'll need plenty of that for all the pooping that diet will cause

Gloria Renaud-Pugsley
Gloria Renaud-Pugsley 5pts

How is this a Ayurveda diet, makes no sense to me, that they would suggest pills and diuretics etc, not healthy at all!

Joyce Misquitta
Joyce Misquitta 5pts

Stop following diets, eat everything in moderation and walk as much as you can.

Elizabeth Crosby
Elizabeth Crosby 5pts

Wow. Thats crazy. Just be you. Eat what you like, but in lighter portions. Don't eat 5 donuts with a milkshake and go jogging right after. If you want to eat a steak go for it. Have a side of steamed asparagus and squash with it. Do yoga or just walk. Dont kill yourself to be a size 3-5.

DrSatish Kumar
DrSatish Kumar 5pts

All the best who following diet to loose weight ... 1st know about your body nature n health conditions and than plan for loose weight.....

Ayurveda 5pts

Kumar Shankar Thanks for sharing! :)

Kumar Shankar
Kumar Shankar 5pts

Although a bizarre name but it simply works! Have you heard anything about batama weight loss adept. If you haven't, do a quick Google search. Well, i can't say I lost my whole belly fat with it but I lost enough weight to reach my previous shape of my twenties!

Rita Whitty Darabosh
Rita Whitty Darabosh 5pts

Very disappointed with this article. People are not fat, they have fat. I wish people writing and talking about health issues would stop labeling people. There are many reasons beyond what a person eats that can add or make a persons body hold fat.

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I can't view the diet chart

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weight loss plan is good tips in you'r life and butter life and enjoy friends