The Origin of Hinduism and Yoga

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In the ancient times, when religion had not yet been invented, Yoga was only known as a spiritual process - a way of healing yourself, a sort of medication for your inner being. Yoga – it one way to look at inner engineering, available to us at all times, and brought to us only to help us reach the state of peace. Yoga can help us get rid of shallow intolerance.

The Origin Of Hinduism And Yoga

In the east, the concept of religion did not exist, or was scarce 1500 years ago. It has only become popular in the last 6 to 8 centuries. And back then, in the ancient times, when religion had not yet been invented, Yoga was only known as a spiritual process – a way of healing yourself, a sort of medication for your inner being.

Origin of Hinduism: It so happens that the practice of Yoga was born on the bank of the river Indus. People that are born within that region are referred to as Hindu; that is, after all, what the word Hindu stands for – people who originate from the region of Indus. Thus, Hindu is only their geographical and cultural identity.

Because of the fact that most of the practices regarding the inner self have taken place in that part of the world, the word Hindu has been associated with said practice, further defining it as a religion.

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Hindu way of life has been associated with Yoga practice- but Yoga is merely a way of thinking, a technology, if you will, but it is not a religion or a belief. Just because the practice of Yoga has originated from the Hindu, it doesn’t need to be associated with a sort of religion. It is wrong to identify Yoga through religion- just like it is wrong to identify an American product, for example, as a Christian product or what have you.

The Eyes of Fear

This process of labeling what we do not understand or care for, however abstract it may be, is a result of being skeptical and generally frowning upon that which is different from us and our way of life. This way, this human way of thinking has brought only trouble upon us, such as wars, fears and other illogical generalizations and dramatizations. Labeling is the result of generalization, which is a logical fallacy. It happens when we let our egos think for us.

Separating, classifying, attributing an identity to a human being, based on his beliefs is standing in the way of our evolution

The Eyes of Love

But deep down we know that fearing the different is wrong. Differences are not dangerous – they need to be celebrated. They are capable of extending our horizons so we could know a better and more fascinating world.

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Such is Yoga – it one way to look at inner engineering, available to us at all times, and brought to us only to help us reach the state of peace. It is just different from what most of us are used to, and so, we tend to treat it as an enemy. We tend to give it names and label it, when it is, in fact, a friend. If we could stop defining this friend with the help of man-made concepts (religion, race), we could benefit from it, and become better people. And if we are able to see how far Yoga can take us, we could actually rid ourselves from the shallow intolerance that sadly shadows our modern era.

CureJoy Editorial

The CureJoy Editorial team digs up credible information from multiple sources, both academic and experiential, to stitch a holistic health perspective on topics that pique our readers' interest.

CureJoy Editorial

The CureJoy Editorial team digs up credible information from multiple sources, both academic and experiential, to stitch a holistic health perspective on topics that pique our readers' interest.

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RamaKrishnan1 5pts

Yoga is part of Hinduism, one of the six Asthika Dharsana of Sanatana Dharma. It is not union of body mind and soul. There is nothing called soul in Hinduism. The right word is Atman which is Anadhi ( no beginning) unlike Soul which has a beginning. It is union of the Divine Self with the universal Supreme, a concept anathema to all Abrahamic religions. In these religions, you need an intermediary in the form of a Prophet to unite with Divine. So, honestly, if any Christians or Muslims want to practice true Yoga ( Not Asanas), then they have to leave their dogmatic bundle at home and for good. I repeat, Yoga is not union of body mind and soul, whatever that is. In fact when you meditate, you keep repeating that you are NOT the body, mind or senses. So, there is nothing called union of body, mind and soul in Yoga. Patanjali, the codifier of Yoga is considered Adi Seshan, the Serepent whom Lord Narayana rests, a very much a Hindu concept. By dissociating Yoga from it's Hindu roots, the West is appropriating a native practice and digesting it. Example, repackaging of Vipasana Yoga into "Midfullness"without giving any credit to the original source. Asanas are just one limb of Asthanga Yoga. It is meant improve the general health of humans so that they can meditate on Self in relative comfort. The final goal is awakening the kundalini from "Molathra chakra" and raise to Sakshrara Chakara when the union with the Divine Supreme takes place. Please do not write articles on subjects that you  are ignorant.

