Does An Underwire Bra Increase Risk Of Breast Cancer?

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Curejoy Expert James Dudley Explains:

No, wearing an underwire bra does not increase your risk of breast cancer. If your bra is too tight or too small, the wires can dig into your breasts and cause discomfort, pain or swelling.

For years, some people have believed that wearing an underwire bra, or any bra for that matter, increased the risk of breast cancer. This belief stemmed from a study conducted in 1991 that found that premenopausal women who didn’t wear bras had a lower risk of breast cancer than women who did wear bras. However, the authors of the study reported that this link was likely due to related factors to wearing a bra, rather than the bra itself – women in the study who didn’t wear a bra were more likely to be lean, which accounted for their lower risk.

Being overweight increases a woman’s breast cancer risk – women who are overweight are more likely to have larger breasts and wear a bra. Women who don’t wear bras are more likely to be at a healthy weight. This difference in weight is possibly why this myth continues to circulate.

There has also been the specific myth circulating that wearing bras with underwire increased a woman’s risk of breast cancer due to the compression of the breast’s lymphatic system. The general medical consensus is that neither the type of bra nor the tightness of underwire has any connection to the risk of breast cancer.

In fact, new research that was published online by Cancer Epidemiology Biomarkers & Prevention that further confirmed that wearing a bra, no matter the fit or material, has no affect on a woman’s risk of breast cancer.

Currently, the only thing that scientists can say with certainty is that certain gene mutations can significantly increase the risk for breast cancer. Environmental factors have been linked to breast cancer prevalence, as well as hormone levels, but the research is preliminary, right now.

CureJoy Editorial

The CureJoy Editorial team digs up credible information from multiple sources, both academic and experiential, to stitch a holistic health perspective on topics that pique our readers' interest.

CureJoy Editorial

The CureJoy Editorial team digs up credible information from multiple sources, both academic and experiential, to stitch a holistic health perspective on topics that pique our readers' interest.

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Debbie Lovelace
Debbie Lovelace 5pts

Wear sport bra wirhour wire that is not comfortable bra so

Omega Menen Selassie
Omega Menen Selassie 5pts

Rootz .. Any non cotton or silk.. bra or underwire ... With give cancer & many times women y clothes brand new & never wash these new under clothing before wearing ... These clothes that are to be worn next to thr naked body need to be washed before being worn even more underwear .. Many clothes are handled in store by many customers before they are bought home to b e worn by someone .... MY MOTTO COINED BY ME MYSELF & EYE ... IS : LETS MAKE IT CLEAR ..MAKE SURE YOU WASH ALL UNDERWEAR ..BEFORE YOU WEAR 2 PROTECT YOUR ASSETZ DOWN THERE NNM.M Even more the reason to wash be

Rachel Luckart
Rachel Luckart 5pts

I can't stand underwire I just won't wear bras with underwire period

Levonia Moseley
Levonia Moseley 5pts

I have always thought bras cause cancer, because a bra is so constricting!!!

Debbie Wilson
Debbie Wilson 5pts

I wear a under wire bra, and it a laws make my right breastfeeding heart, not my left, weird

Delia Nash
Delia Nash 5pts

A minimize bra can contribute to breast cancer. It displaces tissue and constrict the flow of the lymph system! Though there are several contributing causes for breast cancer, the toxins in GMO foods are a definite. Also the hormones in the dairy products you consume.

Rose Shrestha
Rose Shrestha 5pts

Not relevant. But I use only bra without under wire. For some reason I have red bruises under boobs with wire.

Carmen Coss
Carmen Coss 5pts

I been wearing. This type of brass. For years n some of us need that extra support all women. Dont have small breast im one of them.

Kayla Gividen
Kayla Gividen 5pts

I agree with Nora.. Anytime you have compression on the superficial lymphatic system, it is not able to flow, causing backup. Your lymphatic system helps to transport waste. If there is an area that isn't able to "clean" it builds up. That area is a main pathway for lymph. Just something to think about. So many things that cause cancer its amazing we are all still alive lol.

