10 Illnesses That Can Cause Extreme Fatigue

It’s normal to feel tired once in a while. Life can be get pretty crazy, after all. But if you’re always feeling bogged down, there might be something else going on. An underlying condition may be the blame, so it’s important to pay attention to other symptoms. 10 Possible Diseases[.....]

5 Health Benefits Of Superfood Teff

Teff is the new superfood for the health-conscious people. Cultivated in Ethiopia, the poppy seed-sized grain is nutrient dense and gluten-free. It is used commonly in the flatbread injera, a national dish in Ethiopia. However, its popularity has now crossed the borders of Ethiopia. For many, it has become a[.....]

Seamless Advantages Of Diabetic Socks

Diabetic socks can help reduce the risk of foot infections diabetics are usually prone to. These socks have features like extra padding to relieve the pressure on the feet, helping prevent ulcers. They tend to be seamless so chafing is reduced. Many also use fibers that offer antimicrobial protection. They can also reduce pain and wick away moisture, keeping your feet dry and even warm.

Top 10 Amazing Benefits And Uses Of Oolong Tea

Originally from China, Oolong tea is manufactured through a process much more complex and unique than all the other teas in the world. The sun-kissed tea leaves are handpicked and allowed to wither under the sun, before they are curled and twisted. Available in numerous flavors and aromas, Oolong tea[.....]

7 Health Benefits Of Indian Kino Tree

Would you believe that consuming water kept in a tumbler made from the heartwood of the Vijaysar tree controls diabetes? Sounds unbelievable, doesn’t it? Not only does it help in managing diabetes, but it also holds numerous health benefits. The Vijaysar tree, commonly known as Indian Kino Tree or Malabar Kino,[.....]

Side Effects Of Maltodextrin

Maltodextrin is a starch-derived food additive used to add bulk and sweetness to packaged foods. Though maltodextrin is usually safe for those with gluten sensitivity, its high GI is often linked with unexplained weight gain and instant blood sugar swings. If consumed on a regular basis can even lead to the onset of chronic inflammatory diseases and digestive disorders.

6 Signs You Could Be Magnesium Deficient

Considered an unsung hero by doctors and nutritionists, magnesium plays a vital role in keeping your mind and body fit. Magnesium deficiency cannot be diagnosed quickly, given the fact that most of the magnesium content in your body is present in the organs, muscles and bones, leaving only the remaining[.....]

Tricks To Reverse Diabetes Your Doctor Won't Tell

November is American Diabetes Month, and I am happily writing this article to help teach others that this dis-ease can be completely healed without daily shots of insulin and pharmaceuticals. And pretty easily, too! My father reversed diabetes almost a decade ago, and I am living proof that our diet[.....]

10 Amazing Benefits Of Aloe Vera Juice

Aloe vera also known as the First Aid plant has innumerable properties that help keep the body healthy both internally and externally. Here are some benefits of consuming aloe vera juice.

9 Reasons Why You Are Bruising Easily

Cuts and bruises are a painful childhood affair, but they slowly heal with time. Though, for some grown-ups, bruises tend to re-appear every now and then, in myriad colours of red, purple, and green. It may be because they are following a bad routine, or their bodies are trying to[.....]

Can Cinnamon Help Your Sexual Health?

If diabetes, high BP, heart issues, or fatigue are behind your low libido, erectile dysfunction, or impotence, try cinnamon. It can cure problems in arousal and orgasm in your partner too. Chemicals in cinnamon help burn extra sugar into energy, dilate blood vessels to lower blood pressure, and raise the progesterone levels in women to up the libido. Even the heady aroma of this oriental spice might just turn the heat on in your bedroom.

Why Sugar is Bad For You

One of the most repeated health tips you might have heard is this: Slash your sugar intake. Even then, we are not able to come out of our sugar-laden diet. But it’s high time we stopped our irresistible love for sugar as it is slowly killing us. Other than the sweetness[.....]

10 Reasons Why You're Bruising Easily

Are you used to seeing your skin turn black, blue, or red even at the slightest of bumps and nudges? Tired of feeling like a human canvas every time you have a slight fall or get a tight hug? Check out these 10 factors that could help you figure out[.....]

5 Reasons Magnesium-Rich Foods Are So Important

Magnesium is one of the most vital minerals required by your body to function properly. It is present in the teeth, bones, heart, blood, and brain. It acts as a cofactor for more than 300 enzymes and helps regulate many important cellular functions in your body. Once magnesium is circulated[.....]

How To Reset Your Hormones To Fight Hair Fall

Optimize your vit D levels using safe methods like sun exposure, eating fish or fortified foods that are rich in the nutrient. Get your vit B12 levels to a healthy range by switching to whole grain foods. Stock-up on anti-estrogenic foods like berries, flaxseeds, ginger, broccoli. Exercise regularly; use yoga/meditation to manage stress better. Try ayurvedic remedies like ashwagandha or triphala.