4 Things To Do Before Drug Detox Program

Dealing with an addiction can be a devastating time in life. You know you need to get off the illegal drugs, but you may not feel robust enough to do so on your own will. One of the most efficient ways to help you through this challenging time is to[.....]

5 Vital Functions Of The Liver And 19 Foods That Naturally Help Cleanse It

Think your liver is clean? Well, if you eat food, drink water, breathe air and live on planet Earth in the 21st century, then sorry but you have been exposed to toxins of all kinds. The world we live in become polluted and even if you don’t think so, we[.....]

7 Signs That Show Your Detox Routine Is Actually Working

Here are 7 common physical conditions that you may experience in the first few days of detoxing and ways to prevent/address these conditions as they arise.

Epsom Salt Bath: How To Make It For Weight Loss And 5 Health Benefits

Do you enjoy the act of bathing? You can grab a book, light some candles, pour a glass of wine, and put on your favorite music. You could also add some Epsom salt. But hey! Why would you want to do that? For weight loss! Yes, you read that right.[.....]

Clearing The Misconceptions About Food Detoxing

Most of us believe that detox can be a quick way to cleanse the body and lose weight. However, although you can reap immediate benefits, these methods might not really help in the long term. Know more about such cleansing methods and detoxes before considering them as your go-to regime for weight loss.

How Can Ayurveda Spark Spontaneous Weight Loss?

The effectiveness of any diet is directly related to a healthy digestive system and your dosha. Strengthening your digestion and making certain lifestyle changes according to you dosha will contribute majorly to losing weight. These few simple Ayurvedic steps will strengthen your body and spontaneously help lose weight.

5 Ayurvedic Tips To Combat Obesity

With over two-thirds of Americans considered obese, the epidemic is continuously on the rise. Lot of us turn toward detoxes to help with weight loss, but most of these do not help in the long term. Some simple Ayurvedic herbs and practices can help you reduce weight and stay healthy.

New Study: Vitamin D And Toxin Connection

Recent study says vitamin D levels decline due to higher toxin levels in the body. Women are more prone to this. People are always exposed to high levels of toxins in their life. It could come from pesticides, industrial waste, personal care products, and literally everywhere. To avoid toxins, eat free-range, organic meats to reduce exposure from added hormones.

Why Do We Need To Detox?

Our body is subjected to a pool of toxins every day. The body's filtration systems run on full capacity to remove these toxins out of the body. Detoxifying acts by taking over this function, reducing the risk of major diseases, aiding weight loss, thus improving the overall health and lifespan. Making it a lifestyle than mere practising occasionally, helps.

The Power Of A Healthy Cleanse

Stress-induced toxicity is growing due to our lifestyle and food habits. Healthy cleanses come as the savior. While the effect of short-term cleanses last for few days, the long-term cleanses act at the cellular level and ensure thorough detoxification. By giving attention to where your body needs the most, they also aid in weight loss.

6 Major Detox Pitfalls To Avoid

Detoxification is a delicate process, it's important to avoid major pitfalls which can derail a well-planned detox routine. When you start the detox, toxins release and gets clogged in the liver. Eating natural food, adding supplements, and essential oils are some solution to avoid clogging. Seasonal detox is an effective way to cleanse your body.

10 Signs You Need A Detox Immediately

Do you know when you need a detox? Your body surely does. Don't let it down. Here are ten signs to watch out for.

Add These Detox Ingredients To Your Water

These refreshing drinks help to cleanse your system from toxins and release a good number of vitamins and antioxidants into your body.

Armpit Detox: The Healthy Way Of Cleansing Armpits

Grab a loofah and a few natural ingredients. It's time to throw out the deodorants and antiperspirants.

Best Essential Oils For Your Bath

Dying to take a dip in your bath to relax? Turn it into a revitalizing time from a boring plain bath. Essential oils make your bathroom a sacred healing space. They help you to relax, cleanse your skin and system, and aids detoxification.