Nora R Kirk
Nora R Kirk 5pts

wire or no wire it still compresses not good

Paula Williams
Paula Williams 5pts

Tired of anecdotal causes of breast cancer. A significant part is genetic.

Elaine Bernarding
Elaine Bernarding 5pts

I did not read this. What strikes me is braless is 'slutty' to some people, now a bra causes cancer. Just leave women alone. Ridiculous.

Shannon Jones
Shannon Jones 5pts

Get deodorant from FatFace Skincare!! She makes the best chemical-free deodorant that WORKS!

Camille Branch
Camille Branch 5pts

Yes, "they". You said no research. Someone(s) has to do the research therefore, "they". Yes, I told others to check and conclude for themselves not just take someone's word or opinion.

Gloria Crist
Gloria Crist 5pts

"They" is the company Monsanto. Might want to research them;) linked to many nasty additives and product ingredients having counter reactions. Might want to research your own research as it is also an online link that could also be a hoax.;) my point is there are to many cancer issues with to many 'coincidences' linked to them. And that should make anyone think twice. Lori LeAnne

Lori LeAnne
Lori LeAnne 5pts

Ohhhh "they". I thought this was a factual-based discussion, not one involving conspiracy theories. And ummm... are you not telling others what to do as well? My reply was very polite and straight forward, flame someone else.

Lori LeAnne
Lori LeAnne 5pts

My point is there is nothing conclusive to substantiate links between the products mentioned and breast cancer. Could this change with additional studies, of course. But promoting hysteria and rumors is ignorant and does nothing to serve the community. If you don't want parabens in your deodorant, there are non-paraben alternatives. In this litigious society people would rather believe Internet hoaxes. Peace out.http://www.cancer.gov/cancertopics/causes-prevention/risk/myths/antiperspirants-fact-sheethttp://jnci.oxfordjournals.org/content/92/18/1469.long

Petra Lita DeWolfe
Petra Lita DeWolfe 5pts

I think you should take your own advice. Learn how to research instead of believing the lies.

Melody Hines Byrd
Melody Hines Byrd 5pts

Been wearing them since I was old enough to wear a bra, so I would have to say no.

Julie Paige Patnaude
Julie Paige Patnaude 5pts

I just say no to underwire bras. I'd be super happy and beyond excited ti just say no to bras forever. But I get the notion that society isn't to keen on that unfortunately ;(.

Janet Nader
Janet Nader 5pts

Hate underwire certainly don't need padding

Carrie Mazzucco
Carrie Mazzucco 5pts

Obviously, you've never worn a sports bra before....

Ayurveda 5pts

(y) You are a super lady! :)

Alex Griffee
Alex Griffee 5pts

The aluminum, parabens and chemicals from deodorants and other personal care products are a major contributor to cancer.

Alex Griffee
Alex Griffee 5pts

There's sports bras with plenty of support and no wires......BOOM issue solved. NEXT! I've seen them for DD, DDD and up

Lori LeAnne
Lori LeAnne 5pts

That was an extremely small study of no clinical significance. The study did not compare breast tissue of non-breast cancer patients for parabens. Run along now.

Karan Welling
Karan Welling 5pts

Ummm, some of us busty gals NEED that under wire!!! Lol!

Camille Branch
Camille Branch 5pts

There is aluminum in other products as well. Check it out!

Camille Branch
Camille Branch 5pts

Of course the research doesn't link breast cancer and deodorant. Why would "they" give us the answers of how to be chemically free and not develop any cancer?? Learn to do your own digging and connect your own pieces and not tell others what to do or what to believe! \U0001f447Lori

Lori LeAnne
Lori LeAnne 5pts

There is no research linking breast cancer and deodorant. Learn how to appropriately look up information and not succumb to rumors and hysteria.

Vickie Turner
Vickie Turner 5pts

Omgs next time i buy deodorant.i'm going to read the ingredients