Superfoods for Great Results: Prostate Cancer Diet

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Superfoods to combat prostate cancer are: Green tea - combats prostate cancer due to its polyphenol content, Turmeric - combats damaging free radicals and boosts immune system, Broccoli and Tomato, Brazil nuts - highest source of selenium that scavenges free radicals, Pomegranates - contains phytonutrient called ellagitannin that promotes prostate health.

Superfoods, the nutrient power houses are well-known as prostate cancer diet. Today, super foods have been the subject of many research studies on its benefit for the prostate. It offers promising result. One study shows that a diet rich in super food had dramatic results in prostate cancer patients. The promising result may be due to the phytonutrients found in the food-source supplement.

Superfoods For A Healthy Prostate

Here is a list of some of the best foods to fight prostate cancer. This diet includes the following superfoods:

 Green Tea

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Green tea is widely known to combat prostate cancer due to its polyphenol content. Mainly, it is capable of decrease the glyco-protein secreted by the prostate gland, called the prostate-specific antigen (PSA). PSA The effect of the moderately water-soluble polyphenols on PSA levels is dose-dependent. Moreover, green tea contains epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), an antioxidant that contributes to the efficacy against prostate and other forms of cancer.


Turmeric is rich in antioxidants that help combat the damaging free radicals; also, they make a great immune system booster to humans. One of the most valued antioxidant in this superfood is the curcumin. It is a natural carotenoid and polyphenol, which may be isolated from Curcuma longa or turmeric, a rhizome. In many studies, curcuma is shown to have an antibacterial and anti-carcinogenic property. According to a study, in prostate cancer, curcumin overcomes the effort of pro survival gene expression induced by the exposure of cancer cells to radiation.

Tomato and Broccoli

Tomato and broccoli makes a perfect tandem in combating prostate cancer. A study performed in rats showed exciting results because tomato alone reduced the growth of tumor growth by 34% and broccoli alone reduced the tumor growth by 42%.  However, when tomato and broccoli were combined in the diet, it showed a decreased of tumor by 52%. The combination of the two superfoods creates a synergistic effect in fighting against prostate cancer.

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Brazil Nuts

Surprisingly, Brazil nuts are the highest source of selenium than most super foods. Just one nut provides 100% of the selenium you need daily. Selenium is an important mineral that works as an antioxidant that scavenges free radicals. In addition to, they are needed to build white blood cells and play a role in the thyroid function and testosterone production, which affects the prostate growth. In one study, men with the highest selenium levels were 48% less likely to develop advanced prostate cancer than men with low levels of selenium.


Pomegranates contain a high level of antioxidants and phytonutrient called ellagitannin that promotes prostate health. A research from the University of California, classified the components in pomegranate juice to help prevent prostate cancer metastasis. In addition to, ellagitannins is helpful in interfering with the growth of new blood vessels, which is important for nourishing prostate tumors. Although pomegranate is safe, there is evidence that it may affect how your body processes certain prescription drugs such as warfarin, a blood thinner, and other medications to treat high blood pressure and high cholesterol. It is best to consult your doctor first before consuming pomegranate juice.


Many cancer patients are at risk of developing other chronic diseases such as heart disease and type-2 diabetes. But with proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle, you are less likely to develop some of the other health conditions also.

Jenny Travens

Jenny Travens is a chief editor and a wellness coach and fitness blogger for http://www.superfoodliving.com. She loves to share her knowledge about the different ways of staying fit and healthy and helps people to conquer over health related issues and maintain their fitness regime.

Jenny Travens

Jenny Travens is a chief editor and a wellness coach and fitness blogger for http://www.superfoodliving.com. She loves to share her knowledge about the different ways of staying fit and healthy and helps people to conquer over health related issues and maintain their fitness regime.

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my 72 years old father is suffering from prostate,., can you pls. tell me what kind of superfoods is that? please..., it really helps. thankyou.

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What is ratio Man prostate and women Brest cancer . Is some thing similar

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Yes pumpkin and other seeds oli good for prostate cancer sawpalmetto seed oil is the best all these natural oil contains natural steroids mostly stigmasterol and betasitosterol .These oil have anti-inflammatry effects.

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Daniel Ames
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They always forget to say keep a diet rich in fruits and vegetables!! We should be eating 9-13 servings per day and if you work out and exercise regularly it's higher than that! Among the 30 fruits and vegetables I eat every day, I have broccoli and pomegranates. #HLR

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The sweet potato leaves good for prevention of prostate cancer

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Google the nutritional facts of the fruit Guava. Is good for Prostate and other benefits.

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They forgot to add pumpkin seeds on the list this can be the best food for prostate health

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