The 5 Best Ab Workouts


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Are you still doing dozens of crunches in the hopes of getting flat, washboard abs?

Traditional crunches are old news, so let’s take your ab routine to the next level with the following 5 Best Ab Workouts. The most effective ab exercises strengthen your core on the whole; which helps prevent dreaded back pain, increases your agility and of course, makes you look good. In your new ab routine the focus is on quality over quantity. A few concentrated movements are always more effective than dozens and dozens of old fashion crunches.

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5 Best Ab Workouts


When performed correctly, a simple plank is one of the most effective ways to tighten your entire core. Proper form is key.


  • Keep your back flat and your belly button pulled in toward your spine.
  • Lie face down on mat resting on your forearms, palms flat on the floor.
  • Push off the floor, raising up onto your toes and resting on your elbows.
  • Keep your back flat, in a straight line from head to heels.
  • Tilt your pelvis and contract your abdominals to prevent your rear end from sticking up in the air or sagging in the middle.

Mountain Climbers

This vigorous variation of a standard plank improves core tightening up a notch. Angling your knees toward the opposite shoulder is a wonderful way to increase the intensity even more.


  • Place your hands wider than shoulder-width apart on the ground in a push-up position
  • Bring one knee to your chest and then back to the starting position
  • Alternate each leg quickly

Russian Twist

Nothing quite brings the burn like a properly done set of Russian Twists. By holding a medicine ball or dumbbell in your hands, the exercise becomes even more effective.


  • Sit on the floor with knees bent like in a “sit-up” position. The feet should be kept together and slightly off the floor.
  • Keep your torso straight and your back off the ground at a 45 degree angle.
  • Hold a medicine ball or dumbbell with both hands.
  • Now swing your arms from one side to another in a twisting motion, with each swing to a side counting as one repetition.
  • Move slowly for a more challenging workout.

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Reverse Crunch/Knee Tucks

All too often I see people neglect their lower abs in favor of quicker, easier exercises. The fact is that our lower abs typically need the most work, so give them the attention that they need with these Knee Tucks.


  • Start on your back, bend your knees with your feet on the floor and knees touching.
  • Extend both arms overhead on either side of your ears, palms facing up.
  • Exhale and bring your knees up towards your chest.
  • Slowly lower your hips back down to start position.

Side Plank/Side Bridges

In yet another variation of the fantastic plank, Side Bridges are much more challenging than they appear at first glance. While the focus is mainly on your waist, due to the stabilizing nature of this exercise, you’re also working your entire core on the whole.


  • Put your feet and legs together as you lie on your right side.
  • Place your right arm under your body and lift your upper body so that your right elbow is directly under your shoulder.
  • Your left hand should be resting on your left hip. From this position, slowly raise your hips from the ground until a straight line is formed from your ankles to your shoulders.
  • You can either hold the position for time or perform reps of it by slowly return to the starting position and repeating.

Diet Tips For Abs

Remember that having great looking abs actually starts from your kitchen! Even the best exercise routine in the world is fruitless if you throw away your results with sloppy eating. Keep your meals lean by avoiding processed carbs, packaged foods and fried items. Fill up on lean proteins and fresh vegetables and reward yourself with organic, seasonal fruit. That is truly lean living!

James Cipriani

For over 20 years, James has been helping individuals from all walks of life create measurable results in their physiques and performance. His on-going mission in life is to help individuals achieve a fit and healthy body, perform at their highest levels, and achieve a greater sense of energy and well-being.

James Cipriani

For over 20 years, James has been helping individuals from all walks of life create measurable results in their physiques and performance. His on-going mission in life is to help individuals achieve a fit and healthy body, perform at their highest levels, and achieve a greater sense of energy and well-being.

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PatrickHogan 5pts

I have two hip hip replacement can i do these?

JamesCipriani 5pts

@PatrickHogan without knowing where you are in your recovery and rehab process and how advance your strength and mobility is post-surgery, I can't exactly recommend everything in this article. Check with your doctor.

Frank Bowden
Frank Bowden 5pts

Abs are made in the kitchen-so I've been told - but this is good too. Situps aren't cutting the mustard. I'll try these!

JamesCipriani 5pts

That is the truest statement, Frank! Building strong abs and core takes proper exercise. Seeing them takes proper eating. One of the things I often say is "the best abs exercise is 5 sets of eating less crap!"

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Tight Abbs and Leaner& healthy body.... should be the goal

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Kengel Love
Kengel Love 5pts

Heck yeaahh. .. they've been working on me.. im learning to eat good as a habit instead of a diet..is hard very hard.. but is paying back.. I lost two pounds in just two weeks of eating good and moderate without. Yoga and hard core That's it... Thank you for your help great information and motivation.. \U0001f48b\U0001f60a\U0001f60a\U0001f48b

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I drink about 1.3 gals a day. And I don't like cold beverages. I think the video would work better.

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Once u work out the soreness it's cool 2 do abs. That first week tho make sum people tapout

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Me neither but that's why my stomach looks the way it does. I do alot of cardio but it's not enough. Maybe I should start