Weight Loss

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Top 5 Oils For Optimal Health and Weight Loss

Have you ever just picked up a bottle of vegetable oil, soy oil, canola oil or corn oil to cook with and not realizing how damaging it is to your health?  If so, those 4 oils are wreaking havoc with your health.  These oils are either processed and/or contain a[.....]

Is Leptin the Key to Weight Loss?

“Insulin” and “insulin resistance” have been the weight loss buzz words for some time now and rightfully so. Insulin is a hormone that dictates fat storage and has a host of other important functions in the body. However, leptin, a close relative to insulin, is the new “weight loss” hormone[.....]

5 Simple And Effective Ways To Cut Calories

Small changes are key to effective weight loss.  When you make simple changes, you will see a drop in weight!  It isn’t just the big changes you make..it is the small ones too that add up.  You can cut calories that will result in fat loss without counting foods, weighing foods, or[.....]

10 Handpicked Teas for Weight Loss

Star anise tea-promotes digestion. Porangaba tea-reduces appetite. Peppermint tea-helps burn calories. White tea-stimulates fat burn. Green tea-boosts metabolism and burns fat. Yerba mate-promotes HDL (good) cholesterol. Rose tea- prevents constipation. Feiyan tea-reduces fat. Oolong tea-blocks fat absorption. Puerh tea-lowers cholesterol.

5 Health Benefits Of Coconut Oil

Health Benefits Of Coconut Oil 1. Weight Loss Coconut oil contains medium-chain triglycerides that are metabolized differently than fats from other oils. These unique fats may help with weight loss. 2. Strengthen the Immune System Coconut has a special ingredient, which makes it excellent for fighting microbes, called lauric acid.[.....]

5 Health Benefits Of Chickpeas

1. Cholesterol Having elevated cholesterol levels significantly increases your risk of suffering from a stroke or heart attack. Eating soluble-rich foods like chickpeas and oatmeal can reduce your cholesterol levels naturally. 2. Diabetes Prevention Preliminary evidence suggests that the consumption of chickpeas may be beneficial for correcting dyslipidemia (when the concentration[.....]

Expert Q&A: How to Lose Weight Fast and Safely

  Curejoy talked to Emma Olliff, a  Certified Naturopathic Nutritionist , about some of the most common  weight loss & diet questions and  how to get started with a right weight loss plan.            1. I want to lose weight but have no idea where to[.....]

Here Are the Most Fact-Based Reasons Why Water Helps Weight Loss

Water acts as an appetite suppressant which helps prevent overeating, thus promoting weight reduction, it also helps boost metabolism and detoxification which eventually helps the liver metabolize fat a lot easier. But make sure you combine 8 oz of water a day with exercise, low calorie diet and sleep for best results.

Anti Obesity Day: Herbs for Weight Loss

A few herbs help improve metabolism and suppress hunger. They are: Gallium aperine - clears toxins, Garcinia cambogia - natural appetite suppressant and a weight loss supplement, Taraxacum officinalis - stimulates the digestive system and liver, Curcuma Longa - stimulated the flow of bile by breaking down dietary fat.

The top 3 women's weight loss myths

If there is one thing that is rarely affected by the economic situation in the USA, it is our love for food. Americans eat a lot, and most times, unhealthy foods, irrespective of what the White house, congress, or stock market is saying. This fact is evident in the weight[.....]

Benefits of Meditation & Yoga

Yoga, a word from the ancient Sanskrit language, is known to have two meanings: union and discipline. Yoga is all about body’s and mind’s discipline and the union of the two. Yoga is a spiritual tradition within the great cultures of Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism, all native to India. Yoga[.....]

Can Yoga Help with Weight Loss?

Obtaining a healthy, slim figure is an issue that constantly plays on the mind of many people, especially women. Most people are aware that being overweight has negative consequences for their physical health, as well as causing psychological problems, such as loss of confidence, anxiety and stress. You might think[.....]

Best Vegetables for Weight Loss

Cucumber is one of the best vegetables for weight loss as it is low in calories and contains lots of water. Broccoli contains no fat and plenty of carb. So carb is slowly released helping keep energy levels up. Beans and spinach have protein and lots of fibre. Carrots have high beta-carotene and fibre. Onions adds flavour and can be a great addition to any meal!