The Surprising Reason You Have Wrinkles (and it isn’t the sun)

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If you care about the way your skin is aging or if you want more youthful skin, check out one major reason we end up with wrinkles and sagging skin.  It goes by the fancy name of Glycation.

What is glycation?  It is a natural part of the aging process, but it does not have to rear its ugly head with bountiful wrinkles and droopy skin.  In fact, many people can go through their advancing  years with minor wrinkles and sagging.  They know something most people do not…Essentially, glycation is the chemical reaction that occurs when sugars in the body, attach to proteins in the body .. and we have a lot of proteins and sugar naturally flowing creating yet another feature of glycation called Advanced Glycation End Products or AGES as is so aptly named.

Science now shows that it is not just the sun that wreaks havoc with our skin, but the glucose or sugar circulating throughout our body.  Glucose is vital and a necessary fuel for our bodies.  However, if ingested in excess, is damaging over time.  The reason people with diabetes who do not monitor their sugar level suffer from so many age-related conditions is an excellent example of what can occur via chronic glucose exposure.

Glycation is essentially the caramelization of bodily tissue..yes.  It goes by another fun name as well called the ‘Browning Reaction’  Think about crispy browned potatoes on the stove or fried chicken, this browned chicken or potatoes are examples of what happens in our bodies, just slower.  Just like chicken and potatoes, we too have sugar and proteins that when they come together they create this chemical reaction.

AGES doesn’t just contribute to an aesthetic overhaul,  but more importantly to health issues such as heart disease, kidney failure and cataracts.  The heart of the issue with regard to glycation is its ability to change the shape and function of tissues in our body. For example, glycation from excess sugar can stiffen and harden arteries, simply through excess sugar circulating throughout the body.  We want flexible arteries and a flexible heart for optimal health.  All molecules in protein and fat have their own structure set in stone..however, if a minor change in the structure occurs, such as with glycation, normal functioning of the fat or protein is lost forever.

“Glycation is essentially the caramelization of bodily tissue”

What are the causes of AGES?

  • Excess sugar (in all forms)
  • Excess carbohydrate intake – all forms
  • High temperature cooking.  Yes, cooking at a high temp on the stove or grill. Think crispy, blackened foods.
  • A lack of  antioxidant rich veggies, nuts, seeds, fruits to help protect tissues
  • A lack of supplements that can help prevent oxidized cells and glycation
Dr. Lori L. Shemek
Star Expert

Dr. Lori Shemek is the best-selling author of “FIRE-UP YOUR FAT BURN! and a leading health and weight loss expert. The Huffington Post has recognized Dr. Shemek twice as one of the 'Top 16 Health and Fitness Experts' alongside such names as Dr. Oz and the Huffington Post also recognized her as one of the 'Top 35 Diet and Nutrition Experts' She is also a health expert for the ABC TV show Good Morning Texas.

Dr. Lori L. Shemek
Star Expert

Dr. Lori Shemek is the best-selling author of “FIRE-UP YOUR FAT BURN! and a leading health and weight loss expert. The Huffington Post has recognized Dr. Shemek twice as one of the 'Top 16 Health and Fitness Experts' alongside such names as Dr. Oz and the Huffington Post also recognized her as one of the 'Top 35 Diet and Nutrition Experts' She is also a health expert for the ABC TV show Good Morning Texas.

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Jackie Wright
Jackie Wright 5pts

Carnt expect God to be responsible for our wrinkles , he has enough to do X

Taryn Robertson-Smith
Taryn Robertson-Smith 5pts

All the wiping on and off of makeup and makeup in general + diet are cause of wrinkles.

Bree Camara
Bree Camara 5pts

The Philippino women are young long time but than at one time....ugh.. 5o years show up. I should know they get so many Philippinos where I live, by the thousands, sometimes i think I'm in the Pi.

Shaikh Sana Sana
Shaikh Sana Sana 5pts

Chez k liye Urdu m koi trika btaye ya dwa istrog karne k

Ester Cuervo
Ester Cuervo 5pts

The exceptions goes for most part of Asia then... Philippines is polluted and humid miss Sandra Varos. So, I'm not sure if that's sarcasm or you just have no idea..

Sandra Varos
Sandra Varos 5pts

Ayurveda it is the moisture in the Philippine air. Moisture....

Claire Bagnas
Claire Bagnas 5pts

Its not the skin ... Its all the sweating that makes our skin thin ... Do you agree????

Muhammad Fuad Kamroden
Muhammad Fuad Kamroden 5pts

Erm perhaps you have "thick skin" Ester Cuervo ...That's why you say what you say ya :-)

Ayurveda 5pts

Exceptions always exist in every case :)

Ester Cuervo
Ester Cuervo 5pts

I'm not convinced..an example: in the Philippines where I came from, people are eating fast foods all the time,and rice (carbs) 3to4times a day..And yet we still look younger than our actual ages..

