What Causes Toe Cramps?

Toe cramps can happen to anyone at any time. But how do you handle it? This type of muscle spasm can cause a lot of pain for a seemingly minor body part. Instead of just brushing it off, learn about these essential facts about toe cramps. A toe cramp is[.....]

Ketosis And Its Side Effects

A low-carb, high-fat diet takes your body to a state of ketosis, when it burns fat for energy. Result is you lose weight fast, but mostly by dehydration. As this diet robs you of several vital nutrients, you suffer from constipation, headache, bone erosion, leg cramps, and even disrupted menses. Kidney stones may also be formed due to a rising acidity of the blood.

Shed Your 10 Common Misconceptions About Coffee

The common misconceptions about coffee are: Espresso contains more caffeine than regular coffee. Caffeine causes dehydration. Caffeine increases cardiovascular health risk. Caffeine helps lose weight. Caffeine helps you sober up. Caffeine increases osteoporosis. Causes Insomnia. Caffeine Is Addictive. Increases risk of death. Creates health issues.

How To Remove Preservatives From Fruits Naturally?

Produce processors frequently spray fruits and vegetables with a fine film of approved wax, lacquer or resin coating. This improves their shell life by protecting them from dehydration and other hazards. It’s suggested to wash off these coatings under running cold water. Commercial produce rinses are available but they're no more effective than rinsing in cold water.

Banana Tree Uses- Nature's Gift For Your Health.

Banana or Plantain is one of the most savored fruits, and though they come in various shapes, sizes and varieties, two of these varieties are widely used: Musa sapientum – These fruits are small and raw ones are used as vegetable. Musa paradisica – These fruits are large and eaten[.....]

13 Natural Urges that Ayurveda Refrains From Suppressing

Are you in the habit of holding to natural urges, sometimes or often? This simple practice as it might seem, is harmful for your natural health and wellness. Only for the reason that you tend to overlook your bodily urges – be it thirst, or urge to sleep or even urge[.....]