Ten Amazing Health Benefits of Limes

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Limes are deliciously sour fruits that are vital to many Indian recipes, and they can also add a refreshing and zesty edge to a glass of water. More importantly, however, eating limes can impact on your physical health in some substantial and fascinating ways. Read on to learn all about ten ways in which incorporating more limes into your diet could help to improve and extend your life.

1) They have antibiotic properties:

During a cholera epidemic in West Africa, it was observed that drinking lime juice seems to afford some protection against infection from cholera bacteria. A variety of studies on this topic have now been conducted, and these support the claim that lime juice can influence whether someone will contract cholera. The current hypothesis is that this protection against certain bacterial infections comes from the flavonol glycosides in limes.

2) They are good for cardiovascular health:

Firstly, limes contain potassium, and food that is high in potassium can help to keep your blood pressure within healthy limits (thereby protecting your heart). In addition, limes are a very rich source of vitamin C, and vitamin C helps to combat dangerous free radicals that promote excessive buildup of cholesterol inside the blood vessels. As a result, limes are a wonderful addition to your diet if you want to reduce your likelihood of suffering from a stroke or heart disease, and some heart disease patients have found that vitamin C is also capable of slowing the progression of their disease.

3) They can help you lose weight:

A single lime contains a mere twenty calories, and contains zero grams of fat. This means that if you enjoy the taste of limes, they are the perfect thing to eat as a snack (or as part of a snack) when you are trying to lose weight. Further, if you are trying to avoid drinking high calorie and sugary sodas, flavoring a glass of still or sparkling water with lime juice will help to satisfy your urge for a strong, refreshing flavor in a healthier way.

4) They are capable of preventing and slowing certain forms of cancer:

Limes contain compounds called limonins, which are anti-carcinogens stay in the body for over a day (which is uncommonly long compared to the duration that most anti-carcinogens persist in the body). Several studies on limonins have revealed that they can aid the human body in battling breast, lung, mouth, and rectal cancers. In addition, there is something called kaempferol in limes, and scientists have discovered that it is capable of minimizing the uncontrolled cell division that is characteristic of cancer. It is particularly strongly linked to reductions in the growth of breast cancers.

5) They can help people with indigestion and other gastric complaints:

Lime juice has the property of being very similar to the natural digestive enzymes in your body, and this means that consuming limes or drinking lime juice help your body to digest food more easily. Part of this involves relieving uncomfortable gas pains and abdominal bloating, as well as suppressing acid reflux.

6) They may help to protect you against arthritis:

Since limes contain so much vitamin C and vitamin C can help to protect the body against the damage of free radicals, limes can also help to reduce your inflammation levels. This is because free radicals are not only possible carcinogens but also capable of promoting painful, excessive inflammation. As a result, limes are a good addition your diet if you happen to suffer from arthritis or any other inflammatory disease (such as ulcerative colitis). There is also some evidence in favor of the idea that a high vitamin C intake will reduce your likelihood of ever developing any kind of arthritis, so it is worth eating plenty of limes even if you do not currently have an inflammatory disorder.

7) They can boost your immune system:

There is a link between high vitamin C consumption and a strong immune system, so if you consume a lot of limes then you may be less likely to catch irritating infections such as the cold or the flu.

8) They can sooth the pain of aching and tired feet:

If you bathe your feet in warm water that is infused with lime juice, you can find some relief from the soreness and swelling that is caused by standing or walking for long periods of the day. This can be extremely useful if you have a job that requires you to constantly be on your feet.

 9) They may be able to boost your respiratory health:

It has been claimed that limes are capable of helping to reduce asthma symptoms, but this is still a contentious claim that is not yet adequately supported by research. However, current studies do support the claim that limes can help your respiratory health by reducing the frequency and intensity of the coughs and sore throats that usually accompany cold or flu infections.

10) They can protect you against macular degeneration:

Macular degeneration is one of the main causes of sight loss in older people, but ingesting plenty of vitamin C greatly reduces your risk of developing this problem. As a result, limes are a perfect snack if you want to eat something that will help to preserve your sight.

As is obvious from the above health benefits, limes are an excellent choice if you want to increase your daily intake of fruits and vegetables. When picking limes for purchase, make sure to select ones that are bright green, look glossy, and are coated in a smooth skin.

Kerry Tombs-Harling

A registered practitioner with the National Ayurvedic Medical Association (NAMA), and is on the Standards Committee of NAMA.

Kerry Tombs-Harling

A registered practitioner with the National Ayurvedic Medical Association (NAMA), and is on the Standards Committee of NAMA.

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Rajendra Charan
Rajendra Charan 5pts

You know so much about good food and medicine Wish you well

Sam My
Sam My 5pts

هميرا Sajid right one now lol

Ritu Bajaj
Ritu Bajaj 5pts

Please direction me how to cure tonsils n throat cure without taking strong antibiotics.

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Jogi Malli 5pts

How to cure hot flashes and abdomen & legs burning problems please reply soon

Porti Rose
Porti Rose 5pts

Supposedly they balance your internal ph and that is excellent to start the morning. I have yet to read the article.

Kristen Smith
Kristen Smith 5pts

Even tough the article is about lemons. The heading says limes, so this is good news for us Donna Blundell!!! Lol

Shayna Payne
Shayna Payne 5pts

Rosemary Birch Hatten you were just talking about them :)

Maggie Russin Ketring
Maggie Russin Ketring 5pts

Finally, limes are getting the attention they deserve. I prefer them over lemons even though I use lemons a lot.

Sue Gray
Sue Gray 5pts

Knew my cosmopolitans were healthy!!!x

Kp Hegde
Kp Hegde 5pts

Limes became dear now a day

Cosmas Onyekwulune
Cosmas Onyekwulune 5pts

fantastic; but there was this saying here that lime reduces the quality of semen and makes women infertile. for that , i do not always take it though always around me. i do not know how true it is.