Cynthia Anderson
Cynthia Anderson 5pts

One more thing to add avoid white salts they are so bad for you I just started using pink Himalayan salt I don't get swollen from adding to my foods and a small amount goes a long way!

Cynthia Anderson
Cynthia Anderson 5pts

Sumeera when I make my coffee I would apply some coconut oil to my lips and occasionally a small amount to my face I do not like face products on my skin I don't wear make up except eye concealer and eye liner and mascara ! I believe the benefits are from within I also believe eating fruit like watermelon and citrus helps with collagen ,lots of water too !

Sumeera Sumi
Sumeera Sumi 5pts

Cynthia Anderson you don't look over 50 \U0001f60a. Your skin looks like In the 20's. Thanks for sharing!

Sylvia Roux
Sylvia Roux 5pts

It's no surprise, as you get older your body change.

Cynthia Anderson
Cynthia Anderson 5pts

I just read a comment to just get over it and except wrinkles not happening when you can look as young as your daughter's

Cynthia Anderson
Cynthia Anderson 5pts

I swear by coconut oil, I am over 50 was seeing fine lines around my lips not a pleasant feature I bought organic coconut oil from costco a twin packages by the end of the first container of coconut oil, my skin is hydrated soft and supple on my cheeks I put about a table spoon of coconut oil in my coffee yes coffee I blend it till creamy I gave up creamers for ever add a little organic sugar and sprinkle cinnamon, if I want a baked treat I use coconut oil, by giving up creamers I am loosing weight also !

Sandra Sebadduka
Sandra Sebadduka 5pts

If you just eat fresh foods n get over yourselves. Everyone gets wrinkles someday, some more some less. Live right eat right n be happy!\U0001f60e

Mimi Winter
Mimi Winter 5pts

oh, just go rub a banana peel on your face...it will be fine!

Mimi Winter
Mimi Winter 5pts

i think one thing that contributed to me not having wrinkles...I don't wear make up and rarely ever have. wash your face every day, twice a day, don't wear makeup, and eat and sleep good. you'll stay looking as young as your genes will let you. I have granddaughter who's mother wrinkled real young. I told her to use a mosturizer every day...she is doing very well and it doesn't look like she will wrinkle as badly as her mother.

Mimi Winter
Mimi Winter 5pts

well, i don't look like im in my 20s..lol, but i don't look 60!

Grace Yong
Grace Yong 5pts

Yeah, I read about this before. Sugar is really bad.

Alecia Irby
Alecia Irby 5pts

I have on my forehead but im almost 41 have had 5 girls partied and I smoke. I still look young like im in my 20's maybe early 30's .... I do believe consuming water and vitamins play a BIG PART IN LOOKING YOUNG. AND IN Poor AS CAN BE But I DO STAY ON Top OF DRINKING WATER And TAKING MY VITAMINS DAILY!!!! I DONT EAT RIGHT I EAT WHAT I WANT!!!! IM ADOPTED SO I HAVE NO CLUE WHAT TO EXPECT AS I GET OLDER BUT I WILL JUST KEEP LIVING AND ENJOYING MY LIFE WITH MY GIRLS AND GRANDBABY :-):-)

Celia Latham
Celia Latham 5pts

I dont believe this I am black and black people eat a lot of sugars and carbs......Black dont crack....

Mimi Winter
Mimi Winter 5pts

i'm 60...don't have wrinkles. have smoked for 54 years, suntanned and partied till i fell over during my youth, cleaned up at 40, still don't have wrinkles. oh, and I consumed tons of sugar and carbs. ate plenty of burned food. still don't have wrinkles....MMUUUAAAHAHAHAHAHAH. they forgot to mention anything about genetics playing a part. neither of my parents were wrinkled....even my dad when he passed at 87!

Elisa Palm
Elisa Palm 5pts

Reading the explanation then Dr.Oz name was mentioned it turn me off. Thank you.

Mamen Lendinez
Mamen Lendinez 5pts

Don't worry, only eat fresh vegetables & fruits, nuts, water and do exercise

Cindy Downs
Cindy Downs 5pts

It's always about the sugar! lol I'm so addicted. Nevermind I quit smoking 7 years ago ;) Thanks for that info! I do know several people with type 2 diabetes who don't adhere well to their diets, and you can see signs of aging, and do have various medical problems. It's not worth putting ones body thru that

Jann Neiers-Squires
Jann Neiers-Squires 5pts

Sun damage is always a no no......this article is helpful...AND. AM LIKE Brenda.....wish I would have started at 15. But sun damage is sun damage and is horrid for the skin!

Suzanne Lamoureux
Suzanne Lamoureux 5pts

Ok it's too late never mind I will have my chocolate and wine then! Carry on! Laughing!

Brenda Reisman
Brenda Reisman 5pts

we are what we eat.....but we should of started when we were 15.....