Natural Remedies for ADHD: Three Best Vitamins

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What is ADHD?

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, or ADHD, is an increasingly common disorder afflicting both children and adults around the world. ADHD is a psychiatric disorder that can cause a sufferer to exhibit short attention span, concentration problems, hyperactivity and mild learning disorders. Traditionally prescription medication such as Ritalin has been used to calm the effects of ADHD but many people often opt for more natural remedies for adhd. This includes natural supplements, many of which are believed to have a positive effect on ADHD symptoms. While medically there is little evidence to show that natural vitamins can measure up to prescription drugs there are those who swear by the results and are happy to avoid chemicals and medications. When looking at natural vitamins to use as alternative ADHD treatments there are three main ones thought to be most successful.

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 Fish Oil

Fish oil pills are a natural source of omega-3 fatty acids. These are considered vital for metabolism and everyday healthy but are not typically found in most regular meals and therefore not obtained in sufficient levels with a normal diet. Fish oil supplements help balance this out and are found in most stores and pharmacies. Many healthy people take fish oil supplements as part of their daily vitamin regimen and recently those suffering from ADHD have begun to look to omega-3 fatty acids as a natural remedy for the disorder.

According to a study in the “Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry” there is evidence that omega-3 fatty acids help repair brain circuitry and improve brain function. The evidence suggests that children with ADHD are deficient in omega-3 fatty acids which bring on some of the symptoms of the disorder (Bloch and Qawasmi, 2011, p. 50). These symptoms are thought to be calmed by a regular supplement. Since fish oil is the cheapest and most easily found source of omega-3 it is considered an extremely helpful natural medication for ADHD sufferers.


Studies have also found that magnesium deficiency is a common problem in children with ADHD and could be linked to the symptoms of the disorder (Konikowska, Regulska-Ilow and Rózańska, 2012). This is concerning as magnesium is one of the essential minerals for good health, helping in everything from immune system functions to the muscular system. Low levels of magnesium have been shown to cause irritability and restlessness which are also common symptoms of ADHD. For this reason those treating ADHD naturally will turn to magnesium supplements to help calm the symptoms. Fortunately magnesium, unlike omega-3 fatty acids, can be found naturally in many foods including grains and green vegetables. If those aren’t present in the diet you can also get magnesium in almost any store-bought daily vitamin supplement.

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Vitamin B

 One of the most common vitamins in the everyday diet is also one of the most recommended for helping treat ADHD. Vitamin B is an essential vitamin for helping brain functions as well as calming the nervous system. ADHD is a disorder that directly affects and lessens certain brain functions. Common thought is that a vitamin B supplement can help restore some of those functions or at least reduce ADHD’s negative effects on them. Unlike omega-3 fatty acids or magnesium ADHD sufferers don’t typically have a deficiency of vitamin B so it is not as highly relied on as a natural treatment. However there are many who still swear by its effects on brain function. Vitamin B is easily found in both standalone supplements and in almost all daily multi-vitamins.


CureJoy Editorial

The CureJoy Editorial team digs up credible information from multiple sources, both academic and experiential, to stitch a holistic health perspective on topics that pique our readers' interest.

CureJoy Editorial

The CureJoy Editorial team digs up credible information from multiple sources, both academic and experiential, to stitch a holistic health perspective on topics that pique our readers' interest.

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Samarra Willis
Samarra Willis 5pts

thanks i wonder if he can refer anything for nerve problem. im coming off lexpro. thanks

Mike Hatley
Mike Hatley 5pts

My ADHD was cured with a belt with no side effects. Way to many kids(people) are diagnosed to quickly and often and given chemicals(meds) to so called fix the so called problem

Carrie Lawrence
Carrie Lawrence 5pts

This world was created on the backs of buzzy bees. Imagine farm life without people who could see and do it all - all day. Imagine if a kid was a book worm he'd seem like a macho fail.

Goni Bair Robeson
Goni Bair Robeson 5pts

It's been happening a lot. When adults seek this ADHD med for their child, I wonder if Drs need to have these families monitored to see their/ the family's daily functions to see how active parents are with their children, physically., in sports and outside playing etc.When children can't go outside and play and burn off energy, the lazy parent gets very upset because it is ruining their lazy mode. The the child is noted for getting on the parents nerves. Then they wonder why chiding have problems as adults. So sad!

Dawn Smith
Dawn Smith 5pts

Happy happy birthday keep that beautiful smile going there's more years to come

Jason Hander
Jason Hander 5pts

Best products we've ever used and we've helps 100's of people do the same with their kids

Danielle Butchino
Danielle Butchino 5pts

The best natural cure for ADHD.. take your kids out of public school to stop being endocrined to think there's something wrong with them!

