8 Common Traits Of People Who Are In Happy Relationships

Getting a partner who is as much in love with you as you are with them, is nothing short of a blessing. Happy couples too argue all the time, but they do not stretch the fights. The success of a relationship is usually based on several factors.So, here are the[.....]

Easy Access to Online Porn is 'Damaging' Men's Health, Says NHS Therapist

Sex has many tales to tell, along with our own private definitions, besides pleasure and pain. Historically sex was for procreation and kept a secret. However, what was once taboo is now a trend. A habit or show from the physical and into the digital through: porn. It is now[.....]

10 Signs Your Relationship Is Making You Depressed

What you experience in your relationship can create a negative environment that contributes to a negative mood. If you are feeling powerless or hurt in a relationship, odds are high that depression will creep into your emotional state. Here are 10 relationship signs that your relationship is making you depressed.[.....]

What Sleeping Positions Might Imply About Your Relationship

Experts have proved that your sleep position can reveal a lot about your relationship. When you share a bed, your sleep position can be right from spooning to the freedom lover, which will say a lot about what's going on in your relationship. Each individual personality and habit will influence sleeping styles. Sleeping is an intimate act that is typically only shared with your significant other. Try to use it as a meaningful learning moment.

6 Steps For Practicing Japanese Kaizen To Overcome Procrastination And Be Productive

Ever felt a sudden inspiration to do certain things? And because of feeling so motivated, you enthusiastically plan or list for all the stuff you want to do, achieve, or learn? But what happens after is, that initial zeal suddenly evaporates, and you start to procrastinate it to the next[.....]

10 Bad Habits That Could Hurt Your Relationship

A smooth sailing relationship is not devoid of undercurrents or adjustments. It takes a lot of effort from both the partners to keep the romance alive and to live with each other without wringing each other’s necks. Yes, relationships are hard work, and you have to make sure that you[.....]

7 Steps To Deal With Emotional Abuse In A Relationship

Are you in a relationship that constantly makes you feel dejected? If your partner is someone who makes you feel unhappy through their words, implications and actions that make you feel like you are good for nothing, then you are probably being abused emotionally. They insult you, make fun of[.....]

5 Ways Pregnancy Will Help Your Relationship Grow

When you are about to add a new member to your family, your body will go through a plethora of physical, mental, and emotional changes. These changes not only affect you but also your relationship with your partner. Mood swings, bigger breasts, lethargy, and swollen ankles make pregnancy difficult as[.....]

6 Steps To A Healthy Relationship With Food

Avoid boredom by adding a variety of foods (think a combo of healthy carbs like brown rice, proteins, and veggies!) to your plate. Fill half your plate with fruits, veggies and treat meat as the secondary part of your dish to help keep your portions in check. Develop a habit of practicing mindful eating until you are 80% full - and save leftovers for later!

5 Stages Of Love And Why Many Get Stuck At The Third

All romantic relationships are unique in their own way. At the same time these relationships have many things in common. Who doesn’t want real, lasting love? Lots of relationships break down and both partners might think that they found the wrong person. The problem actually might be that they can’t[.....]

15 Inspiring Quotes From Strong Women We Love

Since the beginning of history, strong women have been influencing the way we think and act. Be it Margaret Thatcher or Michelle Obama, Malala or Maya Angelou! These women have always had a way with words that have inspired and strengthened millions of women (and men) around the world. Take[.....]

Sleeping Positions - What It Says About Your Relationship

Your subconscious mind controls the way you sleep with your partner. Sleep body language can be an amazingly accurate way to assess what’s going on in your relationship. We bring to you a list of various sleeping positions for couples and what it says about their relationship. 1.Liberty If you[.....]

5 Questions That Tell You If It's Worth Forgiving A Cheating Partner And A 5-Step Recovery Plan If The Answer Is Yes!

Falling in love is the most beautiful feeling in the world- it’s always wonderful to have someone with whom you can share the rest of your life with. But all your happiness could shatter into a million tiny pieces with a single confession or realization that your partner has been[.....]

Healthy Relationship VS Toxic Relationship: 8 Essential Differences You Can’t Miss

You feel like a better version of yourself when you’re in a healthy, mature relationship. That doesn’t mean your partner completes you, but they do complement your life in just the right way. But when it comes to figuring out whether a relationship is toxic, things get a little murkier.[.....]

7 Things That Should Not Be Happening In A Healthy Relationship

Relationships can be awesome. They can make you feel better than eating the perfect slice of ice cream cake. But relationships can also be crappy at times, and when they get too crappy it’s time to take a stand. Keep in mind that successful relationships aren’t just about rainbows and[.....]