5 Extremely Weird Things That Happen To You When You Run

Is running your favorite exercise? Running makes you think better, smarter, and more energized. But nobody talks about the weird things that happens to you when you’re running. Here, get yourself prepped to see the weirdest and most awkward things that happen to your body when you’re running 1. Chafing[.....]

8 Things You Need To Know Before You Sign Up For A Marathon

Being part of a marathon run is as fulfilling as it sounds. There is nothing better than signing up for a marathon if you want to test your limits, support a good cause, or just love running. But if this is your first time, here are 8 tips to keep[.....]

Sean’s Full Yoga For Runners And Athletes Flow

Yoga gives you stress relief, flexibility, recovery, and healing. It helps you build balanced and aligned strength throughout your body, increases flexibility and blood flow and is very effective to practice when injured.

8 Yoga Poses You Can Do In 8 Minutes To Relieve Back Pain

A weak back can deny you even the littlest pleasures in life like lifting your child up and throwing him in the air or sneezing in peace (yes!). You never know when a back ache, muscle pull or even worse, a back spasm will creep up on you next. There[.....]

How To Keep Up Running Fitness When It Is Cold Outside

When the weather turns colder, it can be so tempting to just curl up in front of a fire, and forget about your year-round running goals. But running fitness does not have to take a winter hiatus, even if outdoor running does not appeal to you. The kind of cardiovascular[.....]

5 Step Guide To Help You Survive The Marathon Called Childbirth

Getting to hold your baby after its birth is a wonderful thing. No way is it selfish if you have a birth plan prepared before to help you through the labor and the childbirth. Here’s a five-step labor and birth guide to get you through your D-day. This guide is[.....]

First-Time Parents? Here's A Heads Up!

Now that you and your partner have come to realize the number of changes that are going to come upon you, the responsibilities that will be unleashed once baby has arrived and the hot-mess that mommy will be from time to time, it’s quite natural to feel anxious and a[.....]

10 Tips for Beginning Marathoners

26.2 miles or 42.1 kilometers are not numbers you toy with when it comes to running. Your body must be conditioned to endure the physical and mental stress that is part and parcel of the charity-driven trend of running marathons. While you may get tugged along by friends, colleagues, or[.....]

Nursing Baby While Running A Marathon, Taking Multitasking To A Whole New Level!

If there is anything that you learn from being parents it’s the ability to multitask, but then you hear these stories where mothers have taken it to the next level. Meet Emily Sabato who ran a marathon at just nine and half months postpartum. While this is crazy enough, she[.....]

How To Meditate While Running

Athletes are highly benefited by mindfulness meditation. By new training methods, athletes consciously create the flow experience at will. Mindfulness meditation teaches to run with ease. When the attention is turned inward, comparing performance stops and stress is reduced. Mindfulness will help you monitor your breath, body, emotions, and thought. It also keeps them in sync.

Best Tips To Get Through Finals Without Prescription Drugs

We have all been there: It is nearly 2 o’clock in the morning and we are on our fourth coffee of the night or downing one more of those “upbeat” little pills. We are hours deep in study guides, highlighted book notes and practice quizzes, and not feeling very good.[.....]

Yoga And Sports Performance: A Boost for Better Results

Whether you enjoy waking up with yoga every day or an occasional class here and there, the benefits of yoga will help enhance your performance in sports.

How To Rest And Recover After A Marathon?

Road to complete recovery after a marathon is difficult but possible by following both short-term and long-term recovery methods. Do not stop running soon after the marathon, take an ice bath and get into some compression wear before you prepare for a long and sound sleep soon after the marathon. Replenish your body with antioxidant-rich food and enroll in an aerobics class till you recover completely.

Treadmill Tips To Burn Fat

High intensity interval training is a workout where you work hard for a certain amount of time (usually between 10-50 seconds), then have a period of rest before working hard again. HIIT workouts are lots of fun and are proven to burn fat more effectively than regular steady-state cardio. Follow the treadmill tips from the fitness video and burn fat more efficiently.

10 Halloween Costume Ideas For Mommy-To- Be

We suggest you go out trick-or- treating with your partner and kids or go to that party your friends are hosting. Now you have every reason to dress up in wackiest costumes and shun the pregnancy preachers. Things You Need To Remember Before you DIY: 1. Buy only non-toxic paint[.....]