Red Wine

How To Lower Cholesterol Naturally?

Freshly squeezed orange juice can lower cholesterol. Herbal tea with peppers, ginger, honey, and lukewarm water is good. Ginger, grapes, red yeast, oatmeal, red wine can help reduce cholesterol. Chromium helps maintain blood sugar level through proper utilization of insulin. Exercise is important to lower cholesterol and eat several small meals a day.

7 Foods That Work Better Than Viagra For Her

When it comes to sex, is one round of a steamy and raunchy sex a month worth risking your health for? That’s the question women have when they consider picking female viagra that boosts female libido. FDA does not approve of these drugs which come with tons of health risks.[.....]

A New Study Says A Glass Of Red Wine Is Equivalent To An Hour At The Gym

Lovers of red wine can rejoice now as a new research has observed how downing this “bottled poetry” can help you burn equivalent to an hour spent in the gym. A study conducted by the University of Alberta, Canada has concluded that red wine contains a compound named resveratrol, which[.....]

Purify Blood Naturally With Garlic Juice (Recipe)

Garlic Juice Recipe Ingredients: 12 garlic cloves 17 oz/ 1/2 liter of red wine Preparation: Cut 12 garlic cloves into quarters and put them in a jar. Add 1/2 litre of red wine. Close the jar and keep it near the window, exposed to direct sunlight, for two weeks. Shake[.....]

What Are The Best Ways To Raise Your HDL Cholesterol Levels?

By exercising regularly, cutting your sugar intake and quitting cigarettes, you can increase your HDL cholesterol levels by 5-10%. HDL boosting foods include oatmeal, walnuts, almonds, flax seeds and fatty fish. Men can consume 1-2 glasses of red wine daily while women can consume one. Drink 750ml orange juice daily to increase HDL cholesterol levels by 21%.

How Does Red Wine Benefit Your Skin?

Red wine, when applied topically on your face, helps reduce fine lines, wrinkles, treat acne, and lighten skin pigmentation. To do a facial at home with red wine, mix and apply 1 beaten egg, 5t red wine, and 2t honey. For anti-aging effects add in rose hips and strawberries. You can also make a gentle exfoliating scrub by mixing 2-3t of red wine with some oatmeal.

10 Natural Blood Thinners For A Healthy Heart

If you have a heart condition, doctor might prescribe blood thinners to prevent the formation of blood clots. However, several everyday foods including garlic, ginger, fish, red wine, beetroot, tomatoes, dark chocolate, onion, grapes, vit E have potential as natural blood thinners and can inhibit platelet aggregation, thus lowering your risk of heart attack or stroke.

Protective Effects Of Resveratrol To Combat High-Fat Diets

The detriment of a high-fat diet reaches far beyond the observational changes in body composition and extends into suppressed immune function and bodily inflammation. Studies suggest that resveratrol--found in red wine, grape seed oil, peanuts, berries--can help combat the negative effects of high-fat diets by inhibiting oxidative damage and preventing cellular death.

Effects Of Drinking Alcohol On Your Brain

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6 Foods Which Kill Cancer Cells In Your Body

In a world, where almost everything can cause cancer, your only solace is to minimize the risks through avoiding or eating certain kinds of food. These 6 foods are not only delicious, but are loaded with vital nutrients to add to your good health: 1. Red Wine High with resveratol,[.....]

8 Best Anti-Aging Foods

Let’s face it: no one wants to age. Unfortunately, it’s inevitable. But at what rate are you aging? Here are 8 of the most anti-aging foods. Make these the core of your beauty ritual! 1. Berries Who doesn’t love berries? Berries are also super rich in antioxidants, which promote cell[.....]

8 Aphrodisiac Foods To Boost Your Libido

There are foods that boost energy, sharpen memory, and even fight flab. But these aphrodisiac snacks serve a sexier purpose. They will improve your sex life! Here, 8 foods to rev up your sex life! 1. Asparagus And Avocados The vitamin E in these green eats helps your body churn[.....]

Can Your Love Of Wine Help You Lose Weight?

Red wine has always cropped up in features and research studies over the years for its possible health benefits. You’ve probably had a wine-loving friend extol the virtues of a glass or two, to keep up the health of your heart. But now, as some new studies seem to indicate, red wine might even help you knock off some extra pounds. So how much of this is fact, and how much is wishful thinking?

12 Delicious Foods You Should Be Eating For Better Skin

No matter your age, you probably have a hard time keeping your skin clear and glowing. Have no fear, because have a list of healthy foods for you! Healthy food has a lot of benefits. Here is a list of 15 delicious foods that you can eat to get your[.....]

One More Reason To Love Chocolates, Flowers And Wine - Good Health!

Even a small square of dark chocolate a day, supports cardiovascular health, normalizes blood pressure and reduces cravings for sweet, salty and fatty foods. Rose offers many aromatherapy benefits from boosting mood to soothing dry, irritated skin. Red wine contains resveratrol that supports healthy heart and cognitive function, along with anti-aging properties.