Weight Loss

8 Unhealthy Ways To Lose Weight Fast

Zero calorie diets deprive you of healthy fats. Drugs and pills have short term impact but side effects are harmful. Take supplementation with a balanced diet and exercise. Skipping meals or purging slows down your metabolism. Excess cardio or exercise leads to more harm than good. Smoking suppresses hunger but has long term health hazards like cancer.

Lemon Juice In The Morning Helps In Weight Loss!

Starting your day with the Morning Lemon Elixir will increase digestive enzymes, stimulate digestion, release toxins from the liver and flush away fat. To make it, use 1 cup room temperature water, juice of 1 lemon, 1 tsp Bragg’s raw apple cider vinegar, 1 tsp raw honey or couple drops of stevia and 1/2 inch of fresh ginger root or 1/4 teaspoon ground ginger.

All About Weight-Loss Post Pregnancy

For most women, that joyful time when their warm and snuggly newborn has arrived is mixed with emotions about changes in their own bodies. Many women have doubts swarming in their heads about how they can lose the weight they put on over the nine-plus months. It is known that[.....]

What You Might Gain Drinking Golden Milk?

Golden milk is a combination of turmeric and ginger along with coconut milk and/or coconut oil. Turmeric helps fight indigestion, relieves joint/muscle pain; ginger is great at fighting nausea, soothing stomachaches; coconut milk helps lower the cholesterol levels. A warm glass of turmeric milk at night helps soothe a sore throat and is an effective shield against cold/flu.

11 Reasons Why You Should Drink Water In Copper Vessels

Ayurveda talks about how water stored in a copper vessel can regulate the doshas or energies in our body, namely vata, pitta, and kapha. Studies show that water stored overnight (for atleast eight hours) in a copper vessel gets nourished with all the health benefits of copper. Here are 11[.....]

6 Amazing Health Benefits Of Wasabi

It may blow the roof of your mouth off, but wasabi is a miracle food that can make it the most useful condiment on your shelf. While the entire plant is put to different uses, the wasabi that most of us are familiar with is the pungent root. The root[.....]

20 Ayurvedic Dietary Recommendation For Weight Loss

If you’re in a battle with your weight, then chances are you’re desperate for results and have probably tried the latest weight-loss trends with disappointing, and often disheartening results. So, we put together 20 Ayurvedic dietary recommendations that can naturally and gently guide you toward holistic and healthy weight loss, without the[.....]

5 Everyday Drinks That Can Aid Weight Loss

Ice Cold Water can cause your body to burn an additional 100 calories. Diet Drinks can help curb sugar cravings without causing much damage. Although avoid completely if possible. Green Tea contains anti-oxidants that can flush out toxins and speed up metabolism. Whey protein keeps you fuller and can help burn fat and gain muscle.

25 Science-Backed Habits That Sabotage Weight Loss

Do not over-consume alcohol and junk foods on holidays. Do not misuse your cheat days or reward yourself. Count calories, don't binge and sleep well. Shun overindulgent late-night and stress-induced eating. Don’t starve yourself or keep switching diets. Avoid vegetable oil, sugar, and sugary drinks. Focus on your food while eating. Emphasize on strength building, not weight loss.

Can Yoga Help with Weight Loss?

Obtaining a healthy, slim figure is an issue that constantly plays on the mind of many people, especially women. Most people are aware that being overweight has negative consequences for their physical health, as well as causing psychological problems, such as loss of confidence, anxiety and stress. You might think[.....]

How Can Ayurveda Spark Spontaneous Weight Loss?

The effectiveness of any diet is directly related to a healthy digestive system and your dosha. Strengthening your digestion and making certain lifestyle changes according to you dosha will contribute majorly to losing weight. These few simple Ayurvedic steps will strengthen your body and spontaneously help lose weight.

3 Day Military Diet Plan - Perfect For Weight Loss

The holiday season is inevitably a desperate time that calls for desperate measures. The pressure to look your best has you looking around for miracle diets, pills, or equipment that help you shed 10 dress sizes instantly. No gimmick seems too far-fetched when it comes to losing weight. (Who knows? It[.....]

7 Low-Carb Hacks For Weight Loss

Decided to cut back on excess carbohydrates and sugar to shed pounds and flatten your belly but finding it really challenging? The good news is that when following a low-carb diet for prediabetes, diabetes, or weight loss, you can still enjoy delicious foods with some simple and tasty swaps to[.....]

Wheatgrass For Weight Loss Plus A Drink Recipe

An increasing number of people are turning to a daily shot of wheatgrass for weight loss. When taken as a part of a healthy diet and a good exercise regimen, wheatgrass helps to increase you metabolism, naturally detox, and lose weight in the process.

Tips To Reduce Stretch Marks After Weight Loss

Stretch marks (striae) are stripe-like marks on the skin which appear as a result of overstretching of the skin, due to rapid weight gain or weight loss. They also appear after pregnancy, during puberty, and in a medical condition like Cushing syndrome. Rapid weight loss especially leads to prominent stretch[.....]