7 Healthy Habits to Improve Your Sex Life

You’ve taken a vow to have more sex with your partner. You brought out the scented candles, satin sheets, handcuff. You brought literally everything that it takes to rock your bed. But while you are at it, why not do it the right way? Here are 7 healthy habits that will[.....]

7 Things About Anxiety That Aren't Always True

There are myths about anxiety and stress we tell ourselves to get past those constant feelings of anxiousness, worry and stress. Things That Aren’t Always True The 7 myths are Everyone worries. Feeling anxious all the time is just a part of life. Once I get past this challenge/problem, I[.....]

What Are The Health Benefits Of Kissing?

Curejoy Expert Gina Hodge Explains: The Health Benefits of Kissing Generally, when it comes to kissing, medically, you will probably think of it as a means to share germs, unhygienic act but obviously it is romantic too. However, kissing has a lot to offer to your health condition, provided both[.....]

6 Signs Your Body Is Under Heavy Stress

Can you remember the last time you were completely stress-free? Chances are you won’t be able to. Given how fast-paced life has become today, even kindergartners have started to look worn out – those ABCs and simple additions won’t learn by themselves now, will they? Each time you are stressed[.....]

Causes Of Irregular Periods And Ways To Restore Periods Naturally

Menstrual cycle can be absent due to hormonal imbalances, nutritional deficiency, estrogen imbalance, thyroid issues, premature ovarian failure, or menopause. You can restore your menstrual cycle by maintaining a healthy weight, exercising regularly, reducing stress, applying warm castor oil on abdomen. Herbs like alfalfa, black cohosh root, shatavari also help.

Are Lifestyle Habits To Blame For Poor Vaginal Health?

Use only cotton underwear and avoid inner garments made of synthetic material. Avoid waxing or shaving pubic hair, this risks a very sensitive region to several ailments. Avoid strong smelling foods like garlic and asparagus and foods high on sugar. This makes you prone to yeast infections. Also avoid smoking, alcohol and stress.

5 Reasons You May Be Struggling To Lose Weight

When under stress, your body goes into preservation mode, storing fat instead of burning it. Stress hormone - Adrenalin spikes blood sugar levels triggering insulin production that leads to fat storage. Constant stress keeps you always in 'fight or flight' mode and blocks the 'rest and digest' system functions. Negative emotions cause unmindful binging, leading to obesity.

5 Hard Rules About Erectile Dysfunction You Need To Know

The truth about erectile dysfunction is hidden in your diet and lifestyle. Are you having a hard time keeping it hard? If yes, you have arrived to the right spot. Here are the root causes of your problem: 1. Smoking Smoking leads to erectile dysfunction through atherosclerosis. It’s the buildup[.....]

10 Positive Affirmations That Can Help You Release Stress And Become A Calmer Person

Stress may seem like an integral part of your everyday life and routine. However, stress is hindering you from being healthy and relaxed, which are not just a couple of desirable qualities but what your normal state of being actually is. The first step to releasing stress, especially habituated stress[.....]

Top 4 Causes Of Menopausal Weight Gain

Chronic stress increases cortisol levels. Toxins disrupt your liver and digestive tract, and increase inflammation. Loss of sleep increases levels of leptin and ghrelin - hormones that help regulate your appetite and weight. The above factors, along with excess estrogen and impaired thyroid function, are common during menopause and can lead to increased fat storage and weight gain.

6 Benefits Of Doodling

Doodling isn’t just for kids. Adults can actually benefit from this simple activity! It can transform your quality of life for the better. Here are six awesome reasons why you should doodle more. 6 Benefits Of Doodling 1. Stress Relief Doodling is therapeutic and can give you a break from[.....]

7 Do’s And Don’t’s For Sleeping When You’re Pregnant

Forget about stretch marks and melasma, one of the worst ways pregnancy can affect you is by ruining your precious sleep. Unless you’ve known the discomfort of trying to get comfortable with a heavy bump in your stomach, constant back pains and an urge to pee every ten minutes, you[.....]

Positive Habits That Will Change Your Life

Do you feel like your life needs a pick-me-up? Try changing your lifestyle habits. It can really turn things around. Start with these 11 habits that can transform your life. 1. Get Enough Sleep Getting 7 to 9 hours of sleep each night will make you feel amazing.1 It will[.....]

Symptoms Of Adrenal Fatigue

Excessive, unexplained tiredness as increased cortisol levels keep the body in a continued alert state. Excessive sugar/salt cravings due to lowered blood sugar and increased elimination of salts in urine. Heightened energy in the evenings due to high cortisol levels. Difficulty in handling stress. More prone to infections due to lowered immunity. Imbalanced hormones.

Kick These 6 Habits To Keep Your Sperm Healthy

Avoid working with the lappy perched on your lap (esp. when connected to wi-fi) for prolonged periods. Quit smoking and cut back on alcohol consumption; make your peace with a spritzer/lemonade for a while. Limit your intake of processed meats and carbs, tank up on fresh fruits and veggies instead. Avoid stress and indulge in meditation to help counter it.