Tricks To Reverse Diabetes Your Doctor Won’t Tell

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November is American Diabetes Month, and I am happily writing this article to help teach others that this dis-ease can be completely healed without daily shots of insulin and pharmaceuticals. And pretty easily, too! My father reversed diabetes almost a decade ago, and I am living proof that our diet truly changes our health, as I healed a rare blood disease over 16 years ago.

Diet Induces And Also Cures Diabetes

Let me give more details on my dad… he ate and still eats the typical American diet. No organics, no free range or healthier meats, and compared to me, lots of what I consider junk. He just doesn’t care that much about this newer way of choosing the foods we eat, but believe me, has become aware of this desire to eat the healthiest foods possible because of my decision to heal my blood and body through nutrition. The thing my father did change though, was his sugar consumption. He went from drinking Coca-Cola and fruit juices all day, to drinking nothing but water and occasionally a craft beer, he cut out sugary meals for breakfast and snacks, and stopped eating so many processed desserts everyday.

Through my journey with healing foods, I learned to make my own desserts with brown rice syrup, and completely weaned myself from my sugar addiction, but my dad did it alone. He didn’t want to give himself shots and knew from me, that our health conditions could be reversed. As difficult as it is to make changes to the foods we love to eat, especially sugar, dealing with daily injections and for myself, a daily chemotherapy pill, was enough to make us consider changing our diets. After only 3 months, my father’s blood tests were dramatically lower and he knew he was on the right path.

What Your Doctor Doesn’t Know Or Won’t Tell

From a conventional medical point of view, our doctors are taught to treat health conditions with drugs, and they are generously paid by the pharmaceutical industry. Even my dad’s doctor once said that it would be so simple to tell his patients to clean up their diet, but what most want is a magical pill or solution to make their symptoms better. I wonder though, why they don’t at least share food as a viable treatment option? Maybe some people, if not all, would at least consider making changes, especially when this protocol comes from their doctor, whom they trust.

Make That Critical Diet Choice

There is change beginning to happen, but slowly. Most of us know the importance of eating well, but when our food industry makes artificial, food-like products, and adds enormous amounts of sugar to practically every item on the grocer’s shelves and in restaurants, and the FDA allows it, our health is at risk. We must make big changes on our own, and unfortunately most of the time, it’s when a health crisis happens to us.

My father and I healed these dis-eases in our bodies, and I feel we were fortunate in many ways to have these wake-up calls with our health. The old saying, “We Are What We Eat” is absolutely true, and in the process of healing, we also began felling better and our brain was clearer, as a result. Changing the foods we’ve eaten our entire life can be one of the most difficult things to do, but in my opinion, not nearly as difficult as it is being sick and in a doctor’s office all of the time.

Diabetes Can Be Reversed

Fast forward 10 years~ my dad’s blood sugar levels remain balanced. He still enjoys his nightly dessert of ice cream and continues to drink beer and wine probably once a week, but he’s learned to take better care of himself with food choices and walking as much as possible. Achieving balance in our body is really as simple as making the decision to change some of the things we’re over-doing. And it doesn’t have to be done perfectly or with complete avoidance of the foods we love to eat.

Carri Duncan

As a Health Coach, I am driven by the desire to HELP educate on how to heal and transform our bodies holistically. The environment I create is completely supportive of you, and will enable you to achieve all of your health goals.

Carri Duncan

As a Health Coach, I am driven by the desire to HELP educate on how to heal and transform our bodies holistically. The environment I create is completely supportive of you, and will enable you to achieve all of your health goals.

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Frankthe Cat
Frankthe Cat 5pts

Peter Haworth did you realise your 'foots' are supposed to be numb!

Khai Nguyen Van
Khai Nguyen Van 5pts

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Andrew Thompson
Andrew Thompson 5pts

Maybe not direct payments but there's plenty ways to get around that.

Arjun Mahadeva
Arjun Mahadeva 5pts

Think less and you will have everything good in life

Shannan Duthie-Hilton
Shannan Duthie-Hilton 5pts

Unfortunately in the US school system we are not taught how to grow our own food, we are taught a lot of useless subjects.

Abdul Khadir
Abdul Khadir 5pts

Am I the only one who found no tricks in this article...

Donnisha Empress Brown
Donnisha Empress Brown 5pts

Anytime fren .... I thought this was a great read and very informative ... Allisha BigRedd

Crystal Harper
Crystal Harper 5pts

Many Americans have to choose between veggies that are 5 dollars a pound and processed food for 25 cents a pound or even10 cents a pound. Many of us are poor and choose cheep food. I would love to eat healthier. I crave fruits and veggies. But in the end pasta and bread will keep my family from starving.

Andrew Thompson
Andrew Thompson 5pts

Perhaps your diabetes was related to your lifestyle and diet, my isn't. To claim this as a cure is dangerously misleading.

