Weight Loss

Ditch The Gym And Still Lose Those Pounds!

Is going to the gym something you dread or dislike? Let us face it, working out in the gym may take up more time and money than many of us can spare. Not to forget, you may simply not be up to the routine of gymming. But then, hating the[.....]

The Secrets To Keeping Your New Year Resolutions

You may have made your 2017 New Year’s resolutions or intentions and they are fading or losing their luster … fast. If you allow me, I’m guessing you have been entertaining those thoughts about how hard it is to keep motivated? You are not alone. Unfortunately, just 8% of us[.....]

Is Weight Loss Difficult During Menopause?

Cessation of menstruation is called menopause. It is a normal part of life like puberty and usually occurs naturally at an average age 51, but for some women, it can happen as early as 40 or as late as 55 years of age. According to National institute of Aging, it[.....]

Top 8 Foods That Blast Fat

Along with your exercise regime, certain foods can help you regulate your weight and lose some pounds. These 8 foods will help you lose weight much faster when taken on a regular basis.

8 True And Tried Weight Loss Strategies To Keep You Motivated And Shed Calories Effectively

As opposed to the various nutritional weight loss tips out there, here is a set of 9 successful weight loss tricks that you need to be mindful about, to lose weight constructively. 1. Visualize A Final Goal In Mind The journey may be the destination, but with weight loss, it[.....]

9 Lung Cancer Symptoms Non-Smokers Should Be Aware Of

People who do not have a history of tobacco usage usually dismiss lung cancer as a disease they are not vulnerable to. What they are unaware of is that lung cancer is the most common cancer in the world and has numerous other factors that trigger it, apart from cigarettes.[.....]

How Beneficial Is Lemon Water?

Lemon water has become a popular morning beverage, since it's been claimed to stimulate digestion, relieve constipation, and boost your mood and energy levels. However, you can also count on a cup of warm lemon water as part of your nightly bedtime routine to detox your bodies overnight and strengthen its immune system against seasonal cold and flu viruses.

Top 7 Herbs For Weight Loss

Antioxidant-rich teas like kratom, hibiscus, and green tea aid in weight loss by boosting fat metabolism, reducing water retention, and quelling your appetite. If you follow ayurveda, herbs like gymnema and damiana can help curb sugar cravings while ginseng and guggul have the potential to checkmate your high cholesterol levels, thereby giving you a slim body physique.

10 Weight Loss Mistakes Most Women Make

Almost every person who tries to lose weight ends up making some mistake or the other. Below are the 10 mistakes that one should avoid. 10 Weight Loss Mistakes 1. Focusing Only On Scale Weight The scale is not the best measure of fat loss. If you are addicted to[.....]

10 Health Benefits of Hibiscus

Hibiscus is a very common flower in India. However. Hibiscus extracts have been used for ages in Ayurveda to cure many ailments. Hibiscus extracts can be used to cure diseases naturally. In fact, hibiscus extracts are incredibly easy to get. And even if you are not ailing from any sickness,[.....]

11 Reasons Why You Should Drink Water In Copper Vessels

Ayurveda talks about how water stored in a copper vessel can regulate the doshas or energies in our body, namely vata, pitta, and kapha. Studies show that water stored overnight (for atleast eight hours) in a copper vessel gets nourished with all the health benefits of copper. Here are 11[.....]

Top 10 Foods With Omega 3 For Weight Loss

The word ‘Omega-3’ is everywhere you look and there is a good reason for that. Omega-3 fats have a very important role in our body – to reverse cellular inflammation. Additionally, this healthful fat promotes weight loss. Omega-3 fats can aid in the breakdown of fat while simultaneously reducing additional[.....]

5 Tips To A Healthy Gut And Weight Loss

Consume a diet that is high in fiber (soluble+insoluble) and which incorporates a daily dose of high quality multi-strain probiotics i.e cultured and fermented foods such as yogurt, kefir, sauerkraut, kimchi, green olives, raw cheese. Make sure to take the probiotics on an empty stomach, without chlorinated water. Slash added sugar, processed, refined foods from your diet.

10 Health Benefits Of Eating Mushrooms

There are about 14,000 species of mushroom, and only 3,000 are edible. 700 of these mushroom species are said to have medicinal properties. Here are a list of 10 reasons why you should be eating mushrooms.

8 Crucial Tips For Successful Weight Loss Maintenance

It's no secret that trying to lose weight can be a roller coaster ride. And while it feels amazing to finally reach a healthy weight, regaining lost pounds several months (or years) down the line can be a bummer. So how do you keep the pounds off once they're gone? Let's take a closer look at research for some simple ways to get smart about weight loss maintenance.