8 Common Traits Of People Who Are In Happy Relationships

Getting a partner who is as much in love with you as you are with them, is nothing short of a blessing. Happy couples too argue all the time, but they do not stretch the fights. The success of a relationship is usually based on several factors.So, here are the[.....]

10 Signs Your Relationship Is Making You Depressed

What you experience in your relationship can create a negative environment that contributes to a negative mood. If you are feeling powerless or hurt in a relationship, odds are high that depression will creep into your emotional state. Here are 10 relationship signs that your relationship is making you depressed.[.....]

Endometriosis: Doctor-Patient Relationship

Because endometriosis is difficult to diagnose, it can take anywhere from eight to twelve years from the time you first feel the symptoms and the physician to reach the right diagnosis. The problem is that most women don’t initially realize that they are experiencing the symptoms of endometriosis. They assume[.....]

5 Things People With Anxiety Want You To Know

If your fears and worries overwhelm your daily life, you might be struggling with anxiety disorder. But don't worry, there are ways to beat this thing called anxiety. This unpleasant anxiety can put rifts in relationships. Be patient, kind, and understanding with people who suffer from anxiety disorders. They can feel isolated because anxiety can overpower them. Watch the video and get to know more.

Role Of A Father In Child Development

With nature's ability to give birth to and nurse the baby, mothers have always had the upper hand in bringing up the child. Fathers play an equally important role. A good father-child relationship ensures, better cognitive behaviours, less disruptive deeds, good problem solving/analytical skills, builds pathway to future relationships, removes gender bias, and makes the child self-sustainable.

Healthy Mom-Daughter Bonding - 8 Tips To Be A Better Listener

Are you having a tough time understanding your daughter? Are you really "listening" to what she has to say? Check these simple tips to enhance the bonding.

5 Differences Between A Soulmate And A Life Partner

The definitions of a “soulmate” and a “life partner” are often seen as the same thing, but this is mostly a misconception. A soulmate is essentially anyone who comes into your life to help you learn something, to teach, motivate, enrich, and help you grow to a higher state of[.....]

6 Simple Reasons Why She Wants To End The Relationship

Love is blind. Love knows no bounds. Love can make you feel elated, happy, and hazy. The same love can also break your heart. We don’t need to mention here that a relationship needs a lot of efforts from both the sides. So when she starts getting angry at you[.....]

Water Broke? Know What To Do

The time between Premature Rupture Of the Membranes (water breaking) during pregnancy and childbirth can vary between few hours to weeks. Knowing what to expect from the care provider, observing the color and odor of the water and minimizing vaginal examinations greatly help. The status of the baby and the mother help the doctor decide if induction is imminent.

3 Tips To Deal With Toxic People Over The Holidays

People are capable of making or breaking any holiday season for you. Such people might be your own friends or from your very own family. Learn to recognize such toxic people and avoid them. Create a healthy group of people who can encourage you and avoid any negativity in life.

3 Extraordinary Ideas To Help You Realize Lasting Freedom 

How do we regain -- realize -- our relationship with the innermost truth of ourselves? What must we do to enter into a conscious relationship with the extraordinary life within us? Use the following three simple exercises to do two things at once: first, to reveal what stands between you and the higher freedom you seek, and then to release you from the same.

Nurturing Your Relationship During Pregnancy

What’s the single most significant relationship you’ll have in your new life as a parent? Surprise: It’s not the one you’ll share with that beautiful baby you’ll be bringing home some 30 weeks from now. It’s the one you share — and will continue to share — with your spouse[.....]

What Sleeping Positions Might Imply About Your Relationship

Experts have proved that your sleep position can reveal a lot about your relationship. When you share a bed, your sleep position can be right from spooning to the freedom lover, which will say a lot about what's going on in your relationship. Each individual personality and habit will influence sleeping styles. Sleeping is an intimate act that is typically only shared with your significant other. Try to use it as a meaningful learning moment.

How To Strive For Balance And Happiness In A Relationship

Wanting to enhance or repair your relationship? Here is the secret to a thriving, healthy, and long-lasting relationship!

5 Tips For Good Health And Happiness

In addition to formal meditation, try cultivating mindfulness informally by doing one thing at a time and giving it your full attention. Foster healthy relationships and surround yourself with positive minded people. Detox your diet by replacing processed foods with their healthy alternatives. Boost your emotional well-being by including essential oils in everyday life.