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10 Illnesses That Can Cause Extreme Fatigue

It’s normal to feel tired once in a while. Life can be get pretty crazy, after all. But if you’re always feeling bogged down, there might be something else going on. An underlying condition may be the blame, so it’s important to pay attention to other symptoms. 10 Possible Diseases[.....]

6 Negative Emotions That Make You Physically Ill, Unique Remedies, And 6 Other Mindful Solutions

Ever felt like your stomach is in knots when you’re nervous, or like you want to puke when feeling disappointed or upset? Just like these, do you ever feel a sinking heaviness or dizziness when giving yourself a negative self-talk? These may seem like they are just in your head,[.....]

Different Types Of Depression

Depression is a complex condition. Dysthymia, bipolar depression, adjustment disorder, atypical depression, seasonal affective disorder, postnatal depression are just some types. Common symptoms include feelings of hopelessness and a loss of interest in things that were once enjoyable. Constant fatigue, a lack of appetite, and insomnia are also red flags.

10 Amazing Benefits Of Guava, The Wonder-fruit

Who doesn’t love guava? The crunchiness of the green skin, accompanied by the juiciness of the pink or white flesh inside would make anyone drool. Not to mention the wonderful aroma this popular tropical fruit exudes. Besides its taste, guava has countless health secrets that makes it one of the[.....]

10 Sex Tips That Work Better Than "Female Viagra"

They might make you fat, rage your hormones and mood swings, and, after a while, you may have to be completely dependent on them; you just read some of the side effects of female viagra. So let’s talk about the other ways to arouse you, ladies. 1. Start The Foreplay[.....]

When Love And Cancer Cross Paths

What do you do when your love is diagnosed with a life-threatening disease such as cancer? This is a story of Jenna and Josh, immortalized through photographs, whose love for each other and their daughter, made them fight even the deadliest disease, cancer.

Simple Massage Therapy For Stress Relief At Home

There are many health benefits to massage therapy. One of the main benefits of massage is to release stress physically and mentally. Physically your muscles become tense in response to stress. If you are under stress very often or for a long period time, your muscles get stuck in the[.....]

10 Useful Pregnancy Tips For Normal Delivery

Maintain a daily exercise routine of light to mild exercise, focusing more on kegel and deep breathing exercises, during your entire pregnancy. Keep a tab on your weight, by drinking copious amounts of water and filling up on fresh fruits, leafy greens. Engage in regular perineal massage after the completion of 7th month to ease stress levels and tackle labor efficiently.

What Are The Early Signs Of Stroke?

Spotting a stroke early is vital and can mean the difference between life and death or irreversible damage to your body. Sudden warning signs are trouble speaking or difficulty following a conversation, numbness in your face, arm, or leg (especially on one side!). Other visible signs include blurred vision in one or both eyes and loss of balance or coordination.

5 Ingenious Ways To Prep For Motherhood

Motherhood is a blessing until you finally realize that your life is no longer yours. You forget brushing your hair and, sometimes even skip a shower. You lie there in shabby clothes while your baby already has a pair of fresh ones properly placed in a cupboard. You feel you[.....]

Top 9 Causes And Reasons For Teenage Depression

Teenage is a difficult phase in life and has to be handled with extreme care. Studies show how teenage depression is quite common today and how most kids become a victim of this disease from the early age of 12 or 14. Depression is a serious mental illness that spares[.....]

10 Benefits Of Licorice Tea

Botanically known as Glycyrrhiza Glabra, the roots of licorice have been used for ages owing to its numerous benefits. Licorice is filled with compounds such as coumarins, flavonoids, volatile oils, glycosides, chalcones, anethole, and glycyrrhizic acid. These compounds make it an excellent medicinal plant. It is said that a tea made with[.....]

How Meditation Changes The Brain And Body

Contemplating on meditation? Here are some reasons why you should meditate to get benefited.

9 Signs Your Teenager Is Depressed

Teenage often hits parents like a tornado and most of them are clueless about how to deal their moody, newly-antisocial kids who prefer to communicate in monosyllabic grunts. What happened to those chubby, clingy angels who couldn’t get enough of you just yesterday? It is important that you know your[.....]

11 Powerful Reasons Why Reading A Book Everyday Can Optimize Your Brain’s Health

Are you a reader? And no, this is not a reference to reading the nutritional information on your packet of noodles, those Facebook updates, tweets, or being psychic. When was the last time you actually read a book, a thought-provoking newspaper article, or even a long column in a magazine?[.....]