What To Eat Before Or After A Workout

Implement these pre and post-workout nutrition tips in your current regimen to boost your energy levels and fuel up the right way.

What Are The Benefits Of Eating Bitter Gourd?

Curejoy Expert Dr.Janardhana Hebbar Explains: Bitter gourd is a type of melon-fruit which is very low in calories. It’s packed with vitamins like B1, B2, B3, C, Magnesium, folate, zinc, phosphorus, iron, manganese and has high dietary fiber. It contains 2x beta-carotene of broccoli, 2x the calcium of spinach and[.....]

12 Signs Your Blood Sugar Is Out Of Whack

Your waist is larger than your hips. You find it difficult to lose weight. You crave sweets. You feel better after you eat. You get irritable if you miss a meal.You cry for no reason. You feel a bit spacey and disconnected. You get anxious for no reason. You wake up frequently during the night. You feel hungry all the time. You get sleepy in the afternoon.

Tricks To Reverse Diabetes Your Doctor Won't Tell

November is American Diabetes Month, and I am happily writing this article to help teach others that this dis-ease can be completely healed without daily shots of insulin and pharmaceuticals. And pretty easily, too! My father reversed diabetes almost a decade ago, and I am living proof that our diet[.....]

Restore Your Hormonal Balance For Fat Loss

If your weight-loss plans seem to be able to make no headway against the weighing scales, no matter how careful you are about your diet and exercise, your endocrine system could be the problem. Do you know that the balance of sex hormones doesn’t just regulate your libido but could impact your waistline too? Or that a stress hormone could bring on weight gain? With some simple fixes, you could actually balance your hormones and watch the fat melt away.

7 Herbs and Foods for Lowering Blood Glucose Naturally

A number of people are either diabetic or pre-diabetic. They need to control their blood sugar level. And people are learning that nature has the answers, and in this case the answer lies in herbs and spices. Here are 7 amazing herbs and foods for lowering blood glucose naturally and much more. 1. Bitter[.....]

10 Amazing Health Benefits Of Aloe Vera Juice

Aloe vera also known as the First Aid plant has innumerable properties that help keep the body healthy both internally and externally. Here are some benefits of consuming aloe vera juice.

5 Reasons You May Be Struggling To Lose Weight

When under stress, your body goes into preservation mode, storing fat instead of burning it. Stress hormone - Adrenalin spikes blood sugar levels triggering insulin production that leads to fat storage. Constant stress keeps you always in 'fight or flight' mode and blocks the 'rest and digest' system functions. Negative emotions cause unmindful binging, leading to obesity.

Why Should You Be Eating With Your Hands, As Per Ayurveda

Eating with cutlery is considered convenient, clean, classy, and hygienic in the present world. However, eating with hands has more benefits as per Ayurveda. Many cultures eat with their hands and have shown better digestive health. Mentioned below are the benefits of eating with your hands according to Ayurveda. Benefits[.....]

Okra Water Remedy to Reduce Diabetes

Okra, also known as “lady’s fingers” and “gumbo,” is a green flowering plant. Okra packs a potassium punch, has many vitamins and minerals and is nearly calorie-free. And guess what? Drinking water in which okra has been soaked overnight will make diabetes go away. Don’t believe us? Read more and find[.....]

Top 11 Power Foods for Diabetes

Can controlling your blood sugar and preventing diabetes complications be as simple as eating the right foods? Yes. What you eat can help you control and fight your diabetes. These 11 foods will give you an extra edge against diabetes and its complications. 1. Kale Kale is a source of lutein, a carotenoid that[.....]

The 12 Best Foods To Eat In The Morning

Breakfast is said to be the most important meal of the day, but what’s more important is what you have for it. Although that greasy bacon, maple-syrup soaked pancakes are just delicious, that excess sugar and fat will make you as ready as a sloth for the day ahead. So,[.....]

How To Reset Your Hormones To Fight Hair Fall

Optimize your vit D levels using safe methods like sun exposure, eating fish or fortified foods that are rich in the nutrient. Get your vit B12 levels to a healthy range by switching to whole grain foods. Stock-up on anti-estrogenic foods like berries, flaxseeds, ginger, broccoli. Exercise regularly; use yoga/meditation to manage stress better. Try ayurvedic remedies like ashwagandha or triphala.

10 Habits That Can Damage Your Kidneys

An estimated 20 million Americans are believed to have kidney disease, with thousands more potentially at risk for developing kidney problems.1 Kidney damage doesn’t usually happen overnight. It is a steady process that occurs over several years as a result of some poor lifestyle choices and improper management of other[.....]

Health Benefits Of Wood Apple

The wood apple (Limonia acidissima) is called by other names like elephant apple and monkey fruit. The shell is tough and contains a brownish pulp and small white seeds. The pulp can be eaten raw, scooped out and frozen into ice cream, or made into jam. It can also be[.....]