What Are The Best Non-Meat Sources Of Vitamin B12?

Vegetarians are at a higher risk of vit B12 deficiency as it is found in animal sources and not in plants. Vitamin B12 plays an essential part in red blood cell formation, neurological functions, and DNA synthesis. For vegans, it is best to opt for fortified foods such as breakfast cereals and soy products, milk, egg, cheese, and some sea vegetables, apart from supplements.

Weight-Loss Tips For Women Over 40

Maintaining the ideal weight becomes difficult due to the body’s reducing metabolism with age. The excess weight also consequently makes you susceptible to different diseases. Incorporate these few tips every day to help lose those extra pounds and keep you healthy.

Best Anti-Cancer Foods To Include In Your Diet Today!

Fighting cancer with food is possible provided you have the right ones by your side. Your best bet is to opt for fruits and veggies that are bright red, blue, and purple in color (think berries, plums, eggplant, tomatoes, grapes, figs!). Equally beneficial are nuts and seeds, whole grains, probiotics, and anti inflammatory herbs and spices such as rosemary, oregano, turmeric.

Is There A Link Between Nutrition and Autoimmune Disease?

Should you follow a Paleo gluten-free diet or a vegan diet? Should you take omega-3 or turmeric supplements to fight inflammation? Millions of people in the United States who suffer from autoimmune diseases face these questions every day. The Internet is teeming with books, websites, and blogs offering advice on[.....]

6 Unconventional Diet Tips For Weight Loss Success

Avoid starting with a crash diet or with something that didn't work the last time you tried. Your diet should improve digestion, ease inflammation, reduce stress and be nutrient-rich to curb the body's tendency to store fat. Focus on healing. Lose weight slowly and steadily. Accept and address the emotional reasons that are causing you to turn to food for comfort.

10 Simple, Quick Lunches To Pack Your Kids For School

Life was so much easier when your little ones were just babies and you could feed them whatever you wanted, without hearing complaints about your cooking or presentation skills. Once your children start going to school, the never ending nightmare of packed lunches begin. You have to focus on the[.....]

Do I Lose Vital Nutrition Through Masturbation?

In Ayurveda, nutrition consists of 4 things: The sensual objects we perceive; Our actions, thoughts, and feelings; The environment around us; Dietary range. Once energy is expended, through any channel our bodies and minds start metabolizing again, and if our “diet” of the four above is wholesome and plentiful, we will be able to regenerate our energy.

Vitamin B12: How Do Vegans Get It?

If you're a meat eater, you have it easy. Your options of vitamin B12 sources in food come down drastically if you turn down animal products. Needless to say, vegans have the least number of options. The outer skin of white button mushroom and Korean purple laver or nori have been found to carry traces of vitamin B12. There are also options in fortified foods like cereals, rice, malt and cocoa-based milk for the B12 fix.

Herbs to Lower Cholesterol: Six Best Supplements

Alfalfa-blocks absorption of bad cholesterol, prevents plaque build-up. Garlic-lowers bad cholesterol, elevates good cholesterol. Hawthorn leaf-reduces inflammation. Evening Primrose Oil- helps produce PFE1 that fights inflammation and high cholesterol. Green tea- lowers bad cholesterol. Glucomannan-lowers triglyceride levels, aids weight loss.

What To Eat Before Or After A Workout

Implement these pre and post-workout nutrition tips in your current regimen to boost your energy levels and fuel up the right way.

2 Natural Supplements Slash Heart Disease By 50%

A recent study from Sweden suggests that a synergistic combination of CoQ10, selenium supplements may slash heart-failure related mortality risks by ~50%. The credit goes to their high antioxidant levels that helps protect the damaged tissues by reducing oxidative stress and improving cell-efficiency. Natural food sources include whole grains, fish, nuts, and seeds.

Simple Diet Tips To Get A Flat Stomach

Are you tired of letting your belly fat make your clothing choices? Here are a few diet tips for your tummy to go from flabby to flat.

Dealing With The Irritable Bowel Syndrome

IBS is a variety of symptoms that, if the cause is not found, can cause diverticulitis or inflammatory bowel disease. But most of these symptoms can be managed with a tweak to your diet and lifestyle. Know what the symptoms are and how you can treat them.

12 Signs Your Blood Sugar Is Out Of Whack

Your waist is larger than your hips. You find it difficult to lose weight. You crave sweets. You feel better after you eat. You get irritable if you miss a meal.You cry for no reason. You feel a bit spacey and disconnected. You get anxious for no reason. You wake up frequently during the night. You feel hungry all the time. You get sleepy in the afternoon.

Check Out The Transformations Of 16 Couples Who Lost Weight Together

Losing even a little of that stubborn flab is a difficult job to do, besides needing a lot of hard-work, resilience, discipline, motivation, and patience before you see any difference at all. But what if you and your loving partner tag team to make sure you lose that weight together[.....]