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Why Am I So Tired All The Time?

Perennial tiredness can be passed off as a side effect of a full life or having too much on your plate. But the reality is that there are a dozen or more health conditions that warrant treatment, which could be causing this tiredness. From psychological ailments like depression and anxiety, to health problems like hypothyroidism, anemia, restless leg syndrome, or sleep apnea, to lifestyle issues. Fatigue isn’t always due to the most obvious reasons!

How To Stop Grinding Teeth In Your Sleep

Bruxism or night-time teeth grinding affects around 20% children below 11 years of age and 13% of adults in the age group of 18 to 29. Causes may vary from physiological to psychological and even lifestyle habits like smoking and alcoholism. Treatment options include using customized mouth guards, cutting down on stimulants, and/or trying hypnotherapy.

11 Little Known Benefits Of Frankincense Oil You Should Know

An effective mood booster that helps cope with anxiety and stress naturally, Frankincense essential oil has a number of other interesting uses. It enhances immunity, treats wounds, colds, and respiratory problems; promotes good sleep and healthy digestion. Frankincense oil is also great for skin and oral health.

10 Deadly Diseases Caused By Smoking

Research today is conclusive that smoking is the cause of a host of diseases and ailments that are not only chronic but also the leading cause of death in the Unites States. Whether you’re a moderate smoker or a heavy smoker, in many cases, the risk of developing smoking-related diseases[.....]

10 Symptoms That Help Identify Early Signs Of Dementia

Dementia is not a disease but a collection of symptoms affecting memory, communication, thinking, and social abilities, interfering with day-to-day activities. Alzheimer’s disease, Huntington’s disease, a head injury, stroke, brain tumor, are some of the major causes of dementia. An early identification of symptoms could help in the early diagnosis of[.....]

Benefits Of Keeping An Aquarium

Keeping an aquarium has many benefits. Aquariums not only beautify the living spaces, but can also be therapeutic must-haves that help you deal with everyday life better. The size of the aquarium does not really matter. Just a small aquarium with some pebbles, plants and fish will serve the purpose.[.....]

Symptoms Of Anxiety Disorders Based On Their Types

Anxiety disorders are common among people of all ages. In fact, anxiety is the most common mental health issue. According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA), over 40 million Americans above the age of 18 suffer from one or the other type of anxiety. Everybody feels anxious[.....]

Is Eating Late At Night Bad For You?

A midnight snack or a quick bite sounds seemingly harmless. But routine night-time eating could be masking other problems like sleep-related eating disorder or night-eating syndrome and may lead to issues like indigestion, acid reflux, morning anorexia, anxiety, and raised cholesterol levels. Seeking healthy alternatives like green tea, eating little and often, may help.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy For Anxiety

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is a scientifically backed method to treat anxiety disorders that afflict about 18 percent of the US population. With short, productive sessions, CBT aims to help you gain a better understanding of your feelings, thoughts, emotions, and actions. You can even try supplementing it with yoga, tai chi, aromatherapy, and/or ayurveda.

Social Phobia: Causes, Types, Symptoms, And Treatment

Social phobia or social anxiety disorder (SAD) is extreme shyness and anxiety in situations that demand social interactions. An individual with SAD has low self-esteem, is self-critical, and may experience panic attacks or physical symptoms like sweating, trembling, blushing due to the fear of a social situation. A viable treatment option could be cognitive behavioral therapy.

How To Get Rid Of A Lazy Eye Naturally

Lazy eye also called as amblyopia onsets during childhood. It happens when one eye of the child doesn’t develop like the other one. It affects the focusing ability, where one eye has better focusing capability than the other. As a result, when the brain gets both blurred and clear images from the[.....]

Is Hot Yoga Good For You?

Yoga has already gained immense popularity in the United States with studios popping up in almost every neighborhood. Yoga trainers are busy trying to innovate and create new forms of yoga to solicit more interest. Among the new forms of yoga that have emerged, hot yoga has attracted some attention, especially[.....]

How To Treat Huntington's Disease With Ayurveda

According to ayurveda, the first line of treatment involves basti or enema using herbal oils or decoctions to help counter vata imbalance and improve motor symptoms. Next, purgation therapy is used to treat the pitta imbalance which causes mental symptoms like anxiety, mania. The last step involves shirodhara, nasya followed by oil massages to help correct the gait.

What Is The Best Time To Workout: AM or PM?

Working out regularly and staying in shape has gained more popularity than ever before. With offices creating dedicated areas for fitness, people make use of the gym facilities either in the morning before work or in the evening after work. But, the question that remains is when is the best[.....]

The Ultimate List Of The Top 100 Phobias

Phobia refers to an extreme or irrational fear of certain situations, objects, place, thing, or people. They are much more than normal fear and around 50 million people in the US have a phobia. Mentioned below is the list of phobias, with their common triggers and symptoms. List Of Phobias 1.[.....]