4 Ways To Prevent Constipation During Pregnancy

All pregnant women have their own happy moments to share about pregnancy- the fun they had and the special care they enjoyed for the nine months. But, about the troubles they had, they will speak in one single voice- heartburn, constipation, back pain and muscle cramps. Among these, constipation is[.....]

Flaxseed Benefits Skin Better Than An Expensive Cream

Did you just spend hundreds of dollars for yet another all-in-one skin product? We understand. It’s difficult not to fall for these pitches. The salesperson claims the product to be a holy grail of skin creams. It could solve wrinkles, dull skin, age spots, and even time travel to get[.....]

Ditch The Gym And Still Lose Those Pounds!

Is going to the gym something you dread or dislike? Let us face it, working out in the gym may take up more time and money than many of us can spare. Not to forget, you may simply not be up to the routine of gymming. But then, hating the[.....]

3 Things All Women Should Know To Maintain A Healthy Weight

Today, January 23rd, is Women’s Healthy Weight Day. If healthy eating and losing the extra weight seems impossible, you might just need a re-frame to turn your thoughts around. Healthy weight loss is the result of a conscious choice to make eating a balanced diet a priority. It’s about honoring[.....]

Gluten Free Snacks For Kids

Apple Sauce Banana Spice Bread: Preheat oven to 350°F. In a bowl, whisk in 2 mashed bananas, 1c unsweetened applesauce, 1/2c honey, 2t vanilla extract, 2 eggs until creamy. Add and mix 2c brown rice flour, 2T arrowroot powder, 1.5t baking powder, 1/2t baking soda, 1T cinnamon, 1/4t nutmeg. Pour the mix into greased loaf pan; bake for 40 mins. Serve after it cools.

6 Stellar Health Benefits Of Beets

With its arsenal of nutrients and antioxidants, beetroots are a powerhouse of un-beet-able goodness! They can help protect you from the ravaging effects of free radicals, thus lowering your risk of chronic diseases like cancer, arthritis. Beets can also be a powerful ally when it comes to managing blood pressure and even boosting performance levels if you're into sports.

The Pineapple Diet: Is It Healthy?

A pineapple detox is not all it is cut out to be. As part of a balanced food plan, these tropical fruits are a good digestive aid and can help burn fat. But on the flip side, they are high in sugar, may cause acidity, can stoke your appetite, and also lack vital nutrients like protein, iron, and zinc. Thus, a pineapple-only diet may actually do you more harm than good!

6 Natural Fat Burners And Energy Boosters

Multiple herbs act like natural fat burners and energy-boosting sources. However, before we dive into the numerous benefits of these herbs, I’m going to start with a warning: There Is NO Magic Pill There’s a multi-billion dollar industry built on the premise that you’re going to find a magic pill.[.....]

Post-Workout Eating Mistakes People Make

Your eating habits matter a lot if you are trying to lose weight or gain muscle. A major of your gains come from what you eat and how you eat. If you workout for hours regularly but end up having an unbalanced meal or eating pattern, it all goes to[.....]

5 Risky Side Effects Of Whey Protein

Whey protein is the most common and well-known protein supplement that bodybuilders or even people who hit the gym regularly take. They believe that whey protein is a perfect supplement of protein for the body. But, contrary to what you may have heard, whey protein composed of a collection of[.....]

6 Pieces Of Advice To Avoid Weight Gain As You Age

As you age, it is natural to gain some extra pounds, especially around your middle. But opposed to what many of you may think, age is not the sole factor that accelerates your weight gain- it has got a lot to do with your lifestyle and preferences. Here are 6[.....]

Can Meditation Help You Stick To Your Diet?

We all diet for different reasons. Some of us want to look better and some of us want to feel better. There’s nothing wrong with using both of these reasons to create the motivation for a successful diet. From time to time, I will diet, particularly after the holidays when[.....]

Does Exercise Really Help You Lose Weight?

When you put on weight, the first thing that comes to mind is exercise. You feel that if you workout, you will definitely lose all your flab, and you do not have to worry about anything else you do during the day. Well, studies have shown that exercise alone will[.....]

Why Do You Have Stomach Pain After Eating?

Stomach pain can make mealtimes a real downer! Often, underlying conditions like food allergies, infections, or intolerance (gluten or lactose) could lie at the root of your pain and can cause your stomach to hurt after a meal. Other possible triggers could be even more chronic conditions like gastroesophageal reflux disease, irritable bowel syndrome, or ulcers.

How Many Calories Are There In A Banana?

With 72 to 135 kcal in each fruit, a banana can double as a filling snack. The humble banana is packed with fiber and nutrients such as magnesium, calcium, potassium, and B6 that can improve the health of your gut, heart, and bones. It can even help with blood pressure and glucose regulation. Go easy on the fruit if you have diabetes or kidney disease, though.