Can Meditation Help You Stick To Your Diet?

We all diet for different reasons. Some of us want to look better and some of us want to feel better. There’s nothing wrong with using both of these reasons to create the motivation for a successful diet. From time to time, I will diet, particularly after the holidays when[.....]

How Meditation Changes The Brain And Body

Contemplating on meditation? Here are some reasons why you should meditate to get benefited.

New Psychological Studies Show The Unspoken Negative Side of Meditation And Mindfulness

Meditation originated from the ancient Eastern traditions of being mindful, and has earned the reputation for being the ultimate mental stress reliever and calmer. However, much like a bad episode after getting drunk, high, or eating something you have been craving for a while, chances are you CAN have a[.....]

10 Activities To Boost Your Brain Health

As you age it is very important to keep your brain engaged in mental stimulation activities. These activities are like exercises for your brain. You need them to tackle chances of cognitive decline. Here are the activities that will improve your brain health. 1. Learn To Play A Musical Instrument[.....]

Top 3 Ways To Open Your Third Eye

First, let’s get one thing clear. Humans have two eyes. You do not have an actual physical third eye. The term “third eye” is a metaphor, inspired by the mysterious pineal gland in the brain and the ajina chakra (psychic energy center), the controlling point of the mind. The pineal[.....]

Activating The Pineal Gland

The pineal gland is a small endocrine gland, shaped like a tiny pine cone (pinea in Latin) from where it derives its name. This pea-sized organ is responsible for the production of melatonin, a hormone that affects the modulation of sleep/wake patterns, which in turn determines the production of other hormones,[.....]

5 Reasons You're Unable To Meditate

“Quite the mind,” says your inner meditation guru as you close your eyes to concentrate on the breath. Then your thoughts go haywire thinking of everything you need to do. Pick up the kids at 3 pm. Bake cookies for everyone in cub scouts. Buy the hubby tickets to see[.....]

7 Healthy Alternatives To Smoking Cigarettes That Actually Work

Trying to quit smoking can prove to be a challenge. Especially if you have been on it for years. Here are a few ways to help you stay strong against smoking. 1. Get Distracted If you are very new to quitting, a lot of things can tempt you to reach[.....]

5 Signs That Say You Need To Meditate

I’ve been meditating for almost 50 years now and the good news is that it has transformed my life for the better. The bad news is I still have to meditate in order to maintain the benefits. I enjoy meditating but I always hoped that I would reach a point[.....]

7 Lifestyle Habits That Heal From Endometriosis

Slash caffeine, sugar, alcohol, red meat from your diet; instead include more of organic fruits and veggies, probiotics that are anti-estrogenic in nature. Try using emotional freedom technique and/or a restorative meditation practice to rewire your emotional and physical health. Prioritize self-care and rest to boost immunity and encourage tissue repair and regeneration.

5 Easy Ways To Make Meditation A Daily Habit

There are many kinds of meditation and all of them provide multiple benefits to anyone who practices. Mindfulness meditation is the underlying meditation in that it specifically deals with building the skill of paying attention. That skill comes in handy when practicing other kinds of meditation such as mantra, visualization,[.....]

Ayurvedic Health Tips: 7 Principles That Will Enhance Your Health

The Ayurveda approved lifestyle or dinacharya isn’t as complicated as you think. A simple set of rules, from rising pre-dawn to winding down with a routine, can change how strong you feel inside and out. Support the mind and body with exercise, meditation, and a healthy diet or aahara and you’ll be on your way to a new and improved you.

Emily Fletcher - Celebrity Bedtime Tips For Better Sleep

Featured Celebrity: Emily Fletcher Emily Fletcher is the founder of Ziva Meditation and the creator of zivaMIND, the world’s first online meditation training. She was inspired to teach after experiencing the profound physical and mental benefits meditation provided her. Check out her night time ritual and some sleep hacks that[.....]

4 Biohacking Tips For Weight Loss

Eat your biggest meal midday, when you require the most energy and your digestive system is primed to take in all those extra calories. Drink warm liquids and cook your veggies in ghee. Make sure to go to bed by 10 pm to allow your body to neutralize and break down the toxins accumulated throughout the day. Boost your immunity with a daily dose of meditation.

5 Ayurvedic Tips To Combat Obesity

With over two-thirds of Americans considered obese, the epidemic is continuously on the rise. Lot of us turn toward detoxes to help with weight loss, but most of these do not help in the long term. Some simple Ayurvedic herbs and practices can help you reduce weight and stay healthy.