Top Three Ways to Open Third Eye

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Third eye is the gateway to psychic ability; the conduit to all that is unseen by our physical eye. Yoga helps to physically, emotionally and spiritually awaken it. Try this 'third-eye' meditation. Say "This is where my conscious mind and unconscious mind meet.” As its repeated, imagine the third eye opening. Psychic exercises are another way to awaken your third eye.

Open Third Eye With Three Simple Ways

The third eye sits on the forehead, directly in between and just above the eyebrows. It is the gateway to psychic ability; the conduit to all that is unseen by our physical eyes. This eye has a tangible component in the form of the pineal gland, which is an important part of the entire endocrine system. This gland produces melatonin, the hormone that facilitates sleep. It is small but powerful. Just the size of a green pea, the pineal gland regulates the sleeping and waking cycles. It corresponds to the intangible but very significant concept of the psychic third eye and it is located right in the center of the brain.

In most people, the third eye is dormant, and has been made so by atrophy. In keeping with the concept of “use it or lose it,” the third eye will not be active and strong unless regularly utilized, just like any other muscle or system in our bodies. If it has been asleep for a long time, there are steps to be taken in order to first reawaken, and then strengthen this long dormant ability.

Simple, easy to practice activities can gently revive this power to “see beyond.” It doesn’t take any expensive equipment, classes or workshops to build the third eye into the powerhouse psychic system it was meant to be. Even very busy people can carve out a little time each day to do a bit of easy, yet effective practice. Just select one of these options and dedicate twenty minutes per day to activate this important gateway to the unseen.


Yoga has been practiced for thousands of years and was originally reserved as a purely spiritual activity. Today, there are many who still view it as such, but it is also a very popular way to get exercise and is offered in gyms and classes routinely. Consider reclaiming yoga as a personal journey by harnessing its power to open the third eye. Yoga balances the body and gently massages the internal organs. Through this massage, the body is detoxified and cleansed.

When balanced, all of the systems are relaxed and begin to run in optimum condition. As this occurs, the dormant powers are free to awaken because less energy is being spent on “keeping things running.” As operations become more automated, a much greater amount of energy flows to the dormant systems and allows them to activate. Think of a car. When everything in the car is optimized, all the systems work properly. If it has something misaligned, such as an electrical line, then many things can stop working. Fix the car, and everything works again. The body is also a machine, and keeping it running smoothly is essential. Yoga is the perfect way to gently let the third eye know it is time to wake up.

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Meditation is a very active way of tapping into the third eye. Through meditation, direct focus is placed on the eye and targeted signals are sent to activate it. This “Third Eye Meditation” is a good place to start. Begin with closed eyes, and release any tension in the body. Take ten deep, cleansing breaths, holding in between each for five seconds. This will slow the heart rate and align the glands to a relaxed state. Now, visualize the inside of the stomach bathed in beautiful cleansing light and place the conscious mind there. A small ladder appears in the middle, and the consciousness begins to ascend as the healing light follows and envelopes it. Climbing slowly, continue to breathe in a relaxed way, filling the lungs to capacity, but not straining. Make note of all the internal systems. When the heart is reached, the light surrounds it, strengthening it. As the light and conscious mind continue their journey through the throat and into the head, the breathing should be totally relaxed, slow and regular. Now visualize the third eye. It is closed. The light and consciousness stand in front of it and give a gentle greeting. Try saying “this is where my conscious mind and unconscious mind meet.” As that phrase is repeated, imagine the third eye opening slowly, until it is fully awake. Sit in this moment for as long as it takes to feel that the conscious and unconscious minds are integrated. Slowly open your physical eyes, secure in the realization that the third eye is activated.

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Psychic Exercises

It is best to participate in psychic exercises after yoga and meditation have delivered a sense of being ready to undertake active practice. There are many reputable sites online which offer free exercises in psychic ability. These may utilize guessing games, matching quizzes, cards and prediction games. Consider using these sites to get comfortable with a high level of accuracy before venturing into the world of actual readings.

Social networking can offer a great opportunity to find people who are also interested in developing their abilities, and practice sessions with these acquaintances can go a long way to do so. It is more difficult to practice on friends because a high level of actual information is already known about the person, clouding what can be considered a “hit.”

Regardless of who the subject is, make sure the environment of the reading is comfortable and private. Dedicate at least twenty minutes to the session. Make note of each correct item you communicate to your subject. This will build confidence and show how much improvement is achieved each time.

As the saying goes “practice makes perfect,” and implementing all of these strategies will greatly strengthen psychic ability and keep the third eye in perfect condition. Just twenty minutes a day of simple exercise can create a world in which the unseen becomes clear and intuition feels as natural as breathing.


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Dr. Gerard C. Buffo

Dr. Buffo specializes in Heart Disease, Cancer, Women’s Health, Lyme Disease and Digestion. He also teaches Ayurveda at the University of Hartford.

Dr. Gerard C. Buffo

Dr. Buffo specializes in Heart Disease, Cancer, Women’s Health, Lyme Disease and Digestion. He also teaches Ayurveda at the University of Hartford.

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Generally, westeners aren't familiar with such kind of phenomenon and practices. I am amazed this is written by a western author and even talking about Psychic...very few people are aware about this word in vast concept..

Now coming to Third eye concept, many people think it is a superstitious creamed over religious people...But I strongly believe Third Eye is not like any other story like of Shiva, Vishnu and Brahma...It's matter of increasing human capabilities to such level that the person can sense the real happenings of the world which our physical eyes cannot see...Having third eye increases one's potential to feel each of his/her cells inside the body...Imagine you are meditating deep into the heart and listen to what your subconscious says, you can actually know the true purpose of coming to the earth...Regular Yoga makes the body resistant to the force you will receive once you get a Third Eye...and once the person realizes his psychic, he must be sure he has reached to the highest level of consciousness...

Anyway, it's not only my personal experience..

Bala Chohan
Bala Chohan 5pts

Please teach how to open 1st& 2nd eye

Arthur Lovan
Arthur Lovan 5pts

There are dangers that come with opening your third eye. Caution is advised.

Mohsin Ali Ansari
Mohsin Ali Ansari 5pts

Oohh Yesss... that Middle One is da most powerful and working fast method to open third eye and getting relief from all the tiredness.

Anthony Dias
Anthony Dias 5pts

open the third eye to see what, the supernatural. I'm doing night duties, I can't afford it.

Amber Hester
Amber Hester 5pts

No don't do it... i didn't ever and im not hating on your personal belief. But something happened to me and i know for fact its the eye of the universe and its blue... like the picture on the show cosmos...

Mamatha Nagaraja
Mamatha Nagaraja 5pts

Another way is thru meditating on AGNA chakra raising the KUNDALINI power!

Ayurveda 5pts

The third eye (also known as the inner eye) is a mystical and esoteric concept referring to a speculative invisible eye which provides perception beyond ordinary sight. Alataria Excellent Nenworks :)

Gandhi Lazaga
Gandhi Lazaga 5pts

Interesting. (y) This only proves that there are a lot of things science and rational thoughts alone can not explain.

Jassey Mann
Jassey Mann 5pts

You have posted wrong way to open third eye and sexpose is never a way to open third eye. Dont give wrong message to the society or you will e under scrutiny of law... This is fucking ridiculous post.

Laura August
Laura August 5pts

massaged my 3rd eye last night in your room actually

Pradeep Dutta
Pradeep Dutta 5pts

हिन्दी में बताओ यार

Kamalander Singh
Kamalander Singh 5pts

Very interesting it can be practised but more details required . Who will help me ?