Back Pain

Symptoms, Causes And Treatment Options For Sciatica

Sciatica pain radiates downwards from the lower back, back of the thigh, between the calves and into the foot. Numbness and tingling may radiate into the foot. Inflammation near a degenerating inter-vertebral disk, a slipped disc, a pinched nerve, narrowing of spinal canal, and aging can cause sciatica. Alternative treatments include chiropractic manipulation, acupuncture, and massage therapy.

Back Pain In The Morning When Getting Out Of Bed

Evaluate your mattress, a firm mattress is always better as it supports the back. Avoid sleeping on your stomach or in twisted positions, sleep on your back or place pillows on the side to prevent awkward positions. Check your BMI, excess mass stresses the spine. Check for arthritis, cut down on smoking and medication if possible, they all deplete bone health.

How Can Stomach Vacuuming Help Build Flat Abs?

Stomach vacuuming is a breathing exercise, that activates and strengthens the transverse abdominis by contracting it. Work on an empty stomach, while in bed. Roll onto your back, with knees bent and feet flat. Take a deep exhale, and pull your belly button in toward your spine. Hold this position for 30-60 sec. Practice regularly with a controlled diet.

Sciatica Pain Relief: Yoga To The Rescue

The Sciatic Nerve The sciatic nerve, the largest single nerve in the body, runs from the lower back, down the back of each leg and is composed of individual nerve roots that start by branching out from the spine in the lower back and combine to form the sciatic nerve.[.....]

Get Rid Of Sciatica Naturally!

Traditional sciatica treatment options typically include heavy dose of painkillers that tend to mask its symptoms temporarily. Luckily, there is a strong evidence that all-natural approaches like chiropractic manipulations, acupuncture, and stretching can all help relieve much of your pain, discomfort. You can also rely on ayurvedic remedies like nirgundi, vistinduk, erand oil.

7 Amazing Ways Zumba Benefits You During Pregnancy

Zumba is a fun dance fitness program that involves a wide range of aerobic movements. It includes various dance styles such as hip hop, salsa, mambo, soca, and merengue. It is beneficial during pregnancy, but you need to get a green signal from your doctor first. It is not advisable[.....]

Why Does One Get Back Pain At Night?

A day spent slouching at the desk or an evening spent dancing on high heels affects the spine curve and leads to back pain at night. A very soft or a hard and uneven mattress won't support your back and will worsen the pain. If change in sleeping and sitting posture doesn't lower the pain, and you aren't pregnant, see a doc and test for spinal arthritis or tumors, kidney stones, or a cancer of the abdominal organs.

Long-Term Back Pain Relief - My Fight Against Never-Ending Back Pain

I was fighting against “irreversible” back pain due to arthritis. However, it was not actually the arthritis or disc causing the pain, there were other imbalances around it causing the pain where. Hence, I changed the work-out strategy, developed the core strength, started eating clean anti-inflamatory diet, also started doing corrective circuits, and more. Today, my back is no longer in constant pain. It is not 100% gone, but my days of pain are now limited to a few hours of pain a few days a month.

Hip Pain Or Low Back Pain - Which One Is It?

Learn how to determine and treat the right cause of osteoarthritis related joint pain i.e. whether it is hip generated or low-back generated pain.

Yoga Stretch For Lower Back Pain Release Video (10-min)

Release your low back pain with this simple, guided stretch. This stretch has it’s roots in yin yoga principals, but no yoga experience is required. This is easy and appropriate for all levels. Avoid practicing this stretch if you have an herniated disk in your low back.

Top 6 Benefits of Pregnancy Pillows

Amidst all the torment women go through during pregnancy, who would have thought sleeping would count in the list too. With more than 10 kilograms of weight added to the body, one cannot fathom the difficulties and worries a pregnant lady goes through to simply get a good night’s sleep.[.....]

4 Exercises For Lower Back Pain Relief

Piriformis Stretch: Stretch your lower back and buttocks which reduces back pain. Seated Hip Stretch: Gentle knee bend exercise to stretch lower back muscles. Pigeon Pose: Yoga asana for stretching groin, hips & relieving pain in lower back. Self-trigger Point Therapy: Use tennis or lacrosse ball apply pressure on pain points in your lower back gently.

12 Natural Ways To Heal Back Problems Through Food, Massage, Exercise And Yoga

6 Most Ignored Causes Of Back Pain The truth is that no one should have to live with back pain every day. Many of the causes of back pain can be easily reversed and. These simple fixes leave no excuse for people to complain about their back pain ever again,[.....]

A Quick Overview Of All That You Need To Know About Back Pain

If you have ever visited a doctor for your back pain, you would know the three essential questions doctor would ask: How long have you had this pain? Where is the pain located exactly? How bad does it hurt? This is simply because there are different types of back pain[.....]

3 Moves To Relieve Pregnancy Back Pain

Back pain, like an uninvited guest, makes pregnancy a bothersome experience. If you are pregnant, you will hear moms around mention it as a part of the pregnancy journey. Ligament loosening hormones, released during pregnancy, are both good and bad for the mother’s body. They prepare the body for delivery,[.....]