7 Delicious And Healthy Office Snacks You'll Love

Eating healthy shouldn’t stop at home. You should try to eat well when you’re at work, too. But when you’re in a rush, fast food and take out can seem tempting. And once you get to the office? There are phone calls to make, papers to file, and meetings to[.....]

What Are The Health Benefits Of Kombucha Tea?

Kombucha is believed to have miraculous healing properties. It's traditionally a home-brewed tea, but commercial productions are increasingly popular today. It can help improve disorders such as gastric ulceration, UTIs, cancer, heart and liver disease. However, research recommends caution in consuming kombucha as occasional side effects have been reported.

Bank On Foods That Burn Belly Fat

If extra fat around your middle has been bothering you every time you look into the mirror, you have good reason to be worried. Stomach fat is associated with inflammation, high cholesterol, stroke, heart disease, and diabetes.1In fact, even if you are not overweight, that ring of belly fat can[.....]

8 Best Foods For Eczema

Eczema affects over 30 million Americans to varying degrees. If you’re looking for ways to calm sore skin, soothe symptoms, or prevent a flare up, certain foods can be therapeutic. From sipping on oolong tea, green tea, or even a herbal brew of Centella asiatica; to eating everyday larder ingredients like pineapple and citrus fruit or berries; and even probiotics like fermented foods or yogurt; diet can play a more important role than you’d think.

Amazing Home Remedies For Dry Feet

Limit the time you spend in the shower and use warm rather than hot water for washing your feet. Use a pumice stone, natural exfoliants like yogurt to slough off dead skin. After washing the feet, pat dry and slather on some petroleum jelly, sesame or coconut oil, honey, or shea butter to help seal in the moisture. Or try rubbing pure mashed avocado into cracked heels.

7 Foods For Healthier, Happier Living

If single foods could end frequent allergy woes or make everyone slim and happy, grocery stores would have to ward off a massive amount of desperate shoppers on a daily basis. While we (thankfully) haven’t reached that point yet, science promises to bring a chain of food and nutrients that[.....]

7 Delicious And Healthy Office Snacks You'll Love

Eating healthy shouldn’t stop at home. You should try to eat well when you’re at work, too. But when you’re in a rush, fast food and take out can seem tempting. And once you get to the office? There are phone calls to make, papers to file, and meetings to[.....]

How To Treat Bronchitis During Pregnancy

Make sure to drink plenty of fluids (think warm honey-lemon water, turmeric milk, or ginger tea!) to help thin out mucus and clear chest congestion. Equally beneficial can be all natural remedies like gargling with salt water, consuming probiotics, steam inhalation. Turn the humidifier on at night and sleep with it running to ensure a sound sleep and a good night's rest.

Vaginal Swelling: Causes, Treatments, And Preventive Care Tips

Vaginitis or swelling and soreness of the vaginal region is often caused by an infection with bacteria or yeast, STDs, or irritation from spermicides, douches or vaginal sprays. It can be avoided with the right preventive care to keep the area clean by changing undergarments often, washing up properly after using the toilet, or using barrier protection during intercourse.

5 Fantastic Health Benefits Of Pickles

Pickles not only add a lovely burst of freshness, sour-sweet flavor to your meal, they also offer many health benefits. Considered a good source of probiotics, antioxidants, both pickle and pickle juice (which is often tossed out!), can help relieve nausea, morning sickness, and muscle cramping as well. Clearly, pickles can pack quite a punch - as long as you don't overdo it!

How To Heal A Burnt Tongue

For a quick fix, try sucking on an ice cube or licking a popsicle. A mouth rinse with ice cold water or simply eating a spoonful of yogurt or honey may help too. To help the pain subside, sprinkle a pinch of sugar onto the burnt area and let it dissolve or apply a little aloe vera gel straight from the plant. Be sure to avoid any acidic or salty foods that can irritate a burn further.

Healthy Substitutes For Vegetable Oil

If you think that getting rid of cholesterol-laden animal fats or lard will protect you from heart disease, think again! Loading up on vegetable oils isn't such a great idea either. While extra virgin olive and coconut oil make great swaps for traditional go-to oils, all natural applesauce, Greek yogurt, ripe bananas, black beans can help substitute oils in baked goods.

13 Potassium-Rich Foods That Are Super Healthy

Your body needs large amounts of potassium – 4,700 mg a day – for the heart, bones, and digestion. Bananas aren't the only source of this nutrient. Apricots, prunes, and avocado are richer in potassium, and a mere 3 oz serving of tuna can meet 10% of your potassium requirement. Veggies like white and sweet potatoes are not far behind. If you like legumes, eat kidney beans and soy beans on alternate days.

Foods Containing Vitamin B12: Meat And Non-Meat Foods

Pivotal to a stronger immune system and improved nerve function, vitamin B12 is found naturally only in foods of animal origin – shellfish like oysters and clams; red meat; beef, pork, and chicken liver; fish like mackerel, herring, and tuna; and goose, duck, and chicken eggs. If you're a vegetarian, the only reliable non-meat sources are silken tofu, Swiss cheese, milk, and yogurt. Make sure you have at least 6 mcg a day. Vegan sources of vitamin B12 include bran flakes and fortified yeast extract. If you are above 50, consider taking 100–400 mcg supplement.

How To Make Coconut Oil At Home

Using a sharp knife scrape the meat of the brown coconut from the shell. Cut it into small pieces; blend on high (add 1.5c water for every 1c coconut) until well shredded. Filter the coconut milk in a wide-mouthed jar using a coffee filter or cheesecloth. Refrigerate for next 24hrs. Scoop out the curd and discard it. Use the oil below. It takes about 10 coconuts to make 1l oil!