Cheryl Roberts
Cheryl Roberts 5pts

I agree, stop buying the poisoned food and find natural remedies for curing your kids

Tessy Tessy Tura
Tessy Tessy Tura 5pts

Because I was young once, I was a kid once....i was quiet to myself all the time; hardly mingle with friends because i was creative & imaginative. And i turned out ok. My mum never gave me supplements etc...they just accepted & loved me the way i was/am. What do you need medicines for? Kids are kids. I thanked my mum for never believing in 'prescribed medicines'. She had lots of common sense in understanding human bodies than all these 'doctors'.

Tessy Tessy Tura
Tessy Tessy Tura 5pts

They're eating 'poisoned' food so they get all these 'diseases' & you buy the medicines w/c are unnecessary so drug companies make money for their investors. All kinds of diseases & research foundations BUT people become sicker & sicker!!

Kristin Claus Jones
Kristin Claus Jones 5pts

Heather N Chris O'Dea I think that fish oil and magnesium benefit everyone! The right sources of these are important.

Latanya Morman
Latanya Morman 5pts

They have desk now with no chairs, saying kids need to keep busy moving and shouldn't sit still all day....????? .meds make money ....

Cheryl Roberts
Cheryl Roberts 5pts

It's mainly their diet and lifestyle that causes their ADHD, maybe parents need to look at what they are feeding their kids instead of lining their own pockets with extra money from the government to help bring up their child.

Trina Cornwell
Trina Cornwell 5pts

It's not easy dealing with a child with a learning disorder so any information can be useful be positive about it I don't think people use their kids for Ginny pigs just for a check stop judging and be more supportive these kids struggle daily to meet sociality expectations trying to fit in.

Harminder Thukral
Harminder Thukral 5pts

Very useful information for me being as a mother of ADHD child since last 7-8 years

Kerry O
Kerry O 5pts

Leann J. Nicholson, for what's to come

Goni Bair Robeson
Goni Bair Robeson 5pts

Lazy parents wanting to sit around watching tv, playing on the computer, or whatever, and their children are running around crazy with energy. If the parents could just get up!!! And get out with the child in activities to burn their energy, no matter what it takes, this, to me is usually, all about getting everyone up and energetic and burning up their energy. Children need supervised outside and a lot of parents can't find a way. Just from what I've seen and opinion.

Goni Bair Robeson
Goni Bair Robeson 5pts

A lot of parents get their Drs to put their kids on this ADHD etc med so they can get their kids on social security disability $, as well as them selves getting the same kind of money. Parents doing this need checked mentally for doing this to an innocent young life and mind.

Goni Bair Robeson
Goni Bair Robeson 5pts

Too many people and children need to be up!! And moving, outside and fresh air activities. All these sedimentary life styles are becoming a way of life and we wonder why we have all these diseases because a lot of times is from choice of food and exercise.

Sawa Kamara
Sawa Kamara 5pts

Kids don't have ADHD! Who want to sit in their sear for 6 hrs plus? I know i dont..Money making machine. America has a pill for everything except cure. They have a name and a doctor for every thing but No solution. All a big lie. Home school your kids if you can.

Lorraine Rea
Lorraine Rea 5pts

Why in this day and age do they have a name for everything

Ayurveda 5pts

Thanks! :) Joseph Emenike

Fiona McPike
Fiona McPike 5pts

Actually I am all set. I did 24 sessions of neurofeedback. It eliminated my symptoms and I have been off all meds for almost 3 years now. That was my path to freedom :)

Melissa Taylor Lopez
Melissa Taylor Lopez 5pts

Get EHT from Nerium. All natural brain supplement. This has been studied for 20 years out of Princeton university by Dr Jeffry Stock. If interested contact me through Facebook and I will send you some videos about EHT and how it works. I have my son on it and he has ADHD and now because of EHT is no longer in need of his medications. It will even help with Autism and much more. Healthy brain = healthy life.

Melody Fernandez
Melody Fernandez 5pts

hello po,pwd po malaman kung anu po ung three best vit para s adhd,naka free data lng po kc aq,tnx po and godbless po

Fiona McPike
Fiona McPike 5pts

If you take a magnesium supplement, you need to also take Vitamin B6. Magnesium cannot be absorbed by the body without B6. One other important supplement is zinc. I took therapuetic doses of fish oil, B6, B12, magnesium and zinc and after 5 weeks noticed a difference in symptoms.

Jennifer McNish
Jennifer McNish 5pts

another tragic cause of "ADHD" symptoms is parental alienation

Debbie Capps Downes
Debbie Capps Downes 5pts

EHT is safe for children and adults. There are several people giving it to their children with ADHD and they no longer have to take all those other pills. No more zombie from the drugs! Message me if you're interested

Ayurveda 5pts

You're welcome! :) Trio Knights