g_hk 5pts

Word Hindu is not derived from Indus. It was the fake history created by foreign agencies. Hindu is group of people following Vedic principles as mentioned in Rigveda itself. It was also quoted by sage Shatananda crores or years before. Improper and non-vedic dictionary search based method can't show the word existing in Vedas. Ref. http://veda-vijnana.blogspot.in/2016/03/blog-post.html

Boris LovesKirtan
Boris LovesKirtan 5pts

yoga means to reconnect oneself with god, yoga is not just some body exercise..it belongs to sanatana-dharma, or universal religion..Hinduism, Christianism, muslimanism these are all just eticets, wich people put on their foreheads, but in reality they are just a signs of ignorance...

Rahul K Razdan
Rahul K Razdan 5pts

Not correct, Yoga literally means union of mind, body, and soul.  It isabout connecting with yourself first.  It has nothing to do with religion, it was developed well before Hinduism evolved into a religion.  the story goes that the Nag loka gave these instructions to Patanjali and he wrote these asanas down. 

AshishPandey 5pts

@Rahul K Razdan I agree that Yoga is a union of mind, body and soul. However to remove it from its root that is Sanatana Dharma ( not hinduism as we know today ) is not correct. As far as Hinduism goes , today also it has not developed into religion as religion in western terms. Yoga is an integral part of every Sanatani Practices and it has many symbolism which other Abrahamic faith may not find in line with there religion. If we are saying that it is an integral part of Sanatana Dharma atleast we are being truthful to everyone.

Gary Brenda Patnode
Gary Brenda Patnode 5pts

I don't believe in either, as a religion but I do believe in natural support for body.

Chhabi Yadav
Chhabi Yadav 5pts

first you should good study about hinduism than.....................

Vinay Kumaar
Vinay Kumaar 5pts

"Sorry"its not to belöngs Hindunism....real bhartiya nonvedic old tradition...custom becoz old bharatiya rishi&yogies invented & cöntinueing tough practices to welfare of humankind....not to religious activities...

Mystic Hindu
Mystic Hindu 5pts

HINDUISM is very much a religion. Not just today but from the time of its inception. VEDAS were written and transferred from one generation to other, which provided knowledge about life, enlightenment and GOD. So it is a religion and Yoga too is a part of that religion. Yoga was introduced by Lord Shiva and knowledge passed to 5 noble sages. It is offered freely to the world while still being an integral part of Hindu religion.

Rahul K Razdan
Rahul K Razdan 5pts

@Mystic Hindu Hinduism is first and foremost a philosophy, it later adopted dogmatic principles which created the religion around it.  Many of the religious practices were integrated from Zoroastrianism ie the use of fire in ceremonies. Agni was first and foremost a Zoroastrian god not Hindu.  The Vedas are not religious practices they are "life" practices.  

g_hk 5pts

@Rahul K Razdan @Mystic Hindu The word Zoroastrianism itself is improper. It is Jará-Tushta, class of people went out of Bhaarata to practice the rituals prohibited in Bhaarata due to disturbance causing in natural life style and culture. They tried to win the body aging using Agni Vidya. That's why it is Jaraa tushta pradesha. 

Ashwani Garg
Ashwani Garg 5pts

Why articles proclaim that Hinduism is not a religion. A religion is a group of people with common belief, practices and a way to reach or understand God. Is it not that as per God Krishna, in Gita, practice of yoga resulted in attainment of God. It's true that practice of yoga is open to any person irrespective of his/her religion but we should not proclaim that yoga is just a way of life. It is very much a religion just like any other.

Kris Rambo
Kris Rambo 5pts

Yoga belongs to and is a part of Sanatana Dharma - which is now called Hinduism, it is developed by the great Rishis and is now offered freely to the world for others to benefit

Lu Angel
Lu Angel 5pts

I just livre yoga cobra pose my favorite.