Kristin Twomey Dubois
Kristin Twomey Dubois 5pts

T2 is not always caused by diet. It's a metabolic disorder. The pancreas is still producing insulin, the body can't utilize it properly. T1 is autoimmune. And Gena is correct about the fact that a person with T1 can eat only organic or vegan or no processed foods etc and still need insulin. My child still needs insulin if she eats nothing. And sugar has saved her life many times.

Ni Ali
Ni Ali 5pts

If I didn't do it, I wouldn't have believed it either

Franklin Thomas
Franklin Thomas 5pts

This article and the info in it are WORTHLESS, and the info inaccurate. You guys should be ashamed of yourselves.

Gena Simkins
Gena Simkins 5pts

I'm not saying diet as in fat or sugar. .. I'm saying diet as in fake phude. I'm not here to argue. I've done my research re: type one and type two.

Kendra Horn
Kendra Horn 5pts

More often than not it's endocrine malfunction induced not diet. Thyroid, sex hormone, adrenal or pituitary will be off before diabetes shows up even if they weren't caught before it. It's a secondary disease to those.

Andrew Thompson
Andrew Thompson 5pts

This is nonsense, I only ate a whole food vegetarian diet for 20 years or more before being diagnosed as type 2 and insulin dependent. Never ate any refined carbs or ate any processed food. Mainly home grown organic foods. So how come if this post it to be believed?

Mechelle Howard
Mechelle Howard 5pts

Doctors are not paid to push pharmaceuticals. That is illegal in this country for obvious reasons.

Mechelle Howard
Mechelle Howard 5pts

No it isnt. Diabetes is a malfunction of the pancreas.

Mechelle Howard
Mechelle Howard 5pts

This is ridiculous. These kinds of pages should be removed and I hope no one is stupid enough to believe stuff you read on facebook in regards to your health.

Mansukh Vadher
Mansukh Vadher 5pts

Hi good morning to you and I do think you for lovely tips bye form now

Fran Duckworth
Fran Duckworth 5pts

We have been lied to and some are waking up as to the lies fed us for our health and food, its a nasty trick played on this Nations people

Brendon Govender
Brendon Govender 5pts

So we can eat foods with sugar but must keep it balanced between Heathy foods and exercise....right? Because I dont eat any sweet things anymore, drink only water (room temp).

Gena Simkins
Gena Simkins 5pts

Type 1 is an autoimmune disease not induced by diet. And even if I gave my child all raw juices etc, which I am well versed on, can only make a sugar balance better.... unlikely to make the pancreas work again.

Gena Simkins
Gena Simkins 5pts

Yes, of course you can heal type 2 through diet.... it's diet induced disease.

Gena Simkins
Gena Simkins 5pts

I would appreciate this page distinguishing between type 1 and type 2....Huge difference.

Zeenat Athram Rizvi
Zeenat Athram Rizvi 5pts

Well all whatever was mentioned was even told by my doctor. This wasn't anything new. The heading of the article is seems so promising that you are bound to read. But then there's nothing much of an information inside.

Ayurveda 5pts

Thanks for sharing your thoughts :)

Anne Kruse-Kronsell
Anne Kruse-Kronsell 5pts

In scandinavia you get very good diet programs for diabetes it's not news for us as we don't eat as much processed foods as in US - every time we read about the health issues in US we wonder why you don't eat healthy - we learn from childhood how to be healthy - even in kindergarten kids learn to eat healthy - and in a lot of schools and kindergartens snacks and drinks containing sugar is a no go...

Enelrac Revilo
Enelrac Revilo 5pts

Normally, If u get a wound n it's not treated it coz other problems I.e high temperature for example mabe due to infection, now u go doc n he threat ur symptoms which is the high temperature with paracetamol instead of dealing with the actual problem, the wound, With type 2 diabetes raised blood sugar is as a result of pancreas is not producing enough insulin, therefore the overspill of sugar in the blood makes it hard for the insulin to break it down n get rid of the high glucose which is a symptom of diabetes so the best way is to watch wat u eat n diet n exercise n try n reverse ur blood sugar, to a normal level NOW most of these docs instead they treat the actual problem they try to threat the symptoms high blood sugar by giving insulin which is just wrong on so much levels.

Ayurveda 5pts

There are two types of diabetes! One is curable the other is not! :) Tammy Mohan

Ed Sprouse
Ed Sprouse 5pts

Thanks Dave. Going to check this out

Ayurveda 5pts

:) Thanks! Aiste Gustaityte

Ayurveda 5pts

Should be added! Thanks Lori Betker

Tammy Mohan
Tammy Mohan 5pts

All excellent things to do but do not cure diabetes

Tammy Mohan
Tammy Mohan 5pts

No food that reverses diabetes only ignorant posts about diets and wonder foods. Low simple carbs diet will help type 2 diabetics to manage blood sugar . That is all.