7 Comforting Quotes By Inspirational Authors For Those Dealing With Chronic Pain

Each of us, maybe some worse than others, have had those days where even just getting out of bed is a challenge, let alone facing a life which is slowly becoming more trying than enjoyable. For all those out there that are fighting those silent battles, which they think nobody[.....]

10 Life Lessons You Learn From Being Raised By A Strong Mother

A mother is our first teacher, guide, pillar of strength in hard times, our first playmate, and the first one to shed tears of joy when we achieve something great in life. A mother teaches her child the first lessons of life. A child’s attitude forms according to the attitude[.....]

8 Mental Habits That Suck Happiness From Your Life

There are different personality traits people possess which pretty much map out how their lives unfold. Each of you have developed certain habits and emotional masks that determine how you deal with your life and the people in it. You may not even notice it, but certain habits have the[.....]

How To Create Abundant Happiness And Joy

Depression is a major problem. More people are diagnosed with depression than ever before. Because of this epidemic, many people are taking medications to help cope with feeling chronically depressed. These medications only mask the symptoms of depression, doing nothing to cure the cause of depression. Furthermore, depression medications carry[.....]

5 Prescriptions For A Free And Happy Life

The following five lessons are higher insights rarely discussed among the spiritually uninitiated because of the measurable effect that their strong medicine causes in the soul. But not only do these teachings help summarize the prescription for a free and happy life, they also present the case for why we[.....]

10 Easy Ways To Be Content In Your Life

We all have looked at our lifestyle and thought that it needs a big or small change. For some people, taking the first step is a difficult job, and for some people it’s difficult to be on track. But a few changes in your daily lifestyle can make a huge[.....]

Stay Out Of Places That Steal Your Happiness

In the moment you find yourself stressed, tense, worried, irritable, or angry – when you find yourself in a negative state, thinking about what to do about your negativity – all you have to do to break free is realize that you’re in the wrong place. Don’t think about what[.....]

Traveling Makes You Happier And Not Shopping-Science

A quick-Q before you dive into this article; if you had enough money to upgrade to a 4K television for yourself, or to visit a small country for two days, which option will you pick? If you are excited about the first option, you need to keep scrolling down to[.....]

Amusing Facts About Sex And Happiness In 5 Stages

Think you know everything about sex? Not the biology per se, but the world stats, percentages, and quirky little facts? Probably not. And do you think more sex results in more happiness? Well, apparently not, studies say. Yes, you read that right. Before we get to that peak of pleasure,[.....]

How To Strive For Balance And Happiness In A Relationship

Wanting to enhance or repair your relationship? Here is the secret to a thriving, healthy, and long-lasting relationship!

Dashama - Celebrity Tips To Wake Up And Get Going

Featured Celebrity: Dashama Dashama is an innovator and expert in the field of yoga and mind body fitness. She was awarded ‘Yogini of the Year’ 2013 by NY Yoga magazine, and has featured in 6 best selling books. A yoga teacher ‘s Teacher, she created the “SUP” paddle Board yoga[.....]

5 Tips For Good Health And Happiness

In addition to formal meditation, try cultivating mindfulness informally by doing one thing at a time and giving it your full attention. Foster healthy relationships and surround yourself with positive minded people. Detox your diet by replacing processed foods with their healthy alternatives. Boost your emotional well-being by including essential oils in everyday life.

10 Things to Stop Doing If You Want to Be Happy

We often blame others for our lack of happiness. In reality, however, we all have the capacity to feel happiness on any given day, and most of the time the biggest obstacle to happiness is us getting in our own way. Here are 10 things you need to stop doing[.....]

Can More Sex Make You Happier?

How much sex is enough sex? Seems like an easy enough question, but could there really be too much or too little of this activity mankind is wired to perform? Turns out, there may be an optimum frequency that can help keep your relationship alive!

18 Simple Rules By Dalai Lama For Living A Life Of Happiness!

Sometimes we need an advice. And the best place to look for it is to read the wisdom of the greatest minds. Dalai Lama has always inspired us with his life and his ideas, and we hope these Dalai Lama rules will inspire you as well! Here are 18 simple rules by[.....]