Ann Carr
Ann Carr 5pts

Does it follow that each of us has a loving heart free of limitations and small mindedness ?

Sanatan Dharmi Anshul
Sanatan Dharmi Anshul 5pts

thousands of years ago lord shiva transmitted the knowledge of yoga to the 7 great sages , one sage went to africa , thats how yoga has been transferred to the africa

Sanatan Dharmi Anshul
Sanatan Dharmi Anshul 5pts

actually its not the truth , in rigveda some constellations are mentioned which happened 90 thousands years ago , all sumerian, egyptian civilizations were inspired from vedic civilizations, u can see 3rd eye, egyptian yoga , kundalini concepts in these civilizations which were brought from the vedic civilization

Ayurveda 5pts

That's great!:) Savitri Solanki keep practicing :)

Ayurveda 5pts

You can look for lesser expensive options if you wish to go to classes! Robin Gilbert but practising yoga at home would also be a good option! :)

Ayurveda 5pts

Agreed ! In the present day practice of yoga is healthy and beneficial! :) Krishna Markanda

Ayurveda 5pts

Abhishek Bhatnagar We agree they cannot be delinked! :)

Ayurveda 5pts

Sanjib Das and Sanatan Dharmi Anshul we agree with you! :)

Somesh Suraj
Somesh Suraj 5pts

sorry dear. Think u haven't heard about "Bodhayan" , "Aryabhatta" etc... Google it. We all owe sth to Africa but blindly saying anything isn't fair.

Krishna Markanda
Krishna Markanda 5pts

Yoga is peace therefore please let us not quarel on historical point of views!Thank you Ayurveda for the post!

Terri L Williams
Terri L Williams 5pts

The hieroglyphics clearly shows yoga poses! Yoga originated in Kemet known as Egypt today! Like all things, including mankind, YOGA came from Africa (not the real name of the continent). It amazing me how all continents have TAKEN everything from Africa and claim it as their own! Look at Greece and how the claim they started science and medicine, NO... Pythagoras and Aristotle got 'training' in Kemet and took it as their own!!! WE are the Kings & Queens of this Earth!!..

g_hk 5pts

What a joke! Greek language itself is derived from Sanskrit. Everything in this world is derived from Vedas. If you keep the name yoga to a particular place, it doesn't become yours! Everything is spread from India. Krunvanto vishwam Aaryam.

Bob Kondaveti
Bob Kondaveti 5pts

Om or Aum is the very starting point for yoga and to this universe.The sound of the universe is om .

Ramanya Dasa
Ramanya Dasa 5pts

Whit al dui respects BUT The Real Yoga is very very Old is froma different Yuga Thowsands of year Old ; You haved to provied more exactly information IF You ar talking about Yoga ; etc; The real meaning wher comes from and The Origing inThe VEDAS we heaved ALL THE INFORMATION ;

Malavika Deo
Malavika Deo 5pts

I would go further and say that people who follow Yoga are automatically believers of Hindu philosophy no matter what religion they may have been born in or choose to follow. Hindu's have never needed a man made religion.

Mithilesh Mishra
Mithilesh Mishra 5pts

Yoga connects you from yourselves this is the hindu faith otherwise it doesn't matter how much you know about texts

Rahul Singh
Rahul Singh 5pts


Abhishek Bhatnagar
Abhishek Bhatnagar 5pts

Yoga was practiced by Vedic people(Indus-Saraswati Civilisation) and they have learned this from the Hindu God Bhagwan Shiva, he is known as first Yogi ever, the creator of Yoga. Later Yoga was developed by Hindu sage Patanjali and God Krishna. Yoga definitely has Hindu roots and is Hindu. The goal of Hinduism is to attain Moksha(enlightenment) and Yoga is the mechanism, a tool, a road to attaining the Enlightenment. Of course, you don't need to be Hindu or become Hindu to get its benefit, it's open to all. But merely non-Hindus are allowed to practise it doesn't change the fact that Yoga is Hindu tradition. Hinduism and Yoga cannot